Alba Ribera Martínez

Alba Ribera Martínez is a PhD student at University Carlos III of Madrid and lecturer in Competition Law at University Villanueva. She is an editor of the Journal of European Competition Law & Practice. Her research focuses on the competitive dynamics of digital markets, the impact of digital platform regulation, and the intersection between fundamental rights and antitrust.

The Digital Markets Act Is More Intricate Than Regulators and Detractors Give It Credit For

The European Union’s Digital Markets Act (DMA), designed to regulate Big Tech, supplements current antitrust laws that pursue case-by-case analyses of business conduct with general rules to block potentially anticompetitive behaviors. Detractors criticize the DMA for its lack of nuance. Supporters applaud its general principles as a necessary bulwark against Big Tech’s market powers, which current case-by-case analysis has been unable to rein in. However, neither side appreciates the true complexity of the DMA or how its principles interact to prevent anticompetitive behavior, writes Alba Ribera Martínez.

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