Manish Jha

Manish Jha is an Assistant Professor of Finance at the Georgia State University. His research employs big data and machine learning to analyze varying shareholder preferences and the impact of public perceptions on economic outcomes in the financial sector.

Bonds Improve Institutional Investors’ Equity Monitoring

Todd Gormley and Manish Jha find that institutional investors holding bonds may experience greater investor attention and more active shareholding voting on their equity positions.

Barking Up the Right Tree: How Shareholder Activists Raise Issues to Placate Large Mutual Funds

A new paper examines whether shareholder activists tailor their campaigns to persuade large institutional investors and finds that in proxy communications, activists use phrases...

Do People Think Finance Benefits Society?

A new paper seeks to measure popular sentiment toward finance based on mentions of “finance” in millions of books, spanning eight languages and hundreds...

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