Christian Bergqvist

Christian Bergqvist is an Associate Professor at the University of Copenhagen’s Faculty of Law and Senior Fellow at the GW Competition and Innovation Lab at The George Washington University. He specializes in EU Competition law, with particular interest in its application for deregulated and network tied sector (telecom, energy, post, and transport), and abuse of dominance, in general and within these sectors. He has extensive experience with competition law as an academic practitioner. Before becoming a full time academic, he served 5 years as a lawyer at Tier 1-law firms, representing clients before the judicial and administrative bodies on competition law matters.

Taking Stock of Google’s Antitrust Troubles as the World Turns Against It

Christian Bergqvist has identified 100-plus antitrust cases against Google spanning 23 jurisdictions and classifies them by the service in question and its alleged harms. Most of these fall within eight groups. Bergqvist’s analysis provides a picture of recent shifts in antitrust enforcers’ regulation of Big Tech and the potentially transformative consequences for Google and the entire tech industry.

What the Department of Justice Can Learn from the European Union’s Antitrust Investigations Into Google

The Department of Justice has opened antitrust investigations into Google's (alleged) attempt to monopolize online advertising. While the case recycles old grievances against Google,...

Self-Favoring in the Digital Economy and the Role of Antitrust

At the moment, the strategy of the major tech platforms seems to be to deny any bias and malicious self-favoring. The facts, however, do...

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