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“Fiction is the lie through which we tell the truth.” That Albert Camus quote is a favorite of mine, and it has the great virtue of being, well, the truth. But what do we do in a world where it’s increasingly hard to tell what’s fiction and what’s real? You can start by reading this story. At least you’ll know how scary it is getting out there. 



At its best, of course, journalism is supposed to hold the line between fact and fiction. There are many forces making that difficult today, but one of them is the economics, which have shifted all the advertising dollars to the internet giants. But what if online ads don’t deliver what most people think they do? Yes, I’m biased, and I love this piece



Whether you’re a business person or not, you have to care about our relationship with China, and this remarkable piece by the one and only Evan Osnos is an investment worth making. 



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