Itzhak Ben-David

Professor Itzhak (“Zahi”) Ben-David is the Neil Klatskin Chair in Finance and Real Estate at The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business. He serves as the Academic Director of the Ohio State University Center for Real Estate. He teaches real estate and finance. Ben-David works in several research areas in finance including real estate, financial intermediation, financial markets, behavioral finance, and household finance. Professor Ben-David holds a PhD in Finance and an MBA from the University of Chicago, as well as a BS and an MS in Industrial Engineering, a BA in Accounting from Tel-Aviv University, and an MS in Finance from London Business School.

FinTech Lending  with LowTech Pricing

New research indicates that FinTech lending has not been as ‘disruptive’ in risk-based pricing as claimed. While FinTech has provided increased loan access to some individuals, reliance on traditional credit scoring and spillovers from banking regulations leads to mispricing and cross-subsidization of borrowers. The authors suggest alternatives to allocate capital efficiently and improve financial inclusion.

How Hedge Fund Performance Fees Fail Investors

In the hedge fund industry, there is a material disconnect between funds’ lifetime performance and lifetime incentive fees for managers. A new study analyzes...

Richard Thaler and the Science of People

Richard Thaler's thought process and perspective on human behavior have influenced how we view economic phenomena and how they affect and are effected by people.     Earlier...

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