George Stigler

One of the great economists of the 20th century, George J. Stigler won the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences in 1982 “for his seminal studies of industrial structures, functioning of markets, and causes and effects of public regulation.” It was the first Nobel awarded to an economist whose primary appointment was in a business school. Stigler joined the faculty of the University of Chicago in 1958. He and Merton Miller are widely recognized as turning Chicago Booth into a world leader in academic research and making it a full partner in an extraordinarily fruitful cooperative research enterprise with the university's Department of Economics and Law School. In 1977, Stigler founded the Center for the Study of the Economy and the State, which was renamed for him after his death in 1991.

George Stigler on Henry Simons, “Crown Prince” of the Chicago School

To mark 75 years since the passing of Henry Simons, professor of Economics and Law at the University of Chicago, ProMarket is republishing George...

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