Kevin J. Murphy

Kevin J. Murphy is an internationally known expert on executive compensation, and is the author of more than fifty articles, cases, books, or book chapters relating to compensation and incentives in organizations. Results from his research on executive compensation have appeared in the popular, business and professional press. From 2004 to 2007, he served as Vice Dean for Faculty and Academic Affairs at the Marshall School, and is currently serving as Chair of the Department of Finance and Business Economics. Before joining USC, Professor Murphy was on the faculty of the University of Rochester and Harvard Business School.

Mike Jensen on CEO Pay

Kevin Murphy reflects on his seminal work with the late Michael Jensen, reassessing their influential findings on CEO compensation in light of the dramatic changes in executive pay practices and market conditions since the 1990s. In this piece, Murphy shares the journey of their research collaboration, the challenges they faced, and the evolution of their thoughts on executive compensation.

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