Erik Peinert

Erik Peinert is the Research Manager and Editor at the American Economic Liberties Project and a Visiting Scholar at the Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs at Brown University. His research focuses on the long-term evolution of policy related to competition and market power in the United States and Europe.

Guidelines to Match the Moment

Erik Peinert compares the changes in the draft Merger Guidelines with those of the past. He points out that the shift is a necessary measure to enhance enforcement in the current economic environment.

The Needless Desertion of Robinson-Patman

ProMarket is kicking-off a discussion of the Robinson-Patman Act (RPA), an antitrust law preventing price discrimination that hasn't been enforced in decades. Erik Peinert...

Mergers and Smoking Guns

A recently uncovered memo from George Stigler and Richard Posner reveals how they thought about antitrust and merger policy in advising the Reagan Administration. A...

Inflation, Corporate Power, and the Forgotten New Deal

A forgotten aspect of the New Deal is that it took place amid inflation and rising prices. Contemporary debates over inflation and whether corporate greed has a...

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