Walter Frick

Walter Frick is an editor and writer focused on economics, technology, and public policy. He has held senior editorial roles at Quartz and Harvard Business Review and was previously a contributing editor at ProMarket.

The Paradox Of Place-Based Policy

The Biden administration's ambitious place-based industrial policy aims to both revitalize struggling regions and bolster America's strategic economic sectors, but these two goals often conflict. Walter Frick writes that while policies that boost economic prospects in distressed areas may not immediately transform them into innovation hubs, they could unlock the potential of future generations and ultimately contribute to the nation's innovative capacity.

What Happens to Competition When Fewer Startups Go Public?

In a recent paper on “The Great Startup Sellout,” Bruno Pellegrino of Columbia University and a Stigler Center affiliate fellow, and Florian Ederer of Boston University, study how the changing life cycle of startups is affecting competition in the US economy. They conclude that the companies acquiring startups have become more and more insulated from competition.

A World With Far Fewer Mergers

Brooke Fox and Walter Frick analyze research and ideas presented at the Stigler Center Antitrust and Competition Conference that question the value of mergers.

Biden’s Second-Best Economic Agenda

Efficiency is out and political economy is in. But what does that imply about making good policy? When Barack Obama was asked about carbon pricing...

What Has the World Learned from a Year of War in Ukraine?

One year later, what has the world learned about conflict from the war in Ukraine? In an interview with ProMarket's Walter Frick, Chris Blattman...

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