Simcha Barkai

Simcha Barkai is an assistant professor of finance at Boston College and a junior fellow at the Stigler Center for the Study of the Economy and the State.

Antitrust Enforcement Increases Economic Activity

Simcha Barkai describes the results of new research on the impact of antitrust on U.S. economic activity with co-authors Tania Babina, Jessica Jeffers, Ezra Karger, and Ekaterina Volkova. Enforcement, they find, increases the level of economic activity.

Low Wages are Less Common Today and No More Persistent

Researchers find that a smaller fraction of workers today earn low wages than at any point since the early 1980s. Many Americans believe that wages...

The Profit Paradox: A New Approach to Competition and Market Power

Jan Eeckhout’s recent book The Profit Paradox is a serious attempt to explain rising market power and its implications to a wider audience. While...

The Anticompetitive Effects of Low Interest Rates

A new study argues that declining interest rates are in fact the cause of the recent decline in competition. Corporate profits in the United States...

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