Bruno Pellegrino

Bruno Pellegrino has very recently joined Columbia Business School, from the University of Maryland, as an Assistant Professor of Finance. Professor Pellegrino’s research agenda revolves around two big themes: one is the intersection of Industrial Organization and Macroeconomics. In this field, Professor Pellegrino is developing new methods to understand economy-wide changes in product market competition, productivity and market power. His other research interest is International Finance and Macroeconomics. In this field, Bruno is studying global capital allocation and the macroeconomic consequences of Financial Globalization. Professor Pellegrino is also affiliated with CESifo, received his PhD from UCLA, and holds degrees from the London School of Economics and Bocconi University. His research received awards from several institutions, including the Econometric Society, the European Economic Association, the Western Finance Association, and the American Law and Economics Association.

Measuring the Cost of Red Tape

Bruno Pellegrino and Geoff Zheng explain how their novel methodology combining survey data and economic modeling can be used to quantify major questions, such as the economic loss from government regulation. This loss, they find, amounts to $154 billion in seven European countries each year.

The Economic Costs of Common Ownership

A new empirical study attempts to estimate the economy-wide welfare costs of common ownership. The authors find that they are large and have risen...

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