Stigler Case Studies

How to Lobby on E-Waste? A New Stigler Center Case Study on the Hewlett-Packard Dilemma

Brian K. Richter’s case study illustrates how firms can use lobbying strategies to complement socially responsible activities that are cost centers and turn them...

Self-Regulation and the Video Game Industry: A New Stigler Center Case Study

A new Stigler Center case study explores questions surrounding the ESRB, the self-regulatory body responsible for assigning age and content ratings to video games.  The debate...

Stigler Center Launches Case Study Series

On Thursday, the Stigler Center will launch the first in a series of business case studies that focus on the many ways special interest...



Lee Hepner and William J. McGee respond to Clifford Winston’s ProMarket piece asserting that further deregulation of the airline industry would resolve problems in the industry. Instead, the authors claim a return to regulation would produce better results for travelers.

A World With Far Fewer Mergers

Brooke Fox and Walter Frick analyze research and ideas presented at the Stigler Center Antitrust and Competition Conference that question the value of mergers.

The Banking Risks of Central Bank Digital Currencies

The implementation of central bank digital currencies as the primary medium of exchange would exacerbate the flaws of our current fiat system which encourage banks to overextend credit and create liabilities that they cannot redeem. This will worsen the already recurring cycles of financial crises, writes Vibhu Vikramaditya.

The Whig History of the Merger Guidelines

A pervasive "Whig" view of United States antitrust history among scholars and practitioners celebrates the Merger Guidelines' implementation of increasingly sophisticated economic methods since their...

Algorithmic Collusion in the Housing Market

While the development of artificial intelligence has led to efficient business strategies, such as dynamic pricing, this new technology is vulnerable to collusion and consumer harm when companies share the same software through a central platform. Gabriele Bortolotti highlights the importance of antitrust enforcement in this domain for the second article in our series, using as a case study the RealPage class action lawsuit in the Seattle housing market.