Stavros Makris

Stavros Makris is a Lecturer in Competition Law at University of Glasgow. He previously taught EU Competition Law and US Antitrust at London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), Law School, and various law courses at Wageningen University (Netherlands) and Sciences Po Paris (France). His research focuses on how competition law can incorporate new knowledge and remain adaptive to changing societal circumstances without losing its integrity, as well as on how competition law can be used to bring digital markets in line with a competitive, fair and sustainable economy. Stavros holds a Bachelor of Law and a Master in Philosophy of Law (with distinction) from the University of Athens, Law School, an LLM (with distinction) from University College London (UCL), and completed his PhD in competition law at the European University Institute (EUI).

The Effective Competitive Constraint Standard

The consumer welfare standard, which broadly considers higher output and lower prices as its primary goals, is not well equipped to monitor the numerous...

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