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There are a few things that I’ve thought were obvious from the start of the pandemic, as anyone who follows me on Twitter knows. One was that shelter-in-place was going to dramatically exacerbate inequality. And — ta-da! — some of the numbers are in.

Washington Post

Another was that it was those kids whose parents can’t afford alternatives, and for whom school was their only hope, who were going to be devastated by school closures. Here you go:


Last but not least, women were going to bear the brunt of this.


(My girls and I finally watched RBG last night. Can you imagine what she would have thought?)

Oh, and bonus: I’ve also pointed out that while everyone was myopically focused on the virus, the economy was going to be remade, and not in a good way. So here:

The New York Times

It utterly mystifies me that progressives are such devotees of lockdowns.