Yaron Nili

Yaron Nili is an Assistant Professor of Law at the University of Wisconsin Law School, where he teaches courses in Corporate and Securities Law. His scholarly interests include corporate law, securities law and corporate governance, with a particular focus on the composition, role and function of the board of directors, shareholder activism, hedge funds and private equity. His recent publications appear or are forthcoming in the California Law Review, Northwestern University Law Review, Southern California Law Review, Boston University Law Review, George Washington Law Review, Alabama Law Review, Indiana Law Journal, The Journal of Corporation Law, Hastings Law Journal, Wisconsin Law Review, Harvard Business Law Review, and the Delaware Journal of Corporate Law.

No More “Mystery Meat”: Why We Need Better Corporate Governance Data

Three decades of finance, economics, and legal studies in corporate governance have been built substantially on data sets with nearly unknown provenance. A new...

It is Not Just Small Investors Who Will Be Silenced Thanks to SEC’s New Rules

Shareholder proposals are one of the most effective forms of shareholder voice in corporate America. It is one of the main channels through which...

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