Corruption, lobbying, corporate malfeasance, and frauds: a weekly unconventional selection of must-read articles by investigative journalist Bethany McLean. 

The global race for a vaccine for the virus is bringing out the best in companies and nations. The market economy is working the way it should, with the best, most promising ideas getting the money, and everyone working together to make this happen. Oh, wait:

I’m not sure you have to read past the deck on that piece, although this is pretty telling too: “In pursuing its contracts, Novavax drew on influential ties it has cultivated in the federal government.” 

And then there’s this

Crony capitalists exploiting their connections? Russia behaving badly? Clearly, there’s nothing new under the sun, so of course, McKinsey is making money:  

The business of selling advice rather than results is an awfully nice one, isn’t it?

Last but not least, Axios’s summary of why the Twitter hack matters is frightening, especially with an election coming up. Welcome to our dystopian future: