The Weekly Briefin​g Archive​

The Weekly Briefin​g Archive

Beijing Hits Back at Trump Call to Block US Pension Fund Investment in China – [Financial Times] 05.13.20


America’s Job Losses Might Be Slowing: Daily Tracker – [The New York Times] 05.13.20

Uber Said to Be in Talks to Acquire Grubhub – [The New York Times] 05.13.20

ProPublica Joins News Organizations in Suing for Small Business Program Loan Info – [ProPublica] 05.12.20

The K Street Bailout Would Apply to Practically Every Trade Group – [The American Prospect] 05.12.20

Get Ready for a Second Wave of Economic Pain – [Vox] 05.12.20

Business Cannot Simply Awake From This Coma and Carry On – [Financial Times] 05.12.20

How to Create a Pandemic Depression – [The New York Times] 05.12.20

The Era of Offshoring U.S. Jobs Is Over – [The New York Times] 05.12.20

App Shows Promise in Tracking New Coronavirus Cases, Study Finds – [The New York Times] 05.12.20

Chinese Companies Rush to Exploit Global Medical Equipment Shortages – [Financial Times] 05.11.20

EU Banking Agency Criticised Over Director’s Move to Lobby Group – [Financial Times] 05.11.20

Big Tech Has Crushed the News Business. That’s About to Change. – [The New York Times] 05.11.20

Why Economic Pain Could Persist Even After the Pandemic Is Contained – [The New York Times] 05.11.20

As Banks Stumble in Delivering Aid, Congress Weighs Other Options – [The New York Times] 05.11.20

The Airline Business Is Terrible. It Will Probably Get Even Worse. – [The New York Times] 05.11.20

Top Trump Economic Advisers Say Unemployment Rate Could Surpass 20 Percent, Job Market Could Worsen – [The Washington Post] 05.11.20

Top Trump Economic Advisers Say Unemployment Rate Could Surpass 20 Percent, Job Market Could Worsen – [The Washington Post] 05.11.20

New Report Says 7 Million Will Lose Health Insurance – [Mother Jones] 05.10.20

Tech Billionaires Are Already Mounting a Pressure Campaign to Prevent the Next Pandemic – [Vox] 05.08.20

US Unemployment Hits Postwar High at 14.7% – [Financial Times] 05.08.20

McDonald’s Workers in Denmark Pity Us – [The New York Times] 05.08.20

Liberal Groups Urge Federal Reserve To Block Mergers Under Coronavirus Bailout – [Huff Post] 05.07.20

How Private Equity Firms Will Profit From COVID-19 – [The American Prospect] 05.07.20

Twitter Failing to Curb Misinformation ‘Superspreaders’, Report Warns – [Financial Times] 05.07.20

US Jobless Claims of 3.2m Take Total Pandemic Toll Beyond 33m – [Financial Times] 05.07.20

1 in 5 American Workers Has Filed for Unemployment Benefits Since Mid-March – [CNN Money] 05.07.20

Neiman Marcus, a Symbol of Luxury, Files for Bankruptcy – [The New York Times] 05.07.20

As Restaurants Remain Shuttered, American Cities Fear the Future – [The New York Times] 05.07.20

E.U. Is Facing Its Worst Recession Ever. Watch Out, World. – [The New York Times] 05.07.20

Small Businesses Counting on Loan Forgiveness Could Be Stuck With Debt – [The New York Times] 05.07.20

Sinclair Wanted to Rival Fox News. Now It Faces a $48 Million Fine. – [The New York Times] 05.07.20

New York Gov. Cuomo Just Tapped Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt to Help Invent a More Tech-Focused Future for the State Post-Pandemic – [Business Insider] 05.06.20

Facebook’s Oversight Board Will Include a Former Prime Minister and Nobel Prize Winner – [The Verge] 05.06.20

Without Apple and Google, the UK’s Contact-Tracing App Is in Trouble – [The Verge] 05.06.20

The Coronavirus Killed American Exceptionalism – [Vox] 05.06.20

Samsung Heir Apologizes for Corruption and Union-Busting Scandals – [The New York Times] 05.06.20

The New York Times Tops 6 Million Subscribers as Ad Revenue Plummets – [The New York Times] 05.06.20

Private Equity, Lobbying the U.S. for Help, Is Mostly Hearing ‘No’ – [The New York Times] 05.06.20

Who Ultimately Decides What Content Is Removed From Facebook? Now We Do – [The New York Times] 05.06.20

Harvard’s Epstein Corruption Deserves a Full Airing — Even Amid a Pandemic – [The Washington Post] 05.05.20

German Court Calls on ECB to Justify Bond-Buying Programme – [Financial Times] 05.05.20

‘We’re Modern Slaves’: How Meat Plant Workers Became the New Frontline in Covid-19 War – [The Guardian] 05.05.20

Adam Neumann, WeWork’s Former Chief, Sues SoftBank – [The New York Times] 05.05.20

Lawmakers Ask I.R.S. to Help Companies That Keep Paying Health Benefits – [The New York Times] 05.05.20

Can It. Amazon Is Not Your Typical Grocery Store – [Wired] 05.04.20

Antitrust Experts Call on Congress to Address Failings in Antitrust Law to Preserve Competition and Prevent Monopolies in Digital Marketplaces – [Equitable Growth] 05.04.20

Monopolies in Meat: Endangering Workers, Farmers, and Consumers – [The American Prospect] 05.04.20

CFPB Appointee Who Helped Water Down Payday Lending Rule Operated a High-Cost Auto Lender – [The American Prospect] 05.04.20

‘I Could Solve Most of Your Problems’: Eric Schmidt’s Pentagon Offensive – [The New York Times] 05.04.20

Amazon Engineer Quits After He ‘Snapped’ When the Company Fired Workers Who Called for Coronavirus Protections – [CNBC] 05.04.20

Brazil’s Business Leaders Fret Over Bolsonaro – [Financial Times] 05.04.20

Amazon Unit’s Vice-president Resigns Over Whistleblower Firings – [Financial Times] 05.04.20

Stimulus Aid Leaves Out Millions of Student-Loan Borrowers – [Wall Street Journal] 05.04.20

How Bailout Backlash and Moral Hazard Outrage Could Endanger the Economy – [The New York Times] 05.04.20

J. Crew Files for Bankruptcy in Virus’s First Big Retail Casualty – [The New York Times] 05.04.20

China’s Coronavirus Vaccine Drive Empowers a Troubled Industry – [The New York Times] 05.04.20

For Disney, a Stricken Empire – [The New York Times] 05.04.20

Covid-19’s Race and Class Warfare – [The New York Times] 05.04.20

The Non-Bailout: How the Fed Saved Boeing Without Paying a Dime – [Bloomberg] 05.03.20

J.D. Scholten on How to Revitalize Our Broken Food Systems – [The American Prospect] 05.01.20

How the Parties Play the Coronavirus Response Game in Congress – [The American Prospect] 05.01.20

Exxon Posts Its First Loss in Decades, and Chevron Slashes Spending – [CNN] 05.01.20

Hottest Silicon Valley Start-Ups Begin to Sell Themselves at a Discount – [Financial Times] 05.01.20

How Coronavirus Broke America’s Healthcare System – [Financial Times] 05.01.20

Jeff Bezos Doubles Down on Amazon’s Pandemic Response – [The New York Times] 05.01.20

In Philanthropy, Race Is Still a Factor in Who Gets What, Study Shows – [The New York Times] 05.01.20

A Private Equity Firm Is Blocked From Buying .Org – [The New York Times] 05.01.20

Workers From Amazon, Instacart, and Others Are Calling in Sick to Protest Poor Virus Protections – [The Verge] 05.01.20

Amazon Sales Soar As Coronavirus-Worried Consumers Shop From Home, but Costs Rise – [The Washington Post] 04.30.20

30 Million Americans Have Filed Initial Unemployment Claims Since mid-March – [CNN] 04.30.20

States Made It Harder to Get Jobless Benefits. Now That’s Hard to Undo. – [The New York Times] 04.30.20

Powerful Meat Industry Holds More Sway After Trump’s Order – [The New York Times] 04.30.20

Trump’s Disinfectant Talk Trips Up Sites’ Vows Against Misinformation – [The New York Times] 04.30.20

Why the Global Debt of Poor Nations Must Be Canceled – [The New York Times] 04.30.20

Who’s Profiting From the Coronavirus Crisis? – [The New York Times] 04.30.20

Amazon Is Cracking Down on Internal Communication After a Surge in Worker Activism – [Vox] 04.30.20

Trump Appointees Manipulated Agency’s Payday Lending Research, Ex-Staffer Claims – [The New York Times] 04.30.20

Ohio Top Court Weighs If Amazon Can be Held Liable for Teen’s Death – [Reuters] 04.30.20

How New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Is Using the Pandemic to Consolidate Power – [The Intercept] 04.29.20

Why the US Shouldn’t Let States Go Bankrupt – [Vox] 04.29.20

Worst Economy in a Decade. What’s Next? ‘Worst in Our Lifetime.’ – [The New York Times] 04.29.20

Should There Be Deals During a Pandemic? – [The New York Times] 04.29.20

Despite Widespread Economic Hardship, Most Americans Not Ready to Reopen, Poll Says – [PBS] 04.29.20

Boeing, Expecting a Long Slump, Will Cut 16,000 Jobs – [The New York Times] 04.29.20

Businesses Seek Sweeping Shield From Pandemic Liability Before They Reopen – [The New York Times] 04.29.20

Coronavirus Apps: The Risk of Slipping Into a Surveillance State – [Financial Times] 04.28.20

African Americans Bear the Brunt of Covid-19’s Economic Impact – [The Guardian] 04.28.20

Fired in a Pandemic ‘Because We Tried to Start a Union’ – [The New York Times] 04.28.20

Salesforce and Other Silicon Valley Firms Are Using Corporate Connections to Buy Masks for Hospitals – [The New York Times] 04.28.20

Bankers Rebuke S.B.A. as Loan System Crashes in Flood of Applications – [The New York Times] 04.28.20

Mnuchin Says Relief Loans Over $2 Million Will Be Audited – [The Washington Post] 04.28.20

The Founders Never Intended the U.S. Postal Service to be Managed Like a Business – [The Washington Post] 04.28.20

Supreme Court Rules Insurers Can Collect $12 Billion Under Health Care Law – [Huff Post] 04.27.20

Coronavirus Stimulus Spurs Near-Record First-Quarter Lobbying Spending – [] 04.27.20

The Only Way to Get Back to Normal This Summer Is to Test Everyone in the United States, Says Nobel Prize Winning Economist – [The Washington Post] 04.27.20

McConnell’s Rejection of Federal Aid for States Risks Causing a Depression, Analysts Say – [The Washington Post] 04.27.20

Trump Faces Big Decisions on Energy Industry Rescue as U.S. Runs Out of Places to Store Abundance of Oil – [The Washington Post] 04.27.20

Thousands Already Lined Up for New $310 Billion in Small Business Loans. The Money Could Run Out in Days. – [The Washington Post] 04.27.20

Rent Strike Planned for May 1 as Pain of Coronavirus Deepens – [Wall Street Journal] 04.27.20

Pandemic Triggers a Wave of Distress, Bankruptcy in Corporate America – [Wall Street Journal] 04.27.20

The Secret Group of Scientists and Billionaires Pushing Trump on a Covid-19 Plan – [Wall Street Journal] 04.27.20

WhatsApp Says Its Forwarding Limits Have Cut the Spread of Viral Messages by 70 Percent – [The Verge] 04.27.20

Coronavirus Has Created a Crisis for Primary Care Doctors and Their Patients – [Vox] 04.27.20

Coronavirus Set to Push 29m Latin Americans Into Poverty – [Financial Times] 04.27.20

Coronavirus Bursts the US College Education Bubble – [Financial Times] 04.27.20

Disney and the Unequal Reality of Coronavirus America – [Financial Times] 04.27.20

How Goldman’s Vampire Squid Gave Way to BlackRock – [Financial Times] 04.27.20

Small-Business Loan Program, Chaotic From Start, Gets 2nd Round – [The New York Times] 04.27.20

Start-Ups Pursue ‘Free Money’ With Relief Funds, Prompting Backlash – [The New York Times] 04.27.20

Europe’s Privacy Law Hasn’t Shown Its Teeth, Frustrating Advocates – [The New York Times] 04.27.20

Large, Troubled Companies Got Bailout Money in Small-Business Loan Program – [The New York Times] 04.27.20

Closed Hospitals Leave Rural Patients ‘Stranded’ as Coronavirus Spreads – [The New York Times] 04.26.20

Apple and Google Pledge to Shut Down Coronavirus Tracker When Pandemic Ends – [The Verge] 04.24.20

Messenger Rooms Are Facebook’s Answer to Zoom and Houseparty for the Pandemic – [The Verge] 04.24.20

Some Companies Seeking Bailouts Had Piles of Cash, Then Spent It – [The New York Times] 04.24.20

Budget Deficit Will Approach $4 Trillion, C.B.O. Says – [The New York Times] 04.24.20

Frantic for Coronavirus Gear, Americans in Need Turn to China’s Elite – [The New York Times] 04.24.20

Opposed to Bailouts, but in This Case Willing to Take One – [The New York Times] 04.24.20

The Tax-Break Bonanza Inside the Economic Rescue Package – [The New York Times] 04.24.20

Zoom’s Biggest Rivals Are Coming for It – [The New York Times] 04.24.20

Larry Summers Advising Biden Campaign on Economic Recovery – [Bloomberg] 04.23.20

Treasury Secretary Warns There Will Be ‘Severe Consequences’ for Large Companies That Took Bailout Loans Intended for Small Businesses – [Business Insider] 04.23.20

Amazon Scooped Up Data From Its Own Sellers to Launch Competing Products – [Wall Street Journal] 04.23.20

