Gabriele Gratton

Gabriele Gratton is Professor of Politics and Economics at the UNSW Business School and an Australian Research Council Future Fellow. He is the director of the UNSW Resilient Democracy Lab and a research fellow of the PERICLES research unit at Bocconi University.

Responses to Populism Require Understanding Why Voters Lose Faith in Experts

Expert civil servants devise ever more sophisticated policies to tackle emergencies such as climate change. But when voters lose faith in experts, they vote for anti-elite populist leaders who promise to drain the swamp in the civil service. Gabriele Gratton and Barton E. Lee write that understanding populist voters’ calculations and mistrust is key to designing democratic institutions that can address the most pressing challenges of our times.

Governments Were Forced to Restrict Civil Liberties to Deal With Covid-19. More Flexible Constitutions Could Prevent That From Becoming the New Normal

A new paper argues that exploitation of gaps within democratic constitutions during emergencies, such as the Covid-19 pandemic, has the potential to erode democracies...

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