Oles Andriychuk

Oles Andriychuk is a professor at Newcastle University Law School, where he serves as the PGT LLM degree program director. He is the director of the Digital Markets Research Hub (YouTube handle @digital.markets), co-PI, with professor Rupprecht Podszun, of SCiDA (Shaping Competition in the Digital Age: principles, tools and institutions of digital regulation in the UK, Germany and the EU), a member of the North East Law Review editorial board, and a member of the Market and Competition Law Review scientific board. He serves as an external examiner at Edinburgh Law School and UCL Faculty of Laws. He was the 2023 guest editor of the CLASF Competition Law Review and is the editor for the volume dedicated to professor Giuliano Amato, “Antitrust and the Bounds of Power – 25 Years On.” Oles' work on competition in digital markets is most comprehensively formulated in his 2022 paper for the Modern Law Review, “Between Microeconomics and Geopolitics: On the Reasonable Application of Competition Law.” His ideas about the nature and the functioning of economic, political, and cultural incarnations of the phenomenon of competitive process and their role in shaping liberal democracy are systematized in his 2017 monograph, "The Normative Foundations of European Competition Law: Assessing the Goals of Antitrust through the Lens of Legal Philosophy.”

The Eight Features Defining Emergent Competition Policy for the Digital Era

Drawing on new research, Oles Andriychuk identifies eight defining features of the European Union’s and United Kingdom’s new laws to regulate competition in digital markets that transform how we understand competition policy.

How Big Media Handed Digital Advertising to Big Tech

The current structure of digital advertising markets makes the Google-Facebook duopoly an unavoidable trading partner for every party in the content consumption supply chain,...

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