The Committee on Internet Platforms Regulation, proposed Zingales would be comprised of academics and experts on the industry.



Luigi Zingales

At the end of the Stigler Center’s conference on Digital Platforms and Concentration last week, Luigi Zingales [Faculty Director of the Stigler Center and one of the editors of this blog] used his concluding remarks to propose the creation of an interdisciplinary committee comprised of academics and experts on the industry.


While the conference was characterized by “wild disagreement” over how to regulate digital platforms, said Zingales, “there was an overwhelming consensus that something needs to be done. People disagree where, how, what, but something needs to be done.”


The Committee on Internet Platforms Regulation, Zingales added, would be a private committee, not bound by any organization such as Federal Trade Commission or the Department of Justice: “We don’t have a restriction in what we can dream.”


Watch a video of Zingales delivering his concluding remarks:



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