Şenay Ağca

Şenay Ağca is Professor of Finance and the Chief Diversity Officer at the George Washington University School of Business. Her research interests are corporate finance, corporate-government dynamics, macro-finance, credit risk, supply chain, bioeconomy, and political economy. She has published in major journals, and her papers, including those with her PhD students, are nominated for best paper awards. She has won diverse grants, such as the National Science Foundation Grant, J. Wendell and Louise Crain Research Fellowship, GW-CIBER research grants, American Consortium on European Union Studies grant, GW-Institute for Corporate Responsibility grant, and Dean’s scholarship. She has worked at the National Science Foundation, responsible for economics program, and worked in developing and managing interdisciplinary programs such as COVID-19, Future Manufacturing, Bioeconomy, Science of Broadening Participation, Harnessing the Data Revolution, the Grant Opportunities for Academic Liaison for Industry, and 2026 NSF idea machine. She is a member of the Advisory Board at a joint NSF-NBER project on advancing external funding opportunities for underrepresented institutions. She has also worked as a visiting scholar at the International Monetary Fund and Sciences Po at various periods since 2006.

Defense Contracts Are Going to the Best Connected, Not Necessarily the Best

In new research, Şenay Ağca and Deniz Igan use the shock of the September 11 attacks and declaration of war on Afghanistan to show...

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