US Jobless Claims of 4.4m Take Pandemic Toll to a Record 26m – [Financial Times] 04.23.20

Why Major Food and Hotel Chains Are Getting Stimulus Money Meant for Small Businesses – [Vox] 04.23.20

Amazon Employees Shared an Event Invite to Discuss How the Company Treats Its Workers. Then It Disappeared. – [Vox] 04.23.20

The New York Times’ Deficit Coverage Is Fake News – [New York] 04.23.20

Disney Heir Criticises $1.5bn in Bonuses and Dividends as Company Cuts Pay – [The Guardian] 04.23.20

Jobless Numbers Are ‘Eye-Watering’ but Understate the Crisis – [The New York Times] 04.23.20

Bezos Takes Back the Wheel at Amazon – [The New York Times] 04.23.20

Banks Gave Richest Clients ‘Concierge Treatment’ for Pandemic Aid – [The New York Times] 04.23.20

Publicly Traded Companies Got $300 Million In Small Business Loans: AP Investigation – [Huff Post] 04.22.20

Top Economist: US Coronavirus Response Is Like Third World Country – [The Guardian] 04.22.20

A Disturbing New Study Suggests Sean Hannity Helped Spread the Coronavirus – [Vox] 04.22.20

Facebook Invests $5.7 Billion in Indian Internet Giant Jio – [The New York Times] 04.22.20

With Selective Coronavirus Coverage, China Builds a Culture of Hate – [The New York Times] 04.22.20

Trump (the Company) Asks Trump (the Administration) for Hotel Relief – [The New York Times] 04.21.20

Unsanitized: The Mystery of Donna Shalala’s Unreported Stock Sales – [The American Prospect] 04.21.20

US Congressional Leaders Near Deal on Extra Small Business Funds – [Financial Times] 04.21.20

Businesses Say Big Banks Flouted ‘First Come First Served’ for Aid – [The New York Times] 04.21.20

Spectrum Employees Are Getting Sick Amid Debate Over Working From Home – [The New York Times] 04.21.20

A Wealth Tax Is the Logical Way to Support Coronavirus Relief – [The New York Times] 04.21.20

Hundreds of Amazon Warehouse Workers to Call in Sick in Coronavirus Protest – [The Guardian] 04.21.20

The White House Has Erected A Blockade Stopping States and Hospitals From Getting Coronavirus PPE – [New York] 04.20.20

Australia Will Compel Facebook and Google to Pay Media Outlets for News Content – [The Verge] 04.20.20

Amazon Thrives in the crisis but Still Faces Risks – [Financial Times] 04.20.20

2bn Phones Cannot Use Google and Apple Contact-Tracing Tech – [Financial Times] 04.20.20

Australia Moves to Force Google and Facebook to Compensate Media Outlets – [The New York Times] 04.20.20

The U.S. Tried to Teach China a Lesson About the Media. It Backfired. – [The New York Times] 04.20.20

As Amazon Rises, So Does the Opposition – [The New York Times] 04.20.20

Shake Shack Returning $10 Million Government Loan Meant for Small Businesses – [NBC News] 04.20.20

Thousands of Americans Backed by Rightwing Donors Gear Up for Protests – [The Guardian] 04.20.20

EPA Faces Court Over Backing of Monsanto’s Controversial Crop System – [The Guardian] 04.20.20

Trump’s Denial of His Coronavirus Failings Will be “One of the Biggest Propaganda Battles in American History” – [Vox] 04.17.20

Straggling in a Good Economy, and Now Struggling in a Crisis – [The New York Times] 04.17.20

Bill Gates, at Odds With Trump on Virus, Becomes a Right-Wing Target – [The New York Times] 04.17.20

When Even Amazon Is Sold Out of Exploding Kittens – [The New York Times] 04.17.20

Starve the Beast, Feed the Depression – [The New York Times] 04.17.20

Exclusive: New York Taps McKinsey to Develop ‘Trump-Proof’ Economic Reopening Plan – [Reuters] 04.16.20

Some Banks Keep Customers’ Stimulus Checks if Accounts Are Overdrawn – [The New York Times] 04.16.20

Neel Kashkari: Big US Banks Should Raise $200bn in Capital Now – [Financial Times] 04.16.20

UnitedHealth Reports Profit, Citing Falling Demand for Elective Care – [The New York Times] 04.16.20

It’s the End of the World Economy as We Know It – [The New York Times] 04.16.20

Biden Campaign Indicates Priorities USA Is Preferred Super PAC – [Wall Street Journal] 04.16.20

Small-Business Aid Package Excludes Many Franchises in Coronavirus Crisis – [Wall Street Journal] 04.16.20

‘Designed for Us to Fail’: Floridians Upset as Unemployment System Melts Down – [The Guardian] 04.16.20

Millionaires to Reap 80% of Benefit From Tax Change in US Coronavirus Stimulus – [The Guardian] 04.16.20

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Grows Fortune by $24bn Amid Coronavirus Pandemic – [The Guardian] 04.16.20

Amazon to Suspend Operations in France Over Coronavirus Dispute – [The New York Times] 04.15.20

Trump’s Name Will Appear On Stimulus Checks – [Huff Post] 04.15.20

Unsanitized: Mnuchin Knew Two Weeks Ago That Financial Predators Could Grab Emergency Coronavirus Checks – [The American Prospect] 04.15.20

Unsanitized: Why Amazon May Not Emerge From the Crisis Dominant – [The American Prospect] 04.15.20

The Postal Service Deserves a Permanent Bailout – [New York] 04.15.20

Exclusive: Democrats Have a New plan to Keep Millions of Laid-Off Workers Insured – [Vox] 04.15.20

“Deaths of Despair”: The Deadly Epidemic That Predated Coronavirus – [Vox] 04.15.20

A Better Society Can Emerge from the Lockdowns – [Financial Times] 04.15.20

Governments Face ‘Massive’ Rise in Public Debt, IMF Warns – [Financial Times] 04.15.20

Crippled Airline Industry to Get $25 Billion Bailout, Part of It as Loans – [The New York Times] 04.15.20

How the Government Pulls Coronavirus Relief Money Out of Thin Air – [The New York Times] 04.15.20

‘Pretty Catastrophic’ Month for Retailers, and Now a Race to Survive – [The New York Times] 04.15.20

Germany Heads Toward Steep Recession, as Merkel and Governors Consider Next Steps. – [The New York Times] 04.15.20

Hedge Fund Managers Are Claiming Bailouts as Small Businesses – [Bloomberg] 04.14.20

Amazon Fires Two Tech Workers Who Criticized the Company’s Warehouse Workplace Conditions – [The Washington Post] 04.14.20

America Has Replaced Capitalism With Cronyism – [New York] 04.14.20

Does Private Equity Deserve a Public Bailout? – [The New York Times] 04.14.20

Economic Pain Will Persist Long After Lockdowns End – [The New York Times] 04.14.20

How Bad Will the Economy Get? Companies Will Provide Clues – [The New York Times] 04.14.20

How a Supreme Court Decision Curtailed the Right to Vote in Wisconsin – [The New York Times] 04.14.20

Amazon Fires Two Employees Critical of Warehouse Working Conditions – [Reuters] 04.14.20

Tax Change in Coronavirus Package Overwhelmingly Benefits Millionaires, Congressional Body Finds – [The Washington Post] 04.14.20

The Coronavirus Reveals The ‘Invisible Inequalities’ In Our Food System – [Huff Post] 04.13.20

How Private Equity Is Using the Pandemic to Extort Taxpayers – [Popular Information] 04.13.20

The Federal Government Wants to Let These Financial Predators Off the Hook – [The American Prospect] 04.13.20

Coronavirus Has Broken America’s Food Supply – [The American Prospect] 04.13.20

Amazon Will Hire 75,000 More Workers to Meet Pandemic Demand – [Bloomberg] 04.13.20

How Coronavirus Spread Through Corporate America – [Wall Street Journal] 04.13.20

Answering the 12 Biggest Questions About Apple and Google’s New Coronavirus Tracking Project – [The Verge] 04.13.20

Companies Try to Slow Product Shipments From Overseas – [Financial Times] 04.13.20

SoftBank Warns of Historic Loss Due to Big Vision Fund Hit – [Financial Times] 04.13.20

How a Premier U.S. Drug Company Became a Virus ‘Super Spreader’ – [The New York Times] 04.13.20

Are We All in This Together? – [The New York Times] 04.13.20

Why We Desperately Need Oversight of the Coronavirus Stimulus Spending – [The New York Times] 04.13.20

Big Business Pledged Gentler Capitalism. It’s Not Happening in a Pandemic. – [The New York Times] 04.13.20

Apple and Google Want to Turn Your Phone Into a Covid-Tracking Machine – [Vox] 04.10.20

America Will Struggle After Coronavirus. These Charts Show Why. – [The New York Times] 04.10.20

A Crisis of Unnecessary Unemployment – [The New York Times] 04.10.20

Restarting America Means People Will Die. So When Do We Do It? – [The New York Times] 04.10.20

Global Trade Sputters, Leaving Too Much Here, Too Little There – [The New York Times] 04.10.20

Apple and Google Are Building a Coronavirus Tracking System Into iOS and Android – [The Verge] 04.10.20

Cuomo Promises Google Will Fix New York’s Broken Unemployment Insurance System – [Gothamist] 04.09.20

Federal Reserve Unveils Details of $2.3 Trillion in Programs to Help Support the Economy – [CNBC] 04.09.20

In Scramble for Coronavirus Supplies, Rich Countries Push Poor Aside – [The New York Times] 04.09.20

The Rise of Neo-Feudalism – [The American Prospect] 04.08.20

Amazon’s Friend Network – [The American Prospect] 04.08.20

The EPA’s “Enforcement Moratorium” During The Coronavirus Outbreak Is Coming Under Fire – [BuzzFeed] 04.08.20

Eurozone’s Two Biggest Economies Sink Into Historic Recessions – [Financial Times] 04.08.20

Rents Are Late, and ‘It’s Only Going to Get Worse’ – [The New York Times] 04.08.20

Uber and Lyft Drivers Face Hurdles to Stimulus Bill Benefits – [The New York Times] 04.08.20

Small Business Aid Program Stretches Agency to Its Limits – [The New York Times] 04.08.20

The Supreme Court’s Disturbing Order to Effectively Disenfranchise Thousands of Wisconsin Voters – [Vox] 04.07.20

US Small Business Rescue Runs Into Operational Difficulties – [Financial Times] 04.07.20

Airbnb Raises $1 Billion to Stockpile Cash in Pandemic – [The New York Times] 04.07.20

How Gig Workers Are Weathering the Virus Shutdown – [The New York Times] 04.07.20

Oil Companies Are Collapsing, but Wind and Solar Energy Keep Growing – [The New York Times] 04.07.20

Big Restaurant, Hotel Chains Won Exemption to Get Small Business Loans – [Wall Street Journal] 04.07.20

The EPA’s “Enforcement Moratorium” During The Coronavirus Outbreak Is Coming Under Fire – [BuzzFeed] 04.06.20

Gunfight at the Supply Chain Corral – [The American Prospect] 04.06.20

Amid Downturn, Silicon Valley’s Balance of Power Shifts From Startups to VCs – [The Information] 04.06.20

“Kill Your Earnings”: Jim Cramer’s Surprising Take on the Coronavirus Crisis – [Vox] 04.06.20

Top Democrats Press Treasury to Accelerate Airline Bailout – [The New York Times] 04.06.20

How Economists, Too, Are Taking On the Coronavirus Crisis – [The New York Times] 04.06.20

Young Adults, Burdened With Debt, Are Now Facing an Economic Crisis – [The New York Times] 04.06.20

‘Scared to Death’ by Arbitration: Companies Drowning in Their Own System – [The New York Times] 04.06.20

European Banks Prepared for a Crisis. But Not This One. – [The New York Times] 04.06.20

Facebook Hampers Do-It-Yourself Mask Efforts – [The New York Times] 04.06.20

Gaps in Amazon’s Response as Virus Spreads to More Than 50 Warehouses – [The New York Times] 04.06.20

EU Focuses Antitrust Probe on Facebook’s Online Classifieds Service – [Financial Times] 04.06.20

Virus Lays Bare the Frailty of the Social Contract – [Financial Times] 04.05.20

Leaked Amazon Memo: Walkout Leader “Not Smart or Articulate” – [Ars Technica] 04.03.20

Trump Ordered More N95 masks. 3M Says His Tactics Could Make the Shortage Worse. – [Vox] 04.03.20

The Covid-19 Slump Has Arrived – [The New York Times] 04.03.20

Putting Jared Kushner In Charge Is Utter Madness – [The New York Times] 04.03.20

The Unemployment Rate Is Probably Around 13 Percent – [The New York Times] 04.03.20

How Tech’s Lobbyists Are Using the Pandemic to Make Gains – [The New York Times] 04.03.20

Decade of Job Growth Comes to an End, Undone by a Pandemic – [The New York Times] 04.03.20

Global Economy Set for Sharpest Reversal Since Great Depression – [Financial Times] 04.03.20

3M, Under Attack From White House, Pushes Back – [Wall Street Journal] 04.03.20

Pelosi Joins Critics of Mnuchin’s Airline Stock-For-Aid Plan – [Bloomberg] 04.02.20

Dear Jeff Bezos, Instead of Firing Me, Protect Your Workers From Coronavirus – [The Guardian] 04.02.20

’No Words for this’: 10 Million Workers File Jobless Claims in Just Two Weeks – [Politico] 04.02.20

U.S. Hospitals Halt Lucrative Procedures Amid Coronavirus Crisis, Job Cuts Follow – [Reuters] 04.01.20

