Michael G Jacobides

Michael G Jacobides is the Sir Donald Gordon Professor of Entrepreneurship & Innovation and Professor of Strategy at the London Business School. The Lead Advisor of Evolution Ltd and Academic Advisor to BCG, he is the Chief Digital Economy Expert Advisor to the Hellenic Competition Commission. His work on ecosystems, technology and industry architecture is published in top strategy journals and popular outlets like HBR, Forbes and the FT and has co-authored the World Economic Forum’s White Paper on Platforms and Ecosystems. A frequent speaker, he works with corporates and advisories on strategy, policy and regulation, and was a member of the Law Commission for the Reform of Competition Law in Greece (2020).

Rethinking Competition: From Market Failures to Ecosystem Failures

Despite the overwhelming importance of digital platforms, and the chatter around their recent rise, our understanding of digital ecosystems is still limited. As such,...

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