David Ennis

David Ennis is a 1972 graduate of the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business (now Booth). Prior to retiring, he had spent over forty years in the healthcare market in hospital management and in strategic consulting across the US and in Canada. He has maintained a keen interest in healthcare through the study of health economics research and health policy proposals.

We Need Better Research on the Relationship Between Market Power and Productivity in the Hospital Industry

Antitrust debates have largely ignored questions about the relationship between market power and productivity, and scholars have provided little guidance on the issue due to data limitations. However, data is plentiful on the hospital industry for both market power and operating costs and productivity, and researchers need to take advantage, writes David Ennis.

The Unchecked Market Power of the American Health Care System

Chicago Booth alumnus and retired health care consultant David W. Ennis responds to ProMarket’s recent coverage on antitrust and the US health care system....

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