Satoshi Araki

Satoshi Araki is a junior economist in the Jobs and Income Division of the Directorate of Employment, Labor and Social Affairs of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Specializing in the analysis of labor market dynamics and wage developments, he has contributed to the OECD Employment Outlook publications. His prior work experience includes risk analysis at Société Générale and the design and implementation of aid programs at the Japanese bilateral aid agency (JICA). He holds a master’s degree from the Geneva Graduate Institute.

Labor Markets Are the New Frontier for Competition Policy

Do labor markets in Europe or the United States and Canada experience more monopsony power? In a new paper published in the University of Chicago Law Review, Satoshi Araki, Andrea Bassanini, Andrew Green, Luca Marcolin, and Cristina Volpin provide comparisons of monopsony power between the two regions, documenting similar levels of concentration across labor markets despite generally stronger protections in Europe. They also discuss the effects of such concentration on employment and wages, ending with potential regulatory reforms to address these issues.

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