Gus Hurwitz

Gus Hurwitz is a senior fellow and academic director of the Center for Technology, Innovation, and Competition at the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School. He is also the director of Law & Economics Programs at the International Center for Law and Economics. His works focuses on the regulation of technology, with particular interests in antitrust, administrative law, and issues at the intersection of law, business, and engineering. He has published more than 30 articles and two books exploring these topics.

The Legality of the FTC’s Noncompete Ban Is Less Certain Than Masur and Posner Suggest

Gus Hurwitz replies to Jonathan Masur and Eric Posner’s May 8 article defending the Federal Trade Commission’s Congressional mandate to enforce a rule banning noncompetes. He argues that Congressional responses to FTC rulemaking in the 1970s suggest courts are unlikely to find that the FTC possesses such authority, either as a matter of statutory interpretation or under the major questions doctrine.

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