Richard Oestreicher

Richard Oestreicher taught history at the University of Pittsburgh for thirty-seven years before retiring to Taos, New Mexico in 2018. He published "Solidarity and Fragmentation: Working People and Class Consciousness in Detroit, 1875-1900" (1986), “Urban Working-Class Political Behavior and Theories of American Electoral Politics, 1870-1940" (which won the Binkley-Stephenson Award, 1989, for the best article published in the Journal of American History), and more than a dozen other articles and book chapters. He created “The American Left Ephemera Collection” (with archivists at the University of Pittsburgh) housed at Pitt but available online. His views about politics and protest have been shaped by participation in many movements since the 1960s.

The Political Economy of Left-Wing Populism in America

Richard Oestreicher explores the recent history of left-wing populism in the United States: its origins, its motivations, and how that populism is likely to mature and transform U.S. politics with it.

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