Swati Srivastava

Swati Srivastava is Assistant Professor of Political Science at Purdue University. She received her doctorate in political science from Northwestern University, where she held affiliations with the Buffett Institute for Global Studies and the Center for Legal Studies. Her research has received awards from the National Endowment for the Humanities, Andrew Mellon Foundation, American Council of Learned Societies, and International Studies Association. Srivastava researches power in global governance, especially public-private relations between governments, corporations, and NGOs. Her forthcoming book, Hybrid Sovereignty in World Politics (Cambridge University Press), examines the English East India Company, Blackwater, the International Chamber of Commerce, and Amnesty International. Her latest research evaluates the political power and responsibility of Big Tech companies like Google and Facebook.

Corporate Sovereigns and the Emergence of State Sovereignty: A Closer Look at the East India Company

A new data collection has made it possible to reveal the self-sovereignty of the English East India Trading Company that produced a company-state and...

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