Underlying Health Disparities Could Mean Coronavirus Hits Some Communities Harder – [NPR] 04.01.20

Factories Cut Output, Jobs as Coronavirus Lockdown Bites – [Wall Street Journal] 04.01.20

How Powell and Mnuchin Became the Duo in Charge of Saving the Economy – [The New York Times] 04.01.20

Start-Ups Are Pummeled in the ‘Great Unwinding’ – [The New York Times] 04.01.20

Why the Global Recession Could Last a Long Time – [The New York Times] 04.01.20

Coronavirus Battle Creates a Global ‘Free-for-All’ to Find Masks – [The New York Times] 04.01.20

As Virus Hobbles Economy, Companies Race to Tap Credit and Raise Cash – [The New York Times] 04.01.20

States Were Closing Gun Shops. Activists Turned to the White House. – [Politico] 04.01.20

Zoom Meetings Aren’t End-to-End Encrypted, Despite Misleading Marketing – [The Intercept] 03.31.20

No Masks and Uncertain Sick Leave: New York Whole Foods Delivery Workers Say Amazon Is Failing to Protect Them – [The Intercept] 03.31.20

The Relief Package Ushers In Trump’s Planned Economy – [Wired] 03.31.20

The Coronavirus Relief Bill Promotes Surveillance for Health – [Wired] 03.31.20

Tech Giants Should Give Away Their Money Instead of Their Products – [Vox] 03.31.20

Hospitals Tell Doctors They’ll Be Fired If They Speak Out About Lack of Gear – [Bloomberg] 03.31.20

Privacy Concerns Grow Over Zoom Videoconferencing Platform – [Financial Times] 03.31.20

Pelosi Floats New Stimulus Plan: Rolling Back SALT Cap – [The New York Times] 03.31.20

Strikes at Instacart and Amazon Over Coronavirus Health Concerns – [The New York Times] 03.31.20

Jobs Aren’t Being Destroyed This Fast Elsewhere. Why Is That? – [The New York Times] 03.30.20

Unsanitized: Covidien’s Story Is Corporate America’s Story – [The American Prospect] 03.30.20

The EPA Appears to be Using Coronavirus to Make Huge Concessions to Polluters – [Vox] 03.30.20

Fifty Years of US Policy Come Home to Roost – [Financial Times] 03.30.20

Jeff Bezos’s Rocket Company Gets Virus Lockdown Exemption – [Financial Times] 03.30.20

US Companies Seek Clarity on $454bn Lending Fund – [Financial Times] 03.30.20

Big Hedge Funds Raise Money to Capitalise on Market Turmoil – [Financial Times] 03.30.20

US Retailers Teeter on the Brink As 630,000 Outlets Close – [Financial Times] 03.30.20

Facebook Aims $100 Million at Media Hit by the Coronavirus – [The New York Times] 03.30.20

A Failure of Policy and Planning – [The New York Times] 03.30.20

Facebook, Google and Twitter Struggle to Handle November’s Election – [The New York Times] 03.30.20

Save Capitalism From the Cares Act – [Wall Street Journal] 03.30.20

Bail Out Journalists. Let Newspaper Chains Die. – [The New York Times] 03.30.20

The U.S. Tried to Build a New Fleet of Ventilators. The Mission Failed. – [The New York Times] 03.29.20

The U.S. Tried to Build a New Fleet of Ventilators. The Mission Failed. – [The New York Times] 03.29.20

Bosses Panic-Buy Spy Software to Keep Tabs on Remote Workers – [Bloomberg] 03.27.20

It’s Time to Revive the Excess Profits Tax – [The American Prospect] 03.27.20

COVID-19 Is The Best Argument Yet For A Wealth Tax – [Huff Post] 03.27.20

These Companies Enriched Themselves. Now They’re Getting a Bailout. – [The New York Times] 03.27.20

Why Is America Choosing Mass Unemployment? – [The New York Times] 03.27.20

After Considering $1 Billion Price Tag for Ventilators, White House Has Second Thoughts – [The New York Times] 03.27.20

Coronavirus ‘Medicine’ Could Trigger Social Breakdown – [Financial Times] 03.27.20

China Is Open for Business, but the Postcoronavirus Reboot Looks Slow and Rocky – [Wall Street Journal] 03.27.20

US Private Health Insurance Companies Clog System Amid Covid-19 Pandemic – [The Guardian] 03.26.20

Bonanza for Rich Real Estate Investors, Tucked Into Stimulus Package – [The New York Times] 03.26.20

Idled Dealmakers Pile Into New Niche With Virus Freezing M&A – [Bloomberg] 03.26.20

Job Vacancies and Inexperience Mar Federal Response to Coronavirus – [The New York Times] 03.26.20

Europe’s Leaders Ditch Austerity and Fight Pandemic With Cash – [The New York Times] 03.26.20

‘It’s a Wreck’: 3.3 Million File Jobless Claims as Economy Comes Apart – [The New York Times] 03.26.20

A Cruel Motive for a Costly Delay – [The New York Times] 03.26.20

Gilead Sciences Backs Off Coronavirus Drug Monopoly Claim – [The Intercept] 03.26.20

Unemployment Claims Soared to 3.3 Million Last Week, Most in History – [CNN] 03.26.20

Senate Approves $2 Trillion Stimulus After Bipartisan Deal – [The New York Times] 03.25.20

Billionaires Want People Back to Work. Employees Aren’t So Sure – [Bloomberg] 03.25.20

Congress and White House Strike Deal for $2 Trillion Stimulus Package – [The New York Times] 03.25.20

Will Our Most Important Industry Survive the Coronavirus? – [The New York Times] 03.25.20

How the World’s Richest Country Ran Out of Face Masks – [The New York Times] 03.25.20

Senate to Vote Wednesday on $2 Trillion Coronavirus Bill After Landmark Agreement With White House – [The Washington Post] 03.25.20

Unsanitized: The Gaping Hole in the Defense Production Act – [The American Prospect] 03.24.20

From Cover-Up to Global Donor: China’s Soft Power Play – [Financial Times] 03.24.20

6 Reasons to be Skeptical of Trump’s Calls to Reopen the Economy – [Vox] 03.24.20

Facebook, Don’t Exploit Us in Our Time of Need – [The New York Times] 03.24.20

Here Come the Death Panels – [The New York Times] 03.24.20

China to Ease Coronavirus Lockdown on Hubei 2 Months After Imposing It – [The New York Times] 03.24.20

In World’s Most Vulnerable Countries, the Pandemic Rivals the 2008 Crisis – [The New York Times] 03.24.20

Washington Is About to Pick Which Companies Survive – [Politico] 03.23.20

SoftBank Plans $41bn Asset Sale to Cut Debt Amid Coronavirus Tumult – [Financial Times] 03.23.20

Coronavirus Threatens $32tn of Asia Corporate Debt – [Financial Times] 03.23.20

Fed Unleashes Spending Power in New Bond-Buying Plan – [The New York Times] 03.23.20

The U.S. Needs China’s Masks, as Acrimony Grows – [The New York Times] 03.23.20

This Stimulus Bill Will Not Save the Economy From Collapse – [The New York Times] 03.23.20

Trump Bets Business Will Answer Call to Fight Virus, but Strategy Bewilders Firms – [The New York Times] 03.23.20

Coronavirus Drives the U.S. and China Deeper Into Global Power Struggle – [The New York Times] 03.23.20

How to Get a Coronavirus Test? Rich and Powerful Jump to Front – [Bloomberg] 03.23.20

Rupert Murdoch Put His Son in Charge of Fox. It Was a Dangerous Mistake – [The New York Times] 03.23.20

The Epic Failure of Coronavirus Testing in America – [The New York Times] 03.20.20

Search for Coronavirus Vaccine Becomes a Global Competition – [The New York Times] 03.20.20

Under the Virus’s Cloak, Trump Pursues Long-Sought Policies – [The New York Times] 03.20.20

Senator Dumped Up to $1.7 Million of Stock After Reassuring Public About Coronavirus Preparedness – [ProPublica] 03.19.20

Senate Intel Chair Unloaded Stocks in Mid-February Before Coronavirus Rocked Markets – [] 03.19.20

Intelligence Chairman Raised Virus Alarms Weeks Ago, Secret Recording Shows – [NPR] 03.19.20

Trump Backs Allowing Federal Government to Take Equity Stakes in Firms That Receive Coronavirus Bailout – [The Washington Post] 03.19.20

A Taxonomy of Bailouts: Comparing the Coronavirus Rescues With Rescues Past – [The New York Times] 03.19.20

Some Countries Are Better Armored for Epidemics Than Others – [The New York Times] 03.19.20

Need a Coronavirus Test? Being Rich and Famous May Help – [The New York Times] 03.19.20

Investor Ray Dalio Estimates the Corporate Losses in the US From Coronavirus Will Top $4 Trillion – [CNBC] 03.19.20

What $60bn Gets Boeing: Liquidity, and $100bn in Debt – [Financial Times] 03.19.20

The $1 trillion Stimulus Isn’t About Cash. It’s About Restoring Faith in the System. – [The Washington Post] 03.19.20

Special Report: How Korea Trounced U.S. in Race to Test People for Coronavirus – [Reuters] 03.19.20

It’s Time to Nationalize the Airlines – [The American Prospect] 03.18.20

San Francisco Bay Area Ordered Millions to Shelter in Place. Elon Musk had Tesla Employees Report to Work Anyway. – [The Washington Post] 03.18.20

Mnuchin Warns Senators of 20% US Unemployment Without Coronavirus Rescue, Source Says – [CNBC] 03.18.20

The Era of Small Government Is Over – [The New York Times] 03.18.20

I’m a Doctor in Britain. We’re Heading Into the Abyss. – [The New York Times] 03.18.20

Give Every American $2,000, Immediately – [The New York Times] 03.18.20

Layoffs Are Just Starting, and the Forecasts Are Bleak – [The New York Times] 03.18.20

‘Go Big’ on Coronavirus Stimulus, Trump Says, Pitching Checks for Americans – [The New York Times] 03.18.20

Helicopter Money Would Help People, Not Endangered Businesses – [Bloomberg] 03.18.20

Who Should Get a Coronavirus Bailout and How? – [New York] 03.18.20

This Crisis Calls for Massive Government Intervention: Here’s How to Do It – [The Guardian] 03.18.20

Amazon Says It Will Hire 100,000 Extra Staff – [Financial Times] 03.17.20

Trump Administration Seeks $850 Billion Stimulus – [The New York Times] 03.17.20

Casinos Ask Congress for Emergency Aid as Coronavirus Toll Sweeps Industry – [The Washington Post] 03.17.20

‘It Shouldn’t Take a Pandemic’: Coronavirus Exposes Internet Inequality Among U.S. Students as Schools Close Their Doors. – [The Washington Post] 03.16.20

U.S. Airlines Spent 96% of Free Cash Flow on Buybacks – [Bloomberg] 03.16.20

France Hits Apple With €1.1bn Antitrust Fine – [Financial Times] 03.16.20

Muting Coronavirus Anger, China Empowers Its Internet Police – [The New York Times] 03.16.20

The Fed Deployed Its 2008 Arsenal All in One Weekend – [The New York Times] 03.16.20

When Facebook Is More Trustworthy Than the President – [The New York Times] 03.16.20

Coronavirus Cost to Businesses and Workers: ‘It Has All Gone to Hell’ – [The New York Times] 03.16.20

Don’t Feel Sorry for the Airlines – [The New York Times] 03.16.20

How Coronavirus Can Bring Down Zombie Companies — and the Economy – [The New York Times] 03.16.20

Opinion: Moving Our Pharmaceutical Factories Overseas Was A Huge Mistake – [BuzzFeed] 03.16.20

Trump Administration Blocks States From Using Medicaid to Respond to Coronavirus Crisis – [Los Angeles Times] 03.13.20

Price of the CDC Coronavirus Test: $36 – [Axios] 03.13.20

Uber Whistleblower Susan Fowler: ‘Everything Was Chaos’ – [Financial Times] 03.13.20

Germany Wields the Bazooka in Fight Against Coronavirus – [Financial Times] 03.13.20

Cost of US Corporate Default Protection Soars – [Financial Times] 03.13.20

Alibaba Co-Dounder Jack Ma to Send 1 Million Masks to U.S., Plus Testing Kits – [Mashable] 03.13.20

China Makes the Masks the World Needs. It Is Just Starting to Share. – [The New York Times] 03.13.20

Markets Plunge. Economies Stall. Panic Spreads. It All Feels Very 2008. – [The New York Times] 03.13.20

Fed to Inject $1.5 Trillion in Bid to Prevent ‘Unusual Disruptions’ in Markets – [Wall Street Journal] 03.12.20

Will the Coronavirus Trigger a Corporate Debt Crisis? – [Financial Times] 03.12.20

How SoftBank Became Silicon Valley’s Persona Non Grata – [Financial Times] 03.12.20

Halting China’s Economy Was Hard. Restarting It Is Harder. – [The New York Times] 03.12.20

Trump’s Payroll Tax Cut Would Dwarf the 2008 Bank Bailout – [The New York Times] 03.12.20

Rupert Murdoch Could Save Lives by Forcing Fox News to Tell the Truth About Coronavirus — Right Now – [The Washington Post] 03.11.20

Amazon Is Selling Its Cashierless Technology to Other Vendors, Starting With Airports – [Vox] 03.11.20

Amazon Battles Counterfeit Masks, $400 Hand Sanitizer Amid Virus Panic – [Wall Sreet Journal] 03.11.20

PepsiCo to Buy Energy Drink Maker Rockstar for $3.85bn – [Financial Times] 03.11.20

Sunak Unveils £30bn Stimulus to Counter UK Coronavirus Shock – [Financial Times] 03.11.20

Insulin Costs May Be Capped in a Medicare Program – [The New York Times] 03.11.20

