Robert Van Horn

Robert Van Horn is an associate Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Rhode Island. His research interests include: 1) the life and work of Aaron Director (a renowned Chicago economist who is considered the father of Chicago Law and Economics); 2) the role that business has played in the development of economics; 3) the history Chicago law and economics and neoliberalism; 4) best practices in teaching the history of economics; 5) the intellectual contributions of Milton Friedman; and 6) Nonviolence and economics. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Notre Dame, was a Postdoctoral Fellow at Duke University’s Center for the History of Political Economy, and has been a visiting professor at Brown University’s Economics Department. Before coming to URI, he taught at Holy Cross College and University of Notre Dame.

Corporations and the Rise of the Chicago Law and Economics Movement

From its birth in 1946 onward, corporations made possible and crucially supported the rise of the Chicago law and economics movement. Aaron Director,...

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