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The Trends That Will Define the Global Economy in 2024

Four economists discuss the trends in the global economy they are tracking in 2024

The AI Trends That Will Define Society and Political Economy in 2024

Three artificial intelligence experts at the University of Chicago disclose the trends and issues regarding AI that they'll be watching for in 2024.

Announcing the Participants in the Spring 2024 Stigler Center Journalists in Residence Program

In March, the Stigler Center will welcome nine world-class journalists from the United Kingdom, United States, South Korea, Uganda, Guyana, Belgium, and Turkey for an intensive 12-week program of professional development at Chicago Booth.

The Trends and Cases That Will Define US Antitrust in 2024

All eyes are on labor this year. Hiba Hafiz, Boston College: 2023 was a big year for labor antitrust. We saw the rise and fall of...

The Trends and Cases That Will Define European Antitrust in 2024

Four experts on antitrust in Europe discuss the trends and cases they're watching in 2024.

Five Favorite Webinars from 2023

A look back at some of the popular webinars and events the Stigler Center hosted in 2023.

ProMarket in 2023

A review of the themes and topics that occupied our coverage in 2023.

The 10 Most-Popular ProMarket Articles From 2023

ProMarket published 300 articles in 2023. Revisit our most popular.

Top 5 Capitalisn’t Episodes From 2023

Here are the most-listened-to Capitalisn't episodes from 2023.

The Best Political Economy Books from 2023

Ten of our favorite political economy books published in 2023.

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