To Take On Coronavirus, B.O.E. Cut Rates. Europe’s Central Bank Has Fewer Options. – [The New York Times] 03.11.20

Coronavirus May Light Fuse on ‘Unexploded Bomb’ of Corporate Debt – [The New York Times] 03.11.20

Trump to Meet Bank Executives Amid Market Turmoil – [The New York Times] 03.11.20

Economic Prescription for Coronavirus: ‘You’ve Got to Go Fast’ – [The New York Times] 03.11.20

Coronavirus Spurs U.S. Efforts to End China’s Chokehold on Drugs – [The New York Times] 03.11.20

White House Likely to Pursue Federal Aid for Shale Companies Hit by Oil shock, Coronavirus Downturn – [The Washington Post] 03.10.20

‘Crash Monday’ Is the Price We’re Paying for a Decade of Cheap Money – [The Guardian] 03.09.20


NY Judge Freezes Hedge Fund Manager Philip Falcone’s Assets – [Financial Times] 03.09.20

Aon to Buy Willis Towers Watson in $30bn Deal – [Financial Times] 03.09.20

What Bernie Sanders Gets Right About the Media – [The New York Times] 03.09.20

Twitter Reaches Deal With Activist Fund That Wanted Jack Dorsey Out – [The New York Times] 03.09.20

Wells Fargo’s Chairwoman, Betsy Duke, Resigns After Critical Report – [The New York Times] 03.09.20

Inside a future Biden administration: His possible picks for VP and Cabinet – [Axios] 03.09.20

Tom Steyer: What I Learned While Running for President – [The New York Times] 03.08.20 

NYU Researchers Say Facebook Advertisers Lied About Their Identity – [The Verge] 03.06.20

Grindr Sold by Chinese Owner After US National Security Concerns – [Financial Times] 03.06.20

Why the Coronavirus Could Threaten the U.S. Economy Even More Than China’s – [The New York Times] 03.06.20

Facebook Removes Misleading Trump Census Ads – [The New York Times]03.06.20

U.A.W. Corruption Case Widens as Former Chief Is Charged – [The New York Times] 03.06.20

How Working-Class Life Is Killing Americans, in Charts – [The New York Times] 03.06.20

Elizabeth Warren, Big Tech Trustbuster, Has Suspended Her Presidential Campaign – [The Verge]03.05.20

Wealthy Americans Need Not Fear Bernie Sanders’s Love of Nordic socialism – [Financial Times] 03.05.20

Fears Over Healthcare Costs Rising Among US Voters, Poll Shows – [Financial Times] 03.05.20

U.S. to Hold Tech Firms Accountable for Spread of Child Sex Abuse Imagery– [The New York Times] 03.05.20

Maxine Waters Says Wells Fargo Board Members Should Resign – [The New York Times] 03.05.20

‘Almost Without Precedent’: Airline Industry Hit Hard by Coronavirus – [The New York Times] 03.05.20

Before Clearview Became a Police Tool, It Was a Secret Plaything of the Rich – [The New York Times] 03.05.20

Former U.A.W. Chief Charged With Misusing Union Funds – [The New York Times] 03.05.20

Our Economic Model Is Making Us More Vulnerable to Coronavirus – [Jacobin] 03.05.20

Mike Bloomberg’s Belly Flop Was a Great Moment for Democracy – [The American Prospect] 03.04.20

Mike Bloomberg’s Campaign Ends As One Of The Biggest Product Flops In History – [Huff Post] 03.04.20

Bloomberg Drops Out of Presidential Race, Endorses Biden – [Associated Press] 03.04.20

How Michael Bloomberg Bought the Gun Control Movement – [Mother Jones]03.03.20

Tech Billionaire Marc Benioff Used to Give Millions to Politicians. Then He Bought Time Magazine. – [Vox] 03.03.20

10 Cities Captured Nearly 50% of the Growth in New Tech Jobs – [Vox]03.03.20

Chevron Aims to Return Up to $80bn to Shareholders – [Financial Times]03.03.20

Amazon Battles Sharp Price Rises of Coronavirus Products – [Financial Times] 03.03.20

Will the Supreme Court Protect Agencies From Trump’s Reach? – [The New York Times] 03.03.20

Will the Supreme Court Protect Agencies From Trump’s Reach? – [The New York Times] 03.03.20

As Coronavirus Disrupts Factories, India Curbs Exports of Key Drugs – [The New York Times] 03.03.20

Capitalists Make Their Case Against Sanders – [The New York Times] 03.03.20

How Bloomberg Buys the Silence of Unhappy Employees – [The New York Times] 03.02.20

The Verge Tech Survey 2020 – [The Verge] 03.02.20

YouTube Accused of Being ‘Organ of Radicalisation’ – [The Guardian] 03.02.20

Sanders and Warren Scare Big Tech But Thrill Its Workers – [Financial Times] 03.02.20

Milken Had Key Allies in Pardon Bid: Trump’s Inner Circle – [The New York Times] 03.02.20

Economic Group Warns That Virus Could Significantly Slow Global Growth – [The New York Times] 03.02.20

In Coronavirus Fight, China Gives Citizens a Color Code, With Red Flags– [The New York Times] 03.02.20

Solidarity Now – [Project Syndicate]03.02.20

Covid-19 Is Teaching Hard Lessons About China-Only Supply Chains – [The Economist] 03.02.20

Bloomberg’s Big bet: Can Money Beat Biden’s Momentum? – [Reuters] 03.02.20

Google’s Ambitious Push Into Gaming Is Floundering, and It’s Due Largely to Too Few Games on Its Stadia Platform — Here’s Why developers Have Held Back – [Business Insider]03.02.20

Kept at the Hospital on Coronavirus Fears, Now Facing Large Medical Bills – [The New York Times] 03.01.20


Republican Mega-Donor Buys Stake in Twitter and Seeks to Oust Jack Dorsey – Report – [The Guardian]03.01.20

Trump Officials Discuss Tax Cuts, Other Emergency Measures in Hopes of Tackling Coronavirus Fallout – [The Washington Post] 02.28.20

How the Coronavirus Could Reignite a Lurking Debt Bomb – [The American Prospect] 02.28.20

Will Coronavirus Cause a Global Recession? We Still Don’t Know. – [Vox]02.28.20

Facebook, Google and Twitter Rebel Against Pakistan’s Censorship Rules – [The New York Times] 02.28.20

Trump Administration Faces Economic Test as Coronavirus Shakes Markets – [The New York Times] 02.28.20

Rich Profits and Dark Messages From the Market (No, Not That Market) – [The New York Times] 02.28.20

Virus Disrupts China’s Shipping, and World Ports Feel the Impact – [The New York Times] 02.28.20

Cellphone Carriers May Face $200 Million in Fines for Selling Location Data – [The New York Times] 02.28.20

IBM and Microsoft Sign Vatican Pledge for Ethical AI – [Financial Times]02.28.20

Walmart Is Quietly Working on an Amazon Prime Competitor Called Walmart+ – [Vox] 02.27.20

Bayer Faces More Claims Over Weedkiller Cancer Allegations – [Financial Times] 02.27.20

Apple Shareholders Call for Human Rights Transparency – [Financial Times]02.27.20

Why a Top Trump Aide Said ‘We Are Desperate’ for More Immigrants – [The New York Times] 02.27.20

Eric Schmidt: Silicon Valley Needs the Federal Government – [The New York Times] 02.27.20

Mike Bloomberg’s Big-Tech Campaign– [New York] 02.26.20

Bloomberg Nearly Said He “Bought” Congress During the Debate – [Slate]02.26.20

Covid-19 Will Mark the End of Affluence Politics – [Wired] 02.26.20

ABC News Suspends Correspondent David Wright After Comments About Trump Coverage, Socialism, in Project Veritas Sting – [The Washington Post]02.26.20

Companies Must Include Environmental and Social Performance Measures – [Financial Times] 02.26.20

Mallinckrodt Reaches $1.6 Billion Deal to Settle Opioid Lawsuits – [The New York Times] 02.26.20

Coronavirus Weakens China’s Powerful Propaganda Machine – [The New York Times] 02.26.20

These 26 Words ‘Created the Internet.’ The US Government Is Coming for Them – [CNN] 02.25.20

Under Trump, Income Growth Slows Across U.S., Including in Key Battleground States – [The American Prospect] 02.25.20

Amazon Ramps Up Cashier-Less Experiment With Grocery Store – [Financial Times] 02.25.20

Tesla and Industry Criticized at Hearing on Autopilot System – [The New York Times] 02.25.20

Russia Wants to Meddle in Our Election. We’re Helping. – [The New York Times] 02.25.20

Bloomberg Called Warren ‘Scary’ and Vowed to ‘Defend the Banks’ in Closed-Door 2016 Event – [CNN] 02.24.20

After Long Wait, The Markup Is Ready to ‘Show Our Work’ – [The New York Times] 02.24.20

Washington Post Amplifies Climate Change Denialism From Noted Propaganda Factory – [Vice] 02.24.20

Can Mike Bloomberg Buy His Way to the White House? – [The Guardian]02.24.20

Mike Bloomberg Prepares Media Onslaught Against Democratic Front-Runner Bernie Sanders – [CNBC]02.24.20

Facebook Is Looking a Lot Like a Government – [The Washington Post]02.24.20

The Top Lawyer Bankrolling Democrats – [The American Prospect]02.24.20

How JPMorgan Chase Became the Doomsday Bank – [Rolling Stone]02.24.20

US Tech Tycoons Direct Personal Wealth to New Frontiers – [Financial Times] 02.24.20

Warren Buffett Has a Problem With ‘Independent’ Directors – [The New York Times] 02.24.20

Intuit Is Expected to Buy Credit Karma in $7 Billion Deal – [The New York Times] 02.24.20

Inside The Wall Street Journal, Tensions Rise Over ‘Sick Man’ China Headline – [The New York Times] 02.24.20

As the Start-Up Boom Deflates, Tech Is Humbled – [The New York Times] 02.24.20

DOJ Solicited Outside Law Firm for Help With Tech Antitrust Case – [Bloomberg] 02.21.20


SEC to Ease Burden on Companies That Violate Securities Laws – [Financial Times] 02.21.20

The Liberal Economists Behind the Wealth Tax Debate – [The New York Times] 02.21.20

How Conservatives Learned to Wield Power Inside Facebook – [The Washington Post] 02.21.20

Inside Facebook’s Oversight Board – [Slate] 02.21.20

The Billionaire Election – [The New York Times] 02.21.20

Warren, Bloomberg and What Really Matters – [The New York Times] 02.21.20

Elizabeth Warren Buys Full-Page Ad Slamming Sheldon Adelson in His Own Newspaper Day After Debate – [CNBC] 02.20.20

Bloomberg’s Plan to Buy the Presidency Endangers Democracy – [Vox] 02.20.20

I Was a Prosecutor in the Michael Milken Case. I’m Outraged at the Pardon Process. – [The Washington Post]02.20.20

Five Lessons From the Justice Department’s Big Debate Over Section 230 – [The Verge] 02.20.20

Europe, Overrun by Foreign Tech Giants, Wants to Grow Its Own – [The New York Times] 02.20.20

When You Click Buy on Amazon, It May Be Sweating the Supply – [The New York Times] 02.20.20

Trump Administration Sees No Threat to Economy From Monopolies – [The New York Times] 02.20.20

Pull Yourself Up by Bootstraps? Go Ahead, Try It – [The New York Times]02.20.20

Morgan Stanley to Buy E-Trade for $13 Billion – [The New York Times]02.20.20

Bloomberg’s Billions Didn’t Just Build A Political Network. He Also Bought Silence. – [Huff Post] 02.19.20


Trump Pardons Michael Milken, Face of 1980s Insider Trading Scandals – [CNBC] 02.18.20

Reforming U.S. Antitrust Enforcement and Competition Policy – [Equitable Growth] 02.18.20

America’s Monopoly Problem, Explained by Your Internet Bill – [Vox]02.18.20

Michael Bloomberg Leans Left With Plan to Rein In Wall Street – [The New York Times] 02.18.20

Apple Signals Coronavirus’s Threat to Global Businesses – [The New York Times] 02.18.20

Ring and Nest Helped Normalize American Surveillance and Turned Us Into a Nation of Voyeurs – [The Washington Post] 02.18.20

Weakening the Oversight of US Auditing Is a Very Bad Idea – [Financial Times] 02.17.20

Democratic Calls to Break Up Big Tech Raise Fears in Silicon Valley – [Financial Times] 02.17.20

EU Rejects Facebook’s Proposals for Online Regulation – [Financial Times]02.17.20

Bayer Ends Digital Farming Agreement After Twitter Backlash – [Financial Times] 02.17.20

Financial Engineers Ravage American Newspapers—McClatchy’s Turn – [The American Prospect] 02.17.20

It’s Bernie Versus Mike Now – [The Atlantic] 02.17.20

China Targets Uncensored Internet to Control Coronavirus Coverage – [Financial Times] 02.17.20

Silicon Valley Heads to Europe, Nervous About New Rules – [The New York Times] 02.17.20

Trump Effort to Keep U.S. Tech Out of China Alarms American Firms – [The New York Times] 02.17.20

Slowed by the Coronavirus, China Inc. Struggles to Reopen – [The New York Times] 02.17.20

Facebook Won’t Catalog Sponsored Mike Bloomberg Memes As Political Ads – [The Verge] 02.14.20


Google in Talks With French Publishers on Paying for News – [Financial Times] 02.14.20

Two Tax Strategies to Consider Ahead of the 2020 Election – [The New York Times] 02.14.20

Bernie Sanders Isn’t a Socialist – [The New York Times] 02.14.20

Bernie Sanders Dominates Democrats in Donations From Tech Workers – [Los Angeles Times] 02.13.20

