Deniz Igan

Deniz Igan is Head of Macroeconomic Analysis at the Bank for International Settlements (BIS). Prior to joining the BIS, she held several positions at the International Monetary Fund, most recently as Chief of the Systemic Issues Division in the Research Department, co-editor of IMF Research Perspectives, and an adviser to the editor of the Finance & Development magazine. Her research interests include financial crises, corporate finance, real estate markets, and political economy. Her work has been published in various outlets, including policy-oriented academic journals such as NBER Macroeconomics Annual and Economic Policy. She is a CEPR research fellow, a fellow in the EUI School of Transnational Governance Policy Leaders Program, a panelist in the Zillow House Price Expectations Survey, and a member of the SUERF Management Council. Deniz holds a PhD from Princeton University.

Defense Contracts Are Going to the Best Connected, Not Necessarily the Best

In new research, Şenay Ağca and Deniz Igan use the shock of the September 11 attacks and declaration of war on Afghanistan to show...

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