Jan Broulík

Jan Broulík is an assistant professor at Amsterdam Law School. In his research and teaching, he focuses on antitrust. He has written on the use of economics in the law, on the role of special interests in shaping competition rules and their enforcement, and on the relationship between antitrust and economic inequality. His most recent research project concerns the application of EU competition law to labor markets. Prior to joining the University of Amsterdam, Jan Broulík was an Emile Noël Fellow at NYU Law. In addition to law degrees, he holds a graduate degree in business administration.

Antitrust Scholarship Must Start Taking Predictability Seriously

Academic writings on the optimal design of antitrust rules fail to pay sufficient attention to enforcement predictability as a relevant factor. In new research, Jan Broulík analyzes the various ways in which predictability is disregarded and their possible underlying reasons.

Cultural Capture of Antitrust Is More Likely in America than Europe

Jan Broulík’s new article explores whether so-called cultural capture may develop in antitrust policies on either side of the Atlantic and what can eventually...

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