Judge Halts Work on Microsoft’s JEDI Contract, a Victory for Amazon – [The New York Times] 02.13.20

There’s a Good Financial Case for an Alphabet Breakup, and a Trillion Dollars at Stake – [CNBC] 02.13.20

Never Mind the Internet. Here’s What’s Killing Malls. – [The New York Times] 02.13.20

The State of Startups: Tech Experts, DOJ Officials Weigh In – [Wall Street Journal] 02.13.20

Newspaper Publisher McClatchy Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy – [Wall Street Journal] 02.13.20

Amazon’s PR Campaigns Keep Blowing Up in the Company’s Face – [The Verge] 02.12.20


Facebook Accuses Telecoms Groups of Disinformation Tactics – [Financial Times] 02.12.20

Business Is Worried About Bernie. Should It Be? – [The New York Times]02.12.20

SoftBank Takes Another Multibillion-Dollar Hit From Bad Bets – [The New York Times] 02.12.20

Britain to Create Regulator for Internet Content – [The New York Times]02.12.20

T-Mobile, Sprint Deal Wins Approval, Reshaping Industry – [Wall Street Journal] 02.11.20

She Wants to Break Up Big Everything – [The New York Times]02.11.20

How Trump Got Trickled Down – [The New York Times] 02.11.20

Sen. Josh Hawley Proposes FTC Overhaul to Take on Google and Facebook – [The Verge] 02.10.20

Trump Proposes $4.8 Trillion Budget, With Cuts to Safety Nets – [Wall Street Journal] 02.10.20

Google Accused of Competition Abuse in Holiday Rentals – [Financial Times]02.10.20

Google Accused of Competition Abuse in Holiday Rentals – [Financial Times]02.10.20

The Rise of Conscious Capitalism – [Financial Times] 02.10.20

Xi Jinping Faces China’s Chernobyl Moment – [Financial Times] 02.10.20

US Charges Four Chinese Military Officers Over Equifax Hack – [Financial Times] 02.10.20

Money, Morality and a Challenge to Silicon Valley – [The New York Times]02.10.20

Trump’s Budget Math Grapples With Economic Reality – [The New York Times]02.10.20

In Amazon’s Bookstore, No Second Chances for the Third Reich – [The New York Times] 02.10.20

Why Bernie Sanders Praised Amazon – [The New York Times] 02.10.20

The Golden Age of White-Collar Crime– [Huff Post] 02.10.20


Justice Department Drops Antitrust Probe Against Automakers That Sided With California on Emissions – [The New York Times] 02.08.20

Bernie Sanders Goes After Pete Buttigieg’s Backing From Wealthy Donors – [Huff Post] 02.07.20

IRS Proposes Changing Donor-Disclosure Rule After Court Loss – [Bloomberg] 02.07.20

When Is the Voter Registration Deadline in Oklahoma? Facebook Almost Flubbed It – [Wall Street Journal]02.07.20

Federal Agencies Use Cellphone Location Data for Immigration Enforcement – [Wall Street Journal]02.07.20

What the Economy Tells Us About Trump’s Reelection Odds – [Vox]02.07.20

Credit Suisse ousted Thiam Because of Second Spying Operation – [Financial Times] 02.07.20

Uber Posts Faster Growth, but Loses $1.1 Billion – [The New York Times]02.07.20

Really? Is the White House Proposing to Buy Ericsson or Nokia? – [The New York Times] 02.07.20

Black Workers’ Wages Are Finally Rising – [The New York Times] 02.07.20

China Cuts Tariffs on $75 Billion in U.S. Goods. That Was the Easy Part. – [The New York Times] 02.06.20

Child-Welfare Activists Attack Facebook Over Encryption Plans – [The New York Times] 02.06.20

Chinese Telecoms Giant Huawei Sues Verizon for Patent Infringement – [CNBC] 02.06.20

Why Google Might Prefer Dropping a $22 Billion Business – [Bloomberg]02.06.20

CIA Opens Competition for Lucrative Cloud Deals to Amazon Rivals – [Bloomberg] 02.06.20

Justice Department Ramps Up Google Probe, With Heavy Focus on Ad Tools– [Wall Street Journal] 02.06.20

Big Business Is Driving America’s Smaller Cities – [Wall Street Journal]02.06.20

​​​​​​​Is It Local Journalism, or Just Local Propaganda? – [The Washington Post]02.06.20

​​​​​​​The Divisive Democratic Operative Behind Shadow, the App That Broke Iowa – [Politico] 02.05.20

​​​​​​​Economists Barred From Weighing In On T-Mobile/Sprint Row – [Law360]02.05.20

Siemens Chief Lashes Out at ‘Grotesque’ Environmental Protests – [Financial Times] 02.05.20

Disney Plus Racks Up 28.6 Million Subscribers – [The New York Times]02.05.20

‘We Feel Really Terrible,’ Says CEO Whose App Roiled Iowa Caucus – [Bloomberg] 02.05.20

Faulty Iowa App Was Part of Push to Restore Democrats’ Digital Edge – [The New York Times] 02.04.20

UK Competition Regulator to Ramp Up Pursuit of US Tech Giants – [Financial Times] 02.04.20

How McKinsey Destroyed the Middle Class – [The Atlantic] 02.04.20

Most Iowa Democratic Caucus-Goers Support a Single-Payer Health-Care Plan – [The Washington Post] 02.04.20

Goldman Sachs Executive Banned From Banking Over 1MDB Scandal – [Bloomberg] 02.04.20

The Gap Between the Haves and Have-Nots of Tech Widens – [The New York Times] 02.04.20

Top Antitrust Official Is Said to Recuse Himself From Google Inquiry – [The New York Times] 02.04.20

Bloomberg Plans to Double Ad Spending After Iowa Caucus Problem– [The New York Times] 02.04.20

Iowa Conspiracy Theories Are Testing Facebook’s Misinformation Policy – [The Verge] 02.04.20

YouTube Makes $15 Billion a Year From Ads — and Pays More Than Half of That to Video Makers – [Vox] 02.04.20

Facebook Names Dropbox Chief Drew Houston to Board – [Financial Times]02.04.20

Coronavirus May Delay Hard-Fought U.S. Trade Wins in China – [The New York Times] 02.04.20

The Only Safe Election Is a Low-Tech Election – [The New York Times] 02.04.20

Joe Biden’s Campaign Tries to Reassure Donors He Will Win Nevada and South Carolina After Iowa Chaos – [CNBC] 02.04.20

Move Fast and Break the Iowa Caucus– [The New York Times] 02.04.20

Taxing the Superrich – [Boston Review]02.03.20

Faulty Iowa App Was Part of Push to Restore Democrats’ Digital Edge – [The New York Times] 02.04.19


UK Competition Regulator to Ramp Up Pursuit of US Tech Giants – [Financial Times] 02.04.19

How McKinsey Destroyed the Middle Class – [The Atlantic] 02.04.19

Most Iowa Democratic Caucus-Goers Support a Single-Payer Health-Care Plan – [The Washington Post] 02.04.19

Goldman Sachs Executive Banned From Banking Over 1MDB Scandal – [Bloomberg] 02.04.19

The Gap Between the Haves and Have-Nots of Tech Widens – [The New York Times] 02.04.19

Top Antitrust Official Is Said to Recuse Himself From Google Inquiry – [The New York Times] 02.04.19

Bloomberg Plans to Double Ad Spending After Iowa Caucus Problem– [The New York Times] 02.04.19

Iowa Conspiracy Theories Are Testing Facebook’s Misinformation Policy – [The Verge] 02.04.19

YouTube Makes $15 Billion a Year From Ads — and Pays More Than Half of That to Video Makers – [Vox] 02.04.19

Facebook Names Dropbox Chief Drew Houston to Board – [Financial Times]02.04.19

Coronavirus May Delay Hard-Fought U.S. Trade Wins in China – [The New York Times] 02.04.19

The Only Safe Election Is a Low-Tech Election – [The New York Times] 02.04.19

Joe Biden’s Campaign Tries to Reassure Donors He Will Win Nevada and South Carolina After Iowa Chaos – [CNBC] 02.04.19

Move Fast and Break the Iowa Caucus– [The New York Times] 02.04.19

Taxing the Superrich – [Boston Review]02.03.19

Joe Biden Is on Both Sides of the Debate Over Medicaid Privatization – [New York] 02.03.19

How the US Became the Center of Global Kleptocracy – [Vox] 02.03.19

Mastercard chief Speaks Out Against Nationalism and Facebook – [Financial Times] 02.03.19

Brussels Issues Warning to Boris Johnson Over UK Plans to Diverge – [Financial Times] 02.03.19

Bloomberg Proposes $5 Trillion in Taxes on the Rich and Corporations – [The New York Times] 02.03.19

Bernard J. Ebbers, Convicted Former WorldCom Chief, Dies at 78 – [The New York Times] 02.03.19

Privatizing the United States Army Was a Mistake – [The New York Times]02.03.19

Warren Alleges That Trump Fed Nominee Judy Shelton Has ‘Radical’ Views – [The Washington Post] 01.31.19


Airbus Admits to Channelling Millions in Bribes to Win Orders – [Financial Times] 01.31.19

In Talks on Taxing Tech Companies, It’s America Versus the World – [The New York Times] 01.31.19

Trump Called Powell an ‘Enemy.’ ‘Ugh’ Was a Response Inside the Fed. – [The New York Times] 01.31.19

George Soros: Mark Zuckerberg Should Not Be in Control of Facebook – [The New York Times] 01.31.19

How Chaos at Chain Pharmacies Is Putting Patients at Risk – [The New York Times] 01.31.19

Amazon Holiday Results Crush Wall Street Estimates; Shares Surge – [Bloomberg] 01.30.19

Zuckerberg Plots Brussels Trip Amid EU Bid to Revamp Tech Rules – [Bloomberg] 01.30.19

IKEA Promises New Data Controls for Consumers – [Wall Street Journal]01.30.19

Facebook’s Relationship With Democrats Hits a Low Point – [Wall Street Journal] 01.30.19

‘Every Day Matters’: Guardian Stops Accepting Fossil Fuel Ads – [The Guardian] 01.30.19

Facebook’s New Normal: Where Will Its Growth Come From? – [Financial Times] 01.30.19


Wilbur Ross Says Coronavirus Could Bring Jobs Back to the U.S. – [The New York Times] 01.30.19


Pompeo Calls China’s Ruling Party ‘Central Threat of Our Times’ – [The New York Times] 01.30.19


The Robots Are Coming. Prepare for Trouble. – [The New York Times] 01.30.19


Biden Push for Labor Support Is Burdened by Obama-Era Baggage – [The New York Times] 01.30.19


Tech Loses a Prophet. Just When It Needs One – [The New York Times]01.30.19


9 Things Americans Need to Learn From the Rest of the World’s Health Care Systems – [Vox] 01.29.19


Trump Signs Trade Deal With Canada and Mexico – [The New York Times]01.29.19


Talk of Milk Industry Merger Draws Justice Dept. Scrutiny – [The New York Times] 01.29.19


Boeing Expects 737 Max Costs Will Surpass $18 Billion – [The New York Times] 01.29.19


Why Hasn’t Harvard Stopped Investing in Fossil Fuels? – [The New York Times] 01.29.19


How Allergan Gamed the System to Raise Drug Prices and Flood the Country with Pills – [Public Citizen]01.29.19


How Amazon Escapes Liability for the Riskiest Products on Its Site – [The Verge] 01.28.19


How to Make Multinationals Pay Their Share, and Cut Tax Havens Out of the Picture – [The Guardian] 01.28.19


Britain Says Huawei Won’t Be Banned From Its 5G Network – [The New York Times] 01.28.19


Greta Versus the Greedy Grifters – [The New York Times] 01.28.19


Take the Money and Run – [The American Prospect] 01.27.19


The UK Won’t Implement EU’s Controversial Copyright Directive After Brexit – [The Verge] 01.27.19


Lawyers Push to Toughen New US Insider Trading Law – [Financial Times]01.27.19


How the G.O.P. Became the Party of the Left Behind – [The New York Times]01.27.19


Worried Reporters Make a Plea: Please Buy Our Paper – [The New York Times] 01.27.19


Trump Administration Cracks Down on Counterfeits Sold on Amazon and Other Online Retailers – [CNBC] 01.27.19


State Attorneys General to Meet With Justice Officials to Coordinate on Google Probe – [Wall Street Journal]01.27.19


Is Capitalism a Threat to Democracy?– [The New Yorker] 01.27.19

Government Funding for Journalism: Necessary Evil or Just Evil? – [Columbia Journalism Review] 01.24.19


YouTube Moderators Are Being Forced to Sign a Statement Acknowledging the Job Can Give Them PTSD – [The Verge] 01.24.19


Millionaires Like Me Should Pay More Taxes. Giving to Charity Is a Fig Leaf – [The Guardian] 01.24.19


Why US Rightwing Populists and Their Global Allies Disagree Over Big Tech – [The Guardian] 01.24.19


Most Political Unrest Has One Big Root Cause: Soaring Inequality – [The Guardian] 01.24.19


A New Film Argues That Brazil Teeters on the Brink of Authoritarianism. It’s True – [The Guardian] 01.24.19


Opioid Executive Admits to ‘No Morals’ Ahead of Prison Term – [Financial Times] 01.24.19


Wells Fargo’s Ex-Chief Fined $17.5 Million Over Fake Accounts – [The New York Times] 01.24.19


Jeff Bezos’ Hack Inquiry Falls Short of Implicating National Enquirer – [The New York Times] 01.24.19


Ex-Pharmaceutical Exec Gets 5½ Years for Pushing Opioid Spray – [NBC News] 01.24.19


EU Tech Regulator Backs UK Plans for Digital Tax, Despite Trump Threats – [The Guardian] 01.23.19


