Brian Cheffins

Brian R. Cheffins is the S.J. Berwin Professor of Corporate Law at Cambridge University and former Chair of Cambridge University’s Law Faculty. He is a Guggenheim Fellow and a Fellow of the British Academy. Professor Cheffins has written widely on corporate law, corporate governance and business history. His latest book is The Public Company Transformed (2018).

A Famed Economist’s Public Company U-Turn

Michael Jensen, a leading late 20th century economist, pivoted from praising public companies in the 1970s to assailing public company governance in the 1980s and 1990s. Disappointment that corporate executives did much to thwart takeover activity prompted Jensen’s 180-degree turn. 

The Rise, Survival, and Potential Fall of the Reagan-Era Antitrust Consensus

With major antitrust reform in the air, Brian Cheffins explores how and why a now highly controversial antitrust consensus that emerged under Ronald Reagan...

Why the Mid-20th Century Was Not the Golden Age of Antirust

The New Brandeisian version of American history presumes that there was a mid-20th century golden age of antitrust that was displaced by a misguided...

The Most Famous Article on the Theory of the Firm is Widely Misunderstood

Michael Jensen and William Meckling’s famous 1976 Journal of Financial Economics article has been cited nearly 100,000 times and is often regarded as a...

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