Yair Eilat

Yair Eilat served until recently as the Chief Economist and Deputy Director General of the Israel Antitrust Authority. He also served as the Acting Director General on various matters. Dr. Eilat is currently a Senior Consultant with the North American practice of Compass Lexecon. He has more than 15 years of experience consulting to companies and government agencies, in the US and worldwide, on various antitrust, competition and policy matters. He submitted expert testimony to several government agencies, including the DOJ, FTC, SEC, the EC, and the CBC. Dr. Eilat also worked as a researcher at the Harvard Institute for International Development and the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, and as an economic advisor to the Economics Committee and State Audit Committee of the Israeli parliament. Dr. Eilat has written policy reports and published in academic journals in the fields of industrial organization and economic development and has taught at several academic institutes. Dr. Eilat holds a PhD in economics from Harvard University and a B.A. in Law and Economics from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

The New Brandeis Movement and International Antitrust Enforcement

US competition authorities’ top officials, being appointed by a recently-elected president to represent the will of the voters, have the legitimacy to use antitrust...

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