US and France Agree Deal on Digital Tax – [Financial Times] 01.23.19


How Tech Taxes Became the World’s Hottest Economic Debate – [The New York Times] 01.23.19


When the Tech Backlash Turns Dangerous: Fake Calls for a SWAT Team – [The New York Times] 01.23.19


Climate Change Could Cause the Next Financial Meltdown – [The New York Times] 01.23.19


The IRS Decided to Get Tough Against Microsoft. Microsoft Got Tougher. – [ProPublica] 01.22.19


Boris Johnson Communicated With Saudi Crown Prince on WhatsApp, ex-UK Officials Say – [The Telegraph]01.22.19


The Need for a Federal Privacy Law Has Never Been Greater – [The Verge]01.22.19


Chris Hughes Wants Another Chance – [Vox] 01.22.19


A Decade Later, Dutch Officials Publish a Study Critical of Boeing – [The New York Times] 01.22.19


Trade War’s Pain May Deepen Even as Tensions Abate – [The New York Times] 01.22.19


How Amazon, Geico and Walmart Fund Propaganda – [The New York Times] 01.22.19


Bezos hack: UN to Address Alleged Saudi Hacking of Amazon Boss’s Phone – [The Guardian] 01.22.19


Saudi’s MBS implicated in Hacking of Jeff Bezos’s Phone – [Financial Times]01.22.19

India Targets Jeff Bezos Over Amazon and Washington Post – [The New York Times] 01.21.19


Tech Groups Dominate Davos but Focus Shifts From Giants to Unicorns – [Financial Times] 01.21.19


Trump Administration Steps Up Push to Sway Antitrust Cases – [Financial Times] 01.20.19


Can We Ever Trust Google With Our Health Data? – [Financial Times] 01.20.19


Climate Change Takes Center Stage in Davos – [The New York Times] 01.20.19


Trump’s China Deal Creates Collateral Damage for Tech Firms – [The New York Times] 01.20.19


How Boeing’s Responsibility in a Deadly Crash ‘Got Buried’ – [The New York Times] 01.20.19


Even C-SPAN Is Piqued: Senate Puts Limits on Trial Coverage – [The New York Times] 01.20.19


Banning Facial Recognition Isn’t Enough – [The New York Times] 01.20.19


In Its 50th Year, Davos Is Searching for Its Soul – [The New York Times]01.20.19


The Secretive Company That Might End Privacy as We Know It – [The New York Times] 01.19.19

Disney Drops Fox From 20th Century Name – [The New York Times] 01.17.19


Small Tech Firms With Big Tech Gripes – [Axios] 01.17.19


Trump Fans or Not, Business Owners Are Wary of Warren and Sanders – [The New York Times] 01.17.19


Buttigieg Used Mechanical Turk Workers for Polling – [The Intercept]01.17.19


PopSockets, Tile and Other Companies Will Ask Congress to Help Stop Big Tech Bullying – [The Washington Post]01.16.19


Smaller Companies Taking a Risk as They Challenge Big Tech in Hearing – [The Washington Post] 01.16.19


EU Trade Commissioner Criticises US-China Trade Deal – [Financial Times]01.16.19


Trump Tax Break That Benefited the Rich Is Being Investigated – [The New York Times] 01.16.19


Trump’s Next Trade Fight Could Be With Europe – [The New York Times]01.16.19


A Trade Deal Meant to Heal Rifts Could Actually Make Them Worse – [The New York Times] 01.16.19


Google Reaches $1 Trillion in Value, Even as It Faces New Tests – [The New York Times] 01.16.19


Pete Buttigieg Says He’s More Than a Résumé – [The New York Times] 01.16.19


In Huawei Battle, China Threatens Germany ‘Where It Hurts’: Automakers – [The New York Times]01.16.19


U.S. Targets Drug Pricing, No-Poach Deals for Antitrust Action in 2020 – [Wall Street Journal] 01.16.19

Kudlow Says ‘Tax Cuts 2.0’ Will Be Unveiled Later This Year During Trump Presidential Campaign – [CNBC] 01.15.19


U.S. Judge Hears Closing Arguments in T-Mobile/Sprint Merger Trial – [Reuters] 01.15.19


US Tech Backlash Forces China to be More Self-Sufficient – [Financial Times]01.15.19


Two Sisters. Two Different Journeys Through Australia’s Health Care System. – [Vox] 01.15.19


Trump Will Sign a “Phase One” Trade Deal With China. Here’s What’s in it — and What’s Not. – [Vox] 01.15.19


Trump to Sign China Trade Deal Today – [The New York Times] 01.15.19


The U.S.-China Trade Deal Leaves Many Questions Unanswered – [The New York Times] 01.15.19


Big Banks Ended 2019 on a High Note– [The New York Times] 01.15.19


How China Obtains American Trade Secrets – [The New York Times] 01.15.19


Sen. Ron Wyden Calls for an Investigation of the Ad-Blocking Industry – [The Verge] 01.14.19


Wells Fargo Attorney Moonlights as Buttigieg Campaign Policy Adviser – [The American Prospect] 01.14.19


BlackRock Shakes Up Business to Focus on Sustainable Investing – [Financial Times] 01.14.19


Facebook Loves to Pass the Buck – [The New York Times] 01.14.19


Let’s Make a Deal on Tech Taxes – [Wall Street Journal] 01.14.19


Amazon Publishes Books by Top Authors, and Rivals Fret – [Wall Street Journal] 01.14.19


As Justice Department Pressures Apple, Investigators Say iPhone Easier to Crack – [Wall Street Journal]01.14.19


What to Expect From White-Collar Prosecutions in 2020 – [The New York Times] 01.14.19


BlackRock C.E.O. Larry Fink: Climate Crisis Will Reshape Finance – [The New York Times] 01.14.19


New E.U. Trade Chief on a Quest to Fix Relations With U.S. – [The New York Times] 01.14.19


Trump’s Supporters See U.S. Victory in China Trade Deal – [The New York Times] 01.14.19


Taiwan’s Single-Payer Success Story — and Its Lessons for America – [Vox]01.13.19


Content Moderation Dilemma Tests Big Tech’s Reach – [Financial Times]01.13.19


‘Techlash’ Hits College Campuses – [The New York Times] 01.13.19


Plight of Newspapers Generates Uncommon Bipartisan Unity – [The New York Times] 01.13.19


Want to Do Something About Climate Change? Follow the Money – [The New York Times] 01.12.19


The F.D.A. Is in Trouble. Here’s How to Fix It. – [The New York Times] 01.12.19


Americans Really Want to Raise Taxes on the Rich – [New York] 01.11.19


Teen Vogue Editorial Staff Had No Idea About That Mysterious Facebook Advertorial: Source – [Jezebel] 01.11.19


Economists Have No Idea What Replaces Free Trade – [Bloomberg]01.11.19


Facebook’s Revised Political Advertising Policy Doubles Down on Division – [The Verge] 01.10.19


Landmark Facebook Settlement Still Working Its Way Through Court – [Wall Street Journal] 01.10.19


Liberals’ Wealth Tax Would Ripple Through U.S. Economy, GOP Economist Says – [The Washington Post]01.10.19


Can You Win an Election Without Digital Skulduggery? – [Financial Times]01.10.19


Big Tech and the Law Must Learn to Work Together – [Financial Times]01.10.19


Lost in the Amazon Jungle – [The Economist] 01.10.19


Facebook Banned Deepfakes. But There’s a More Menacing Type of Video Out There. – [The Washington Post]01.10.19


Under Pressure, Grubhub Changes Its Ordering System – [The New York Times]01.10.19


Hollywood Assistants Are Fed Up and No Longer Afraid to Say So – [The New York Times] 01.10.19


Boeing Employees Mocked F.A.A. and ‘Clowns’ Who Designed 737 Max – [The New York Times] 01.10.19

The Mystery of Teen Vogue’s Disappearing Facebook Article – [The New York Times] 01.09.19


Glowing Facebook Story Pulled From Teen Vogue Following Serious WTFs – [Mashable] 01.09.19


Black Economists Recall 50 Years of Struggle – [Bloomberg] 01.09.19


How Trump’s Trade War Is Making Lobbyists Rich And Slamming Small Businesses – [ProPublica] 01.09.19


I Support Trump’s Tariffs but Need an Exemption – [Wall Street Journal] 01.09.19


AI Poses Risks, but the White House Says Regulators Shouldn’t “Needlessly Hamper” Innovation – [Vox] 01.09.19


Silicon Valley Reinvents Victorianism– [Financial Times] 01.09.19


Donald Trump Sees Sharp Increase in Support for Economic Policies – [Financial Times] 01.09.19


Michael Bloomberg’s Jobs Plan Is Focused on Place Over Class – [The New York Times] 01.09.19


Steel Hub’s Comeback Preceded Trump, but He Benefits – [The New York Times] 01.09.19


Facebook Says It Won’t Back Down From Allowing Lies in Political Ads – [The New York Times] 01.09.19


Sonos Said What Every Smaller Tech Company Was Thinking: Working With Big Tech Sucks – [The Verge]01.08.19


TV Pundits Praising Suleimani Assassination Neglect To Disclose Ties To Arms Industry – [The Intercept]01.08.19


Major TikTok Security Flaws Found – [The New York Times] 01.08.19


Sonos, Squeezed by the Tech Giants, Sues Google – [The New York Times]01.08.19


CNN Fails to Disclose Former Bush Official Talking About Iran Works for Defense Contractor – [Media Matters]01.08.19


CNN Fails to Disclose Former Bush Official Talking About Iran Works for Defense Contractor – [Media Matters]01.08.19


How Political Fact-Checkers Distort the Truth – [The New Republic] 01.08.19


What Medicare for All Really Looks Like – [The American Prospect] 01.08.19


Personal Data Is Valuable. Give Pricing Power to the People – [Wired]01.08.19

Elizabeth Warren’s New Plan to Reform Bankruptcy Law, Explained – [Vox] 01.07.19


The Christmas Miracle: Biden’s Unexamined List of High-Powered Fundraisers – [The American Prospect]01.07.19


Facebook Bans Deepfake Videos Ahead of the 2020 Election – [The Verge]01.07.19


American Consumers, Not China, Are Paying for Trump’s Tariffs – [The New York Times] 01.07.19


A Year After a #MeToo Reckoning, Economists Still Grapple With It – [The New York Times] 01.07.19


Bias Fears Over Uber Academic Research Programme – [Times Higher Education] 01.07.19


Bloomberg Profits From Conference Business in China – [Financial Times]01.06.19


SocGen: Making the Case for European Bank Champions – [Financial Times] 01.06.19


Silicon Valley’s Newest Rival: The Banks of the Hudson – [The New York Times] 01.06.19


N.A.A.C.P. Tells Local Chapters: Don’t Let Energy Industry Manipulate You – [The New York Times] 01.06.19


Awash in Disinformation Before Vote, Taiwan Points Finger at China – [The New York Times] 01.06.19


Uber, Lyft, Postmates Refuse To Comply With California Gig Economy Law – [NPR] 01.06.19


Governments in Europe Find Workarounds to Bail Out Ailing Banks– [Wall Street Journal] 01.06.19


New York Dangled Extra Incentives in Initial Bid to Lure Amazon HQ2 – [Wall Street Journal] 01.04.19


Amazon Employees Who Spoke Out About Climate Change Could Be Fired– [The Verge] 01.03.19


Google’s Identity Crisis Is Deepening – [The Verge] 01.03.19


T-Mobile’s Sprint Deal Looks Iffy to Traders as Skepticism Grows – [Bloomberg] 01.03.19


Bill Gates Pushes for Higher Taxes on Rich as Wealth Soars – [Bloomberg]01.03.19


Robots Will Not Be Coming For Our Jobs Just Yet – [Financial Times] 01.03.19


Start-ups Can Benefit From Moneyed Tech Enthusiasts as Patrons – [Financial Times] 01.03.19


How Big Companies Won New Tax Breaks From the Trump Administration – [The New York Times]01.03.19


Hong Kong Considers the Future: ‘If You Can Afford It, Leave’ – [The New York Times] 01.03.19


Democrats Enter 2020 Awash in Cash and Brace for Long Primary Fight – [The New York Times] 01.03.19


I Was Google’s Head of International Relations. Here’s Why I Left. – [Medium] 01.02.19

It Looks Like Health Insurance, but It’s Not. ‘Just Trust God,’ Buyers Are Told. – [The New York Times] 01.02.19


At SoftBank’s Jewel in India: ‘Toxic’ Culture and Troubling Incidents – [The New York Times] 01.02.19


Amazon Threatened to Fire Employees for Speaking Out on Climate, Workers Say – [The Guardian] 01.02.19


‘We Have a Huge Problem’: European Tech Regulator Despairs Over Lack of Enforcement – [Politico] 12.30.19


Wealth Of World’s 500 Richest People Grew 25% This Year – [Huff Post] 12.28.19


The $1.6tn US Student Debt Nightmare – [Financial Times] 12.28.19


Prime Anchor: An Amazon Warehouse Town Dreams of a Better Life – [The New York Times] 12.28.19


Inside Documents Show How Amazon Chose Speed Over Safety in Building Its Delivery Network – [ProPublica] 12.26.19

‘We Have a Huge Problem’: European Tech Regulator Despairs Over Lack of Enforcement – [Politico] 12.30.19


Wealth Of World’s 500 Richest People Grew 25% This Year – [Huff Post]12.28.19


The $1.6tn US Student Debt Nightmare – [Financial Times] 12.28.19


Prime Anchor: An Amazon Warehouse Town Dreams of a Better Life – [The New York Times] 12.28.19


Inside Documents Show How Amazon Chose Speed Over Safety in Building Its Delivery Network – [ProPublica]12.26.19


