Seth G. Benzell

Seth Benzell is an economist and assistant professor at Chapman University, Argyros School of Business and Economics. Seth is a Fellow of the Stanford Digital Economy Lab and the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy. His research primarily focuses on the intersection of technology, economics, and public policy. He explores the economic and welfare effects of social media and how digital and social networks impact productivity, innovation, and society. He is also interested in the effects of digitization, automation and artificial intelligence on labor markets and economic growth.

Antitrust Needs Better Models for Estimating Social Welfare in the Digital Age

In a forthcoming article, Seth Benzell and Felix Chang explore how antitrust regulators can use insights from a new quantitative model of Facebook that...

70 Years of US Corporate Profits

A new Stigler Center working paper shows that after decades of decline, profits started increasing in the early 1980s. Financial profit is ostensibly the...

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