Joseph Kalmenovitz

Joseph Kalmenovitz is an Assistant Professor of Finance at the Simon Business School, University of Rochester. Before joining Simon, Kalmenovitz was a faculty member at Drexel University. He received a PhD in Finance in 2020 from the Stern School of Business (New York University), and a joint degree in Law and Economics (magna cum laude) in 2012 from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Kalmenovitz is a member of the Israel Bar Association and served as a senior law clerk for the Supreme Court of Israel, prior to his academic career.

Closing the Revolving Door Comes With Trade-offs

How prolific is the revolving door issue at the federal level? In a new paper, Joseph Kalmenovitz, Siddharth Vij, and Kairong Xiao analyze the prevalence of revolving door behavior in the United States government and discuss the impacts of limiting private sector job prospects for regulators.

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