After Truce With U.S., China Cuts Tariffs on Many Global Imports – [The New York Times] 12.23.19


Boeing Fires C.E.O. Dennis Muilenburg – [The New York Times]12.23.19


How ‘Centrist Bias’ Hurts Sanders and Warren – [The New York Times] 12.23.19


Yes, It Is Plainly Wrong To Meet Donors In A Billionaire’s Crystal Wine Cave – [Huff Post] 12.21.19


Who Pays the Lowest Taxes in the US?– [Vox] 12.20.19


Non-Compete Clauses Are Suffocating American Workers – [Time] 12.20.19


You See Pepsi, I See Coke: New Tricks for Product Placement – [The New York Times] 12.20.19


Live Nation Reaches Agreement Over Antitrust Concerns – [Wall Street Journal] 12.20.19


Facebook Investigates Claims That 267m Users’ Data Were Exposed Online – [Financial Times] 12.20.19


Andrew Bailey Wins Race to Become Bank of England Governor – [Financial Times] 12.20.19


Goldman Sachs Near Deal to Settle 1MDB Inquiry – [The New York Times]12.20.19


At the Edge of the World, a New Battleground for the U.S. and China – [The New York Times] 12.20.19


How a Top Antitrust Official Helped T-Mobile and Sprint Merge – [The New York Times] 12.20.19


You Should Be Freaking Out About Privacy – [The New York Times] 12.20. 19

Facebook Agreed Not to Let Its Ads Discriminate. But They Still Can. – [Mother Jones] 12.19.19


Facebook Is a Right-Wing Company, Part One Million – [The New Republic]12.19.19


The Real Differences Between the 2020 Democrats’ Health Care Plans, Explained – [Vox] 12.19.19


Facebook Pursues Music Video Rights in Challenge to YouTube – [Bloomberg]12.19.19


Why Big Business Can Count on Courts to Keep Its Deadly Secrets – [Reuters] 12.19.19


EU Legal Opinion on Facebook Case Spells Trouble For Data Transfers – [Wall Street Journal] 12.19.19


Earning Income on the Side Is a Large and Growing Slice of American Life – [The New York Times] 12.19.19


World Bank Warns on ‘Towering’ $55tn Emerging Market Debt Pile – [Financial Times] 12.19.19


Sackler Family Members Fight Removal of Name at Tufts, Calling It a ‘Breach’ – [The New York Times] 12.19.19


Uber Settles Federal Investigation Into Workplace Culture – [The New York Times] 12.19.19


Goldman Sachs Is in Talks to Settle Malaysia Fund Scandal – [The New York Times] 12.19.19


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Trump Floats Tariff Exclusions for Apple at Texas Manufacturing Plant – [The New York Times] 11.21.19

Media Workers Call Out Pay Gaps in Crowdsourced Spreadsheets – [The New York Times] 11.21.19

G.M. Sues Rival Over Bribery Scheme as Union Scandal Expands – [The New York Times] 11.21.19

Dozens of Facebook Lobbyists Tied to Members of Congress, Investigation Shows – [The Guardian] 11.21.19

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After Its Merger, Gannett Will Be the Largest Newspaper Publisher in the U.S. – [The New York Times] 11.15.19

Amazon Protesting Pentagon’s $10 Billion JEDI Contract – [The New York Times] 11.15.19

To Lower Costs, Trump to Force Hospitals to Reveal Price of Care – [The New York Times] 11.15.19

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Nike Won’t Sell Directly to Amazon Anymore – [CNBC] 11.13.19

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Trump Advisers Exploring Tax Proposal That Would Lower ‘Middle Class’ Rate to 15 Percent – [The Washington Post] 11.13.19

Race Discrimination Standards Hang in the Balance as Supreme Court Takes Up Comcast Suit – [The Washington Post] 11.13.19

Next in Google’s Quest for Consumer Dominance—Banking – [Wall Street Journal] 11.13.19

Angela Merkel Urges EU to Seize Control of Data from US Tech Titans – [Financial Times] 11.13.19

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E.P.A. to Limit Science Used to Write Public Health Rules – [The New York Times] 11.12.19

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Hunter Biden’s Web of Interests – [Financial Times] 10.09.19


White House Escalates Standoff With Congress, Says It Will Not Cooperate With Impeachment Inquiry of Trump – [The Washington Post] 10.09.19


Trump Says He’s Concerned About Corruption, But Advocates Say His Record Is Weak – [NPR] 10.09.19


The Techlash Is Real, and Silicon Valley Should Be Worried, Says BuzzFeed’s Ben Smith – [Vox] 10.09.19


After Hearthstone Player’s Ban, Blizzard Is in Hot Water With Lawmakers – [The Verge] 10.09.19


China Is a Minefield, and Foreign Firms Keep Hitting New Tripwires – [The New York Times] 10.09.19


Facebook’s Hands-Off Approach to Political Speech Gets Impeachment Test – [The New York Times] 10.09.19


Johnson & Johnson Hit With $8 Billion Jury Verdict in Risperdal Suit – [The New York Times] 10.09.19


By Taking Aim at Chinese Tech Firms, Trump Signals a Strategy Shift – [The New York Times] 10.09.19


A Hard Lesson in Silicon Valley: Profits Matter – [The New York Times]10.09.19


Blizzard Sets Off a Backlash for Penalizing a Hong Kong Gamer – [The New York Times] 10.09.19


Already Under Siege, Labor Unions Face a New Threat From Alaska – [The New York Times] 10.09.19


What Hunter Biden Did Was Legal — And That’s the Problem – [The New York Times] 10.09.19

China Says ‘Stay Tuned’ for Retaliation Over U.S. Tech Blacklist – [Bloomberg] 10.08.19


Elizabeth Warren Suggests, Without Evidence, That Facebook Changed Its Political Ad Rules After Meeting With Trump – [Vox] 10.08.19


The Breakup of Another Industrial Giant Is Coming – [Bloomberg] 10.08.19


America’s Risky Approach to Artificial Intelligence – [The New York Times]10.08.19


PopSugar Acquired by Group Nine Media in Latest Digital Media Deal – [The New York Times] 10.08.19


California Has Banned Political Deepfakes During Election Season – [The Verge] 10.08.19


US Pushes for Western Rival to Huawei – [Financial Times] 10.08.19


Boris Johnson Allies Admit Brexit Deal Hopes Are as Good as Dead – [Financial Times] 10.08.19


G.E. to Freeze Pensions in Bid to Cut Debt by Up to $8 Billion – [The New York Times] 10.08.19


U.S. Using Trade Deals to Shield Tech Giants From Foreign Regulators – [The New York Times] 10.08.19


Rick Perry’s Focus on Gas Company Entangles Him in Ukraine Case – [The New York Times] 10.08.19


Facebook to Pay $40M Under Proposed Settlement in Video Metrics Suit – [The Hollywood Reporter] 10.07.19

The NBA–Hong Kong Controversy Suggests History Isn’t Ending How We’d Planned – [New York] 10.07.19


Stark Lessons From Wall Street’s #MeToo Moment – [The Intercept]10.07.19


Google Suspended Facial Recognition Research for the Pixel 4 Smartphone After Reportedly Targeting Homeless Black People – [Business Insider] 10.07.19


Senators Frustrated by Amazon’s “Evasive” Response to Questions on Driver Safety – [ProPublica] 10.07.19


Trump’s Defiance of Oversight Presents New Challenge to Congress’s Ability to Rein in the Executive Branch– [The Washington Post] 10.07.19


Sanders Says He’d Ban Corporate Money From Democratic Convention, Presidential Inauguration – [Huff Post]10.07.19


Poll: A majority of Democratic and Republican Voters Want Tougher Wall Street Regulations – [Vox] 10.07.19


Trump Faces Crucial Decision on China as Both Economies Strain – [The Washington Post] 10.07.19


Investors Should Fear More Competition Among Ratings Companies – [Wall Street Journal]10.07.19


Federal Judge Tosses Trump Attempt to Block Subpoena for His Tax Returns– [Wall Street Journal] 10.07.19


EU Antitrust Chief Signals Further Clampdown on US Tech – [Financial Times] 10.07.19


Brazil Tells Rich Countries to Pay Up to Protect Amazon – [Financial Times]10.07.19


How Boeing vs. Airbus Became Trump vs. Europe – [The New York Times]10.07.19


Overwhelmed or Ill Informed, 70,000 Wildfire Victims May Get Nothing – [The New York Times] 10.07.19


Why America Needs Whistle-Blowers – [The New York Times] 10.07.19


Trump Ordered to Turn Over 8 Years of Tax Returns to the Manhattan D.A.– [The New York Times] 10.07.19


The Rich Really Do Pay Lower Taxes Than You – [The New York Times] 10.07.19


Silicon Valley and the State Gird for War – [The Economist] 10.06.19

Trump Sees ‘Very Good Chance’ of China Trade Deal, Says No Link to Biden Probe Request – [Reuters] 10.04.19


Trump Promised Xi US Silence on Hong Kong Democracy Protests As Trade Talks Stalled – [CNN] 10.04.19


Warren Announces Almost $25 Million Fundraising Haul, Trailing Sanders But Dwarfing Other Rivals – [NBC News] 10.04.19


Top Universities in US and UK Took Millions From Sackler Family – [The Guardian] 10.04.19


PayPal on the Verge of Quitting Facebook’s Libra Project – [Financial Times] 10.04.19


The Golden Age of Tech Growth May Be Coming to an End – [Financial Times]10.04.19


Trump Targets Medicare for All in Re-Election Campaign – [Wall Street Journal] 10.04.19


Fed Expected to Give Large Banks a Break on Postcrisis Rules – [Wall Street Journal] 10.04.19


Barr Presses Facebook on Encryption, Setting Up Clash Over Privacy – [Wall Street Journal] 10.04.19


CNN Rejects 2 Trump Campaign Ads, Citing Inaccuracies – [The New York Times] 10.04.19


Was WeWork Ever Going to Work? – [The New York Times] 10.04.19


How New Yorkers Plundered the Chicago Taxi Trade – [The New York Times] 10.04.19


Facebook’s Zuckerberg Sympathizes With Bernie Sanders’s Take on Billionaires: ‘No One Deserves to Have That Much Money’ – [CNBC] 10.04.19


Zuckerberg Misunderstands the Huge Threat of TikTok – [TechCrunch] 10.04.19


Publisher Adtech Startups Taboola and Outbrain Merge in $850M Deal to Take on Google and Facebook – [TechCrunch] 10.04.19


US, UK and Australia Urge Facebook to Create Backdoor Access to Encrypted Messages – [The Guardian]10.03.19


How a Politically Powerful Family Muscled a Nonprofit Out of Some of a City’s Most Valuable Land – [ProPublica] 10.03.19


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Start-ups Battle Big Business to Dominate Digital Payments in India – [Financial Times] 10.03.19


US Shopping Mall Vacancies Hit 8-Year High – [Financial Times] 10.03.19


Warren Just Released the Most Ambitious Labor-Reform Platform of the 2020 Campaign – [Vox] 10.03.19


Short Sellers Pile Into WeWork Debt – [Financial Times] 10.03.19


Hong Kong Takes Symbolic Stand Against China’s High-Tech Controls – [The New York Times] 10.03.19


Jeffrey Epstein Raked In $200 Million After Legal and Financial Crises – [The New York Times] 10.03.19


E.U.’s Top Court Rules Against Facebook in Global Takedown Case – [The New York Times] 10.03.19


US House Panel Taps Defunct Startup for Facebook Files – [Chicago Tribune]10.03.19


Bad News: Facebook Leads in News Consumption Among Social Feeds, but Most Don’t Trust It, Says Pew – [TechCrunch] 10.03.19


Google Using Dubious Tactics to Target People With ‘Darker Skin’ in Facial Recognition Project: Sources – [NY Daily News] 10.03.19


Elizabeth Warren Wants To Tax Corporate Lobbying – [HuffPost]10.03.19


Silicon Valley Billionaires’ Strange New Respect for Elizabeth Warren – [Vox] 10.03.19


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Amazon Sellers Say Online Retail Giant Is Trying to Help Itself, Not Consumers – [The Washington Post]10.02.19


A Wealth Tax Is Pro-Growth – [The New York Times] 10.02.19


Wall Street Is Starting to Believe Warren May Win Nomination, Putting Health and Bank Stocks at Risk – [CNBC] 10.02.19


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Ag Secretary: No Guarantee Small Dairy Farms Will Survive – [The Washington Post] 10.02.19


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Tech Forecast to Destroy More Than 200,000 US Bank Jobs – [Financial Times] 10.02.19


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How the Federal Reserve Could Fix the Repo Market – [Financial Times] 10.02.19


Congress and Trump Agreed They Want a National Privacy Law. It Is Nowhere in Sight. – [The New York Times] 10.02.19


Johnson & Johnson Reaches $20.4 Million Settlement in Bellwether Opioids Case – [The New York Times]10.02.19


It’s Elizabeth Warren vs. Mark Zuckerberg – [The New York Times]10.02.19


How to Set Your Google Data to Self-Destruct – [The New York Times] 10.02.19


As WeWork Slows Down, Biggest Competitor Says It’s Thriving – [The New York Times] 10.02.19


The Online Ad World Is Murky. A Group of Companies Wants to Fix That. – [The New York Times] 10.02.19


Global Trade Is Deteriorating Fast, Sapping the World’s Economy – [The New York Times] 10.02.19

Ahead of Warren-Zuckerberg Spat, Buttigieg Criticized Massachusetts Senator on Big Tech – [Jewish Insider]10.01.19


Silicon Valley Donors Starting to Back Elizabeth Warren Despite Her Pledge to Break Up Big Tech – [CNBC] 10.01.19


