Bruno Renzetti

Bruno Renzetti has a PhD in Law from the University of São Paulo and an LL.M. from Yale Law School, where he collaborates with the Thurman Arnold Project. He teaches Competition Law and Regulation at Insper and IBMEC/SP, both in São Paulo. Bruno is a licensed attorney in Brazil, experienced in antitrust litigation. He also serves as a non-governmental advisor at the International Competition Network. His work has been published in Portuguese and English, including in the Yale Law & Policy Review Inter Alia and the World Competition Law and Economics Review.

The Antitrust Problem of Zero-Rating

Dominant web services will often incentivize mobile phone carriers to provide their customers access to their services at zero cost to the customer’s data plan, also known as zero-rating. In new research, Bruno Renzetti argues that this behavior can be a form of exclusionary conduct designed to solidify the monopolies of dominant online platforms and services that ultimately harms consumers even if it appears to lower their data costs at first glance.

What does NCAA v. Alston Tell Us About Antitrust and Labor Markets?

The Supreme Court's recent ruling against the NCAA and in favor of student-athletes may seem narrow or trivial, but the Court's acknowledgement of the...

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