Axel Gautier

Axel Gautier is Professor of economics at the HEC Liège, University of Liège, Belgium. He holds a PhD in economics from the University of Louvain. His field of research is industrial organization with a focus on the economics of platforms. Recently, he published papers on mergers in the digital economy, on net neutrality, and on competition between platforms. Axel Gautier is member of the CESifo network.

Pricing Algorithms Aren’t Colluding, Yet

Axel Gautier, Ashwin Ittoo, and Pieter van Cleynenbreugel write that the practice of pricing algorithms tacitly colluding remains theoretical for now, and technological obstacles render it very unlikely in the short term. However, regulators must still prepare for a future in which artificial intelligence achieves the necessary sophistication to collude.

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