On Friday, ProMarket published a piece by Renée Adams about the impact of academic gatekeeping in political finance. Do you have a similar story to share? 

Renée’s story is hardly unique. I have my story, which I told in my Capitalism for the People 10 years ago, but it happened in Italy and I superficially attributed it to the power structure of my native country. I was wrong. It is a much bigger problem, which involves every country, including the United States. Yet, until we become aware of the magnitude of the phenomenon, it is impossible to generate the political will to change things. For this reason, inspired by Renee’s analysis, we at ProMarket have decided to issue a call for your stories of how your research has been limited, derailed, or blocked, by people who control data, funding, and the publication process. We are going to publish the best stories in ProMarket, but we are going to use them all in a systematic ethnographic study. 

To share your story, please email us at promarket@chicagobooth.edu 

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