Amit Zac

Amit Zac is a Postdoctoral Researcher at ETH Zurich. Before joining ETH, Amit was a PhD student and a Teaching Assistant in Competition Law and Empirical Research Methods at The University of Oxford, Law Faculty. He obtained his LL.M. from Erasmus University Rotterdam and the University of Hamburg in Law and Economics with distinction. Amit also holds a Bachelor of Laws with Magna Cum Laude from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel. Before joining academia Amit worked as a legal clerk in the Israeli Supreme Court, as a Legal Consultant at the Israeli Competition Authority advising on the adaption of new regulatory tools in markets of food and household consumption, and as an antitrust lawyer in Tel-​Aviv. Amit’s work focuses on competition policy and its welfare implications. His research looks at social and economic challenges associated with the digital economy, and specifically economic inequality and privacy. His scholarship combines legal and policy analysis with empirical studies, integrating law research within the wider social sciences.

Global vs. Local: What Drives Changes in Labor’s Share of Income

A new working paper examines the relationship between competition policy and the decline in the labor share across the developed world and finds that...

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