Financial Trust Index, Covid-Edition: The CDC Is the Most Trusted Institution in America

A special wave of the Booth/Kellogg Financial Trust Index shows a high level of compliance with social distancing guidelines and stay-at-home orders. Approximately 45...

Global Trade Sputters, Leaving Too Much Here, Too Little There

As the pandemic stretches on, consumers and businesses could run short of some products in months to come.

A Crisis of Unnecessary Unemployment

Staggering job losses are not a foregone conclusion. There is still time to fix the federal government’s aid program.

America Will Struggle After Coronavirus. These Charts Show Why

This article is part of "The America We Need," a Times Opinion series exploring how the nation can emerge from this crisis stronger, fairer and more free.

Trump Voters Were More Reluctant to Acknowledge the Seriousness of the Pandemic and Adapt Their Behavior Accordingly

Using data on individuals' search behavior and cellphone movement data, a new study shows that areas with a high share of Trump voters began...

Why We Can Be Optimistic About the Long-Term Impact of the “Covid Economy”

In the short run, we have to save lives and hibernate the economy. In the longer term we will have slower, but important changes....

Option-Based Credit Spreads Signal a Recession, but the US Stimulus Will Soften the Blow

Over the past month, option-based credit spreads spiked and remain at elevated levels. The surge signals that a recession is at our door, but...

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