Camilla Hrdy

Camilla A. Hrdy is a professor of intellectual property law at University of Akron School of Law. She is also an affiliated fellow at the Yale Law School Information Society Project and a member of the Sedona Conference Working Group on Trade Secrets. Her articles have appeared in various law journals, including Yale Law Journal, Stanford Law Review, Fordham Law Review, Boston College Law Review, American Law Review, Florida Law Review, Wisconsin Law Review, Berkeley Technology Law Journal, and Fordham Law Review. She is a five-time winner of Akron Law's Outstanding Faculty Publication Award and has received many other prizes for her writing, including the Harvard Hoopes Prize and the University of Cambridge Redhead Prize. Hrdy holds a J.D. from Berkeley, a B.A. from Harvard, and an M.Phil. from the University of Cambridge. She is a regular blogger on the popular IP scholarship blog, Written Description.

Confidentiality Agreements Can Act Like Noncompetes

Noncompete agreements, which impose contractual limits on an employee’s ability to work after leaving a job, are regulated or banned in all states. But employers can potentially get around legal limitations on noncompetes by asking workers to sign confidentiality agreements that have similar functional effects. In a new article, Camilla A. Hrdy and Christopher B. Seaman provide empirical evidence that a significant number of employment agreements contain broad confidentiality provisions that place noncompete-like restrictions on workers.

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