Alan Jagolinzer

Alan D. Jagolinzer is Professor of Financial Accounting and Director of the Centre for Financial Reporting & Accountability (CFRA) at the University of Cambridge Judge Business School. His research interests include financial reporting, international accounting, corporate governance, executive compensation and incentives, and insider trading. He is a member of the editorial boards of the Accounting Review and the Journal of International Accounting Research. He was previously a Fellow of the International Accounting Standards Board, London. He is a member of the Accounting subject group at Cambridge Judge Business School, which focuses on the creation, dissemination, use, and governance of financial information.

How Companies Should Combat Rage Farming Attempts

Alan D. Jagolinzer and Sander van der Linden highlight a dangerous trend of influencers who deliberately target corporations with disinformation, called “rage farming.” The authors use United Airlines to illustrate the damage this can cause to a business and argue that corporations should counter rage farming with proactive messaging rather than staying silent.

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