Cristian Santesteban

Cristian Santesteban is Founder and CEO of RedPeak Economics Consulting, a boutique consulting firm specializing in antitrust issues in a broad range of industries for private and public sector clients. In addition to consulting, Santesteban is Affiliate Faculty in the Department of Economics, University of Washington (Seattle), where he teaches antitrust economics and policy in tech markets. He also taught microeconomic theory and antitrust economics in the Economics Department at Stanford University from 2012 – 2021. Santesteban has recently published articles on the effective use of interoperability as a competition remedy in social networking and on the ways Big Data endows Big Tech with market power. Finally, Santesteban was an economist focused on issues of competition and regulation at the Council of Economic Advisors during the Clinton Administration.

How the FTC Could Have Used Its Draft Merger Guidelines To Argue Against Microsoft-Activision and Meta-Within

Joshua Gray and Cristian Santesteban show how the Federal Trade Commission could have used its 2023 draft Merger Guidelines to focus its challenges against Microsoft-Activision and Meta-Within squarely on the pressing economic concern of protecting competition during critical technological transitions making full use of the law’s traditional incipiency standard.

The FTC Needs To Focus Arguments on Technological Transitions After High-Profile Losses

Joshua Gray and Cristian Santesteban argue that the Federal Trade Commission's focus in Meta-Within and Microsoft-Activision on narrow markets like VR fitness apps and consoles missed the boat on the real competition issue: the threat to future competition in nascent markets like VR platforms and cloud gaming.

How to Prevent Big Tech From Hindering Pathbreaking Innovation in the Metaverse

The transition to the metaverse presents a technological paradigm shift akin to the shift from desktop computers to smartphones, but today’s dominant platforms will...

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