Bennett Capers

Bennett Capers is the John D. Feerick Research Professor of Law at Fordham Law School, where he teaches Evidence, Criminal Law, and Criminal Procedure, and is also the Director of the Center on Race, Law, and Justice. His articles and essays have been published or are forthcoming in the California Law Review, Columbia Law Review, Cornell Law Review, Harvard Law Review, Michigan Law Review, Minnesota Law Review, New York University Law Review, and UCLA Law Review, among others. In addition to co-editing "Critical Race Judgments: Rewritten U.S. Court Opinions on Race and Law" (Cambridge University Press) (with Devon Carbado, Robin Lenhardt, and Angela Onwuachi-Willig), "Feminist Judgments: Rewritten Criminal Law Opinions" (Cambridge University Press) (with Corey Rayburn Yung and Sarah Deer), and "Criminal Law: A Critical Approach" (Foundation Press) (with Roger Fairfax and Eric Miller), he also has a forthcoming book about prosecutors, "The Prosecutor’s Turn" (Metropolitan Books). He has been a visiting professor University of Texas Law School, Boston University Law School, and Yale Law School.

Race and the Consumer Welfare Standard

The consumer welfare standard employs a collective consumer in its model when evaluating possibly anticompetitive behavior. This aggregated approach fails to recognize that such...

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