John Newman

John Newman is currently an associate professor with the University of Miami School of Law, an affiliate fellow with the Thurman Arnold Project at Yale, and serves on the advisory boards of the American Antitrust Institute and the Institute for Consumer Antitrust Studies. Prior to joining academia, Professor Newman practiced as a trial attorney with the U.S. Department of Justice Antitrust Division.

In FTC vs. Facebook, the Government Lost the First Round. It Could Still Win the Fight.

Despite some compelling allegations, a federal judge dismissed the FTC's antitrust complaint against Facebook due to the agency’s failure to explain how it calculated...

Morale At the DOJ’s Antitrust Division Has Plummeted. Here’s How to Fix It

The Biden administration should work to reverse the declining morale since a re-energized Antitrust Division will translate into more effective, innovative enforcement efforts.   The...

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