Sanjukta Paul

Sanjukta Paul is an assistant professor of law at Wayne State University. Broadly speaking, Paul studies how law organizes economic coordination—currently focusing particularly on labor and antitrust—and how these legal choices promote or undermine broader social aims. She is currently completing a book, Solidarity in the Shadow of Antitrust: Labor and the Legal Idea of Competition (Cambridge University Press), which reinterprets key aspects of the development of antitrust law in relation to labor and workers.

The Dawn of Antitrust and the Egalitarian Roots of the Sherman Act

While it isn’t particularly controversial that concentrated economic power was a legislative target of the Sherman Act, when read as a corollary or even...

Antitrust Law’s Current Stance Toward Workers Violates Its Original Purpose to Balance Power With Powerful Firms

Antitrust law’s present-day bias against democratic cooperation and in favor of top-down corporate control has contributed more broadly to the institutional weakness and perceived...

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