Santiago Mejia

Santiago Mejia is an assistant professor of business ethics at the Gabelli School of Business, Fordham University. He is developing a project showing that shareholder primacy is ethically legitimate, but imposes obligations that are more demanding than typically acknowledged. He is also exploring what Socratic ignorance, the view that the highest form of human wisdom consists in the recognition of one’s ignorance about the most important human questions, may contribute to the scholarship of fields such as artificial intelligence, leadership, and the future of work. Finally, he is interested in the nature of character and ethical development, particularly within organizations. Professor Mejia has been awarded the Fordham’s Distinguished Research Award for Junior Faculty in 2021, the Business Ethics Quarterly Outstanding Article Award in 2019, and the Society of Business Ethics Founders’ Award in 2016.

Managers Should Satisfy Only the Ethically Permissible Preferences of Shareholders

Oliver Hart and Luigi Zingales have proposed a revision to the dominant model of the objective of the firm, most famously defended by Milton...

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