‘At What Point Does Malfeasance Become Fraud?’: NYU Biz-School Professor Scott Galloway on WeWork– [New York] 10.01.19


It’s Time to Break Up Disney – [The American Prospect] 10.01.19


Court Upholds Net Neutrality Repeal, With Some Caveats – [The New York Times] 10.01.19


Elizabeth Warren Says Facebook Has ‘Repeatedly Fumbled’ Its Responsibility to Democracy – [The Verge] 10.01.19


Democrats’ Plans to Tax Wealth Would Reshape U.S. Economy – [The New York Times] 10.01.19


In Two Hours of Leaked Audio, Mark Zuckerberg Rallies Facebook Employees Against Critics, Competitors, and the US Government.– [The Verge] 10.01.19


Government Won’t Hold Inquiry Into Hedge Funds Speculating on No-Deal Brexit – [The Guardian] 10.01.19


Top Credit Suisse Executive Resigns After Spying Affair – [Financial Times]10.01.19


Trump’s Claims About Biden Aren’t ‘Unsupported.’ They’re Lies. – [The New York Times] 10.01.19


W.T.O. Forecasts Global Trade Slowdown Amid Uncertainty – [The New York Times] 10.01.19


Me and My Whistle-Blower – [The New York Times] 10.01.19


C.E.O.s Are Not Here to Save Us – [The New York Times] 10.01.19


Sanders Proposes Corporate Tax to Address Pay Gap at Big Companies – [The New York Times] 10.01.19


Warren Versus the Petty Plutocrats – [The New York Times] 10.01.19

With Facebook’s Coming News Tab, Only Some Will Get Paid – [Wall Street Journal] 09.30.19


Google Draws House Antitrust Scrutiny of Internet Protocol – [Wall Street Journal] 09.30.19


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Purdue Pharma Family Profits From Sale of Ski Resorts in Regions Plagued by Opioid Addiction – [The Washington Post] 09.30.19


Facebook, WhatsApp Will Have to Share Messages With U.K. – [Bloomberg] 09.30.19


Bernie Sanders Wants to Tax Companies That Pay Their CEOs Way More Than Their Workers – [Vox]09.30.19


Democrats Keep Talking Tough on Silicon Valley. This week, They Can’t Stop Taking Money From It. – [Vox]09.30.19


First Project Studying How Facebook Affects Elections Runs Into Privacy Concerns – [Financial Times] 09.30.19


Interview: Mario Draghi Declares Victory in Battle Over the Euro – [Financial Times] 09.30.19


The Internet Is Overrun With Images of Child Sexual Abuse. What Went Wrong? – [The New York Times] 09.30.19


The New York Fed Chief Is Facing His Biggest Test. Here’s His Response. – [The New York Times] 09.30.19


Ahead of 2020, Facebook Falls Short on Plan to Share Data on Disinformation – [The New York Times]09.30.19


Police Watchdog Is Asked to Review Boris Johnson’s Ties to U.S. Businesswoman – [The New York Times]09.29.19

Hunter Biden’s Perfectly Legal, Socially Acceptable Corruption – [The Atlantic] 09.27.19


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YouTube Is Experimenting With Ways to Make Its Algorithm Even More Addictive – [MIT Technology Review]09.27.19


Trump Meets With LaPierre to Discuss How N.R.A. Could Support Political Defense – [The New York Times] 09.27.19


WeWork Resumes Lease Signings But At Much Slowed Pace – [Financial Times]09.27.19


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Why I Resigned From the Gates Foundation – [The New York Times]09.27.19


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Climate Change Could Cause a New Mortgage Default Crisis – [Financial Times] 09.27.19


Facebook’s Latest Competition? Authoritarian Governments. – [Bloomberg] 09.27.19


Facebook Says Giant Data-Breach Suit Has No Legs to Stand On – [Bloomberg] 09.27.19


Journalists File Lawsuit To Force Feds To Release Medicare Advantage Audits – [NPR] 09.27.19


Trump Administration Considers Ban on Chinese Listings in US – [Financial Times] 09.27.19


Elizabeth Warren Wants to Hire an Army of Berds to Defeat Google’s Lobbyists – [The Verge] 09.27.19


Great News: Wall Street Democrats Might Leave the Party – [The American Prospect] 09.27.19


Force Drug Companies to Lower Prices – [The American Prospect] 09.27.19


Wells Fargo Has a New Chief Executive. His Job Won’t Be Easy. – [The New York Times] 09.27.19


SoftBank Bet Big on Disruptive Companies. Many Have Not Paid Off.– [The New York Times] 09.27.19


Wall Street Deflates America’s Favorite Start-Ups – [The New York Times] 09.27.19


Eugene Scalia Confirmed by Senate as Labor Secretary – [The New York Times]09.26.19

How 2020 Democrats Are Missing the Message on the Economy – [Washington Monthly] 09.26.19


Income Inequality in America Is the Highest It’s Been Since Census Started Tracking It, Data Shows – [The Washington Post] 09.26.19


Exclusive: Texas Signs ex-Microsoft lawyer, Others to Aid in Google Antitrust Probe – [Reuters] 09.26.19


Amazon Dives Headfirst Into the Techlash – [The Atlantic] 09.26.19


Killer Acquisitions Lead to Decreased Innovation and Competition in the U.S. Prescription Drug Market – [Equitable Growth] 09.26.19


Wall Street Democratic Donors Warn the Party: We’ll Sit Out, Or Back Trump, If You Nominate Elizabeth Warren – [CNBC] 09.26.19


Jeff Bezos Says Amazon Is Writing Its Own Facial Recognition Laws to Pitch to Lawmakers – [Recode] 09.26.19


A.I. Researchers See Danger of Haves and Have-Nots – [The New York Times]09.26.19


At Least 70 Countries Have Had Disinformation Campaigns, Study Finds – [The New York Times] 09.26.19


Revealed: How TikTok Censors Videos That Do Not Please Beijing – [The Guardian] 09.26.19


U.S. Supreme Court Not Politicized, Says Chief Justice Roberts – [Reuters]09.26.19


YouTube CEO: Politicians Can Break Our Content Rules – [Politico] 09.26.19


Amazon Tries to Get Alexa Out the House – [Financial Times] 09.25.19


Asia’s Emerging Economies Are Winning US-China Trade War – [Financial Times] 09.25.19


Philip Morris International Ends Merger Talks With Altria – [Financial Times] 09.25.19


Behind WeWork Leader’s Rise and Fall: A Wall St. Bank Playing Many Angles – [The New York Times] 09.25.19


Vox Media Acquires New York Magazine, Chronicler of the Highbrow and Lowbrow – [The New York Times]09.25.19


Red and Blue Voters Live in Different Economies – [The New York Times]09.25.19


Every Part of the Supply Chain Can Be Attacked – [The New York Times] 09.25.19


Google Contractors Vote to Join United Steelworkers Union – [Bloomberg] 09.24.19


Unleash the Existing Anti-Monopoly Arsenal – [The American Prospect]09.24.19


WeWork C.E.O., Adam Neumann, Stepping Down Under Pressure – [The New York Times] 09.24.19


How Economists’ Faith in Markets Broke America – [The Atlantic] 09.24.19


The World’s Wealthiest Families Are Stockpiling Cash as Recession Fears Grow – [Bloomberg] 09.24.19


The Virtuous Corporation Is Not an Oxymoron – [The New York Times]09.24.19


Google Tries Hand at Apple’s New Game – [Wall Street Journal] 09.24.19


When Mac & Cheese and Ketchup Don’t Mix: The Kraft Heinz Merger Falters – [The New York Times] 09.24.19


This Venture Capitalist Is Warning Congress Not to Hurt Startups in Its Antitrust Crusade – [The Washington Post] 09.24.19


Bernie Sanders Proposes a Wealth Tax, Taking Aim at Billionaires – [The New York Times] 09.24.19


Tech Workers Have Been Reluctant to Unionize but Google Contractors May Change That – [Recode] 09.24.19


Bernie Sanders’s Wealth Tax Proposal, Explained – [Vox] 09.24.19


Silicon Valley Bankers and Lawyers Push for Alternative to IPOs – [Financial Times] 09.24.19


SoftBank Executives Balk at Big Loans to Invest in Vision Fund – [Financial Times] 09.24.19


WeWork Turmoil Puts Spotlight on JPMorgan Chase and Goldman Sachs– [Financial Times] 09.24.19


Top EU Court Backs Google in ‘Right to be Forgotten’ Case – [Financial Times]09.24.19


Jaron Lanier Fixes the Internet – [The New York Times] 09.24.19


The Growing Threat to Journalism Around the World – [The New York Times] 09.24.19


Autoworkers Face a Tough Road Ahead – [The New York Times] 09.24.19


Europe’s Top Court Limits ‘Right to Be Forgotten’ Privacy Rule – [The New York Times] 09.24.19


U.S.-Japan Trade Deal May Be Delayed Over Car Tariffs – [The New York Times] 09.24.19


Democrats Want to Tax the Rich. Here’s How Those Plans Would Work (or Not). – [The New York Times] 09.24.19


Facebook Buying CTRL-labs, a Start-Up Looking to Guide Computers With Brain Signals – [The New York Times]09.24.19

Apple’s New Mac Pro to Be Assembled in Texas After Tariff Waiver – [Bloomberg] 09.23.19


The Medical Community Has Been Complicit in Opioids and Vaping – [Bloomberg] 09.23.19


National Health Insurance Might Be Good for Capitalism – [Bloomberg]09.23.19


Overhaul the Business of Wall Street – [The American Prospect] 09.23.19


Major Cable Companies Compile More Granular Data to Fuel Targeted Ads – [Wall Street Journal] 09.23.19


Trial Approaching in California Hospital Antitrust Case – [Associated Press] 09.23.19


China Moves to Increase Oversight of Tech Companies – [Wall Street Journal]09.23.19


How Facebook’s Libra Fuelled Push for Central Bank-Run Digital Currencies – [Financial Times] 09.23.19


Court Deals Blow to Pai Dereg – [Broadcasting & Cable] 09.23.19


Snap Detailed Facebook’s Aggressive Tactics in ‘Project Voldemort’ Dossier – [Wall Street Journal] 09.23.19


Google Is Reducing How Much Audio It Saves for Human Review – [The Verge] 09.23.19


Organized Labor Is Back – [Financial Times] 09.23.19


Rivals Rubbish Google’s Claim of Quantum Supremacy – [Financial Times]09.23.19


The Limits of the Pursuit of Profit – [Financial Times] 09.23.19


SoftBank Moves to Oust Neumann as WeWork Chief Executive – [Financial Times] 09.23.19


WeWork C.E.O.’s Ouster Is Weighed in Bid to Salvage I.P.O. – [The New York Times] 09.23.19


China’s Big Brother Targets Business – [The New York Times] 09.23.19

The Week in Tech: An Emerging Twist on Antitrust – [The New York Times]09.21.19


Former Biden Chief of Staff is Fox News’ Top Lobbyist – [The American Prospect] 09.20.19


Zuckerberg’s D.C. Charm Tour – [Axios]09.20.19


How Chicago Tackled the Opioid Crisis – [Wall Street Journal] 09.20.19


Suddenly Facebook’s Libra Is All About Defending “the Free World” From China – [Financial Times] 09.20.19


Elizabeth Warren Has Just One Plan – [Vox] 09.20.19


Google Touts ‘Biggest Ever’ Wind and Solar Deals – [Financial Times] 09.20.19


Stephen Schwarzman: ‘I Like to Do Things That Are Beautiful’ – [Financial Times] 09.20.19


Purdue Pharma Warns That Sackler Family May Walk From Opioid Deal – [The New York Times] 09.20.19


Secret F.B.I. Subpoenas Scoop Up Personal Data From Scores of Companies – [The New York Times]09.20.19


Bezos and Zuckerberg Take Their Pitches to Washington – [The New York Times] 09.20.19


Uber and Lyft Drivers Gain Labor Clout, With Help From an App – [The New York Times] 09.20.19


Roy Cohn Is How We Got Trump – [The New York Times] 09.20.19

Something Is Seriously Awry in the World of Work – [Financial Times]09.19.19


Aspirin-by-Drone Closer in Alphabet-Walgreens Delivery Test – [Bloomberg]09.19.19


Bezos’s Big Van Order Signals Amazon-Backed Rivian Is ‘For Real’ – [Bloomberg] 09.19.19


When Big Business Won’t Let the Troops Repair Their Equipment – [The American Prospect] 09.19.19


Bernie Sanders Proposes Reparations—for Defrauded Homeowners – [The American Prospect] 09.19.19


The Virtues and Vices of Econ 101 – [Bloomberg] 09.19.19


Jeff Bezos Becomes the First CEO to Break His Pledge to Dump the ‘Shareholder Value’ Model – [Los Angeles Times] 09.19.19


Jeffrey Epstein Infiltrated Science Because It Was Ready to Accommodate Him – [The Verge] 09.19.19


Trump HUD Appointee’s Twitter ‘Likes’ Violated Federal Law. She Will Not be Punished. – [The Washington Post]09.19.19


Americans Agree on One Thing. Unions Matter. – [The Washington Post]09.19.19


Why Prescription Drugs Cost So Much More in America – [Financial Times]09.19.19


Microsoft’s President on Silicon Valley in the Cross Hairs – [The New York Times] 09.19.19


Profits or the Public Interest: The Debate Continues – [The New York Times]09.19.19


Sterilized Workers Seek to Collect Damages Against Dow Chemical in France – [The New York Times] 09.19.19


Consumer Bureau’s Complaints Database Is ‘Here to Stay,’ Director Says – [The New York Times] 09.19.19

Barack Obama’s Biggest Mistake – [The New York Times] 09.18.19


Poll: Two-thirds of Americans Want to Break Up Companies Like Amazon and Google – [Vox] 09.18