Eleanor Fox

Eleanor M. Fox is the Walter J. Derenberg Professor of Trade Regulation Emerita at New York University School of Law. She is an expert in antitrust and competition policy, and teaches, writes, and advises on competition policy in nations around the world and in international organizations. She has a special interest in developing countries, poverty, and inequality, and explores how opening markets and attacking privilege, corruption, and cronyism can alleviate marginalization and open paths to economic opportunity and inclusive development. Fox received her law degree from NYU School of Law in 1961; she received an honorary doctorate degree from the University of Paris-Dauphine in 2009. She was awarded an inaugural Lifetime Achievement Award in 2011 by the Global Competition Review for “substantial, lasting, and transformational impact on competition policy and practice.” She received the inaugural award for outstanding contributions to the international competition law community in 2015 by ASCOLA, the Academic Society for Competition Law. She is co-author with Mor Bakhoum, Making Markets Work for Africa (Oxford 2019), with Daniel Crane, Global Issues in Antitrust and Competition Law (2d ed. West 2017), and with Damien Gerard of EU Competition Law casebook (Elgar, 2nd ed. forthcoming 2023), and, with Daniel Crane, the casebook US Antitrust Law in Global Context (4th ed. West 2020).

The Incredible Shrinking of Non-Cartel Antitrust

Eleanor Fox evaluates "The Political Economy of the Decline of Antitrust Enforcement in the United States" by Professors Lancieri, Posner, and Zingales, praising its revelations on the depth of corporate capture while challenging its narrative of judicial and regulatory dissembling on promises to uphold antitrust.

Eleanor Fox: Tackling the Critics of the Draft Merger Guidelines

Eleanor Fox provides her round-two comments on the draft Merger Guidelines.

Eleanor Fox: A Slice of Forgotten History and Its Light on the Future – Changing the Lens on Antitrust

Eleanor Fox provides her round-one comments on the draft Merger Guidelines. To read more from the ProMarket Merger Guidelines Symposium, please see here.

“Consumer Welfare” and the Real Battle for the Soul of Antitrust

The Stigler Center’s 2023 Antitrust and Competition conference seeks to answer the question: what lays beyond the consumer welfare standard? In advance of the discussions, ProMarket is publishing a...

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