The Costs of India’s Mandatory Corporate Social Responsibility Rule

In new research, Jitendra Aswani finds that India’s mandatory corporate social responsibility contribution for large firms increased corporate borrowing costs, but transparency and clear communication to investors about these contributions reduced the additional costs.

Faustian Bargains

The following is an excerpt from the book Law, Development and Regulatory Globalisation The Case of the World Bank in India's Electricity Sector, by Adithya Chintapanti.

Assessing India’s Ex-Ante Framework for Competition in Digital Markets

Vikas Kathuria evaluates India’s new ex-ante framework to regulate digital markets. He assesses its divergences from Europe’s archetypal Digital Markets Act and the characteristics of India’s political economy that explain these differences.

The Political Economy of Populism in India

Louise Tillin explores the sources of populism in India, its recent developments, and what this means for the country’s 2024 general election, which begins April 19 and ends June 1.

How Indian Pharma Can Become Global Leaders

Madan Dhanora, Mohd Shadab Danish, and Ruchi Sharma review the history of the Indian government’s efforts to encourage innovation, how these efforts have manifested in the national pharmaceutical industry, and what steps the government can take to further improve innovation.

India’s Evolving Industrial Policy Is Critical for Realizing Its Development Vision

Industrial policy was once so out of fashion that it was jokingly called “the policy that shall not be named.” Now it’s back in...

How Should Developing Countries Deal With Inflation? A Q&A With Raghuram Rajan

Former central banker Raghuram Rajan speaks to ProMarket about how sources and remedies for inflation differ from the US in developing countries such as...

Five International Journalists Explain How the War in Ukraine Is Playing Out Globally

The 2022 class of the Stigler Center’s Journalists in Residence program offer their thoughts regarding the Russia-Ukraine conflict. On Tuesday last week, the Stigler Center’s...

How Twitter Weakened India’s Information Ecosystem

India’s Covid-19 crisis is a reminder that Indian democracy is also in a crisis, partly due to an information ecosystem where facts and criticism...

Indecent Proposals in Economics: The Moral Problem With Randomized Trial Experiments

The advent of field Randomised Control Trials (RCTs) has made it more acceptable for applied economists to collect data in developing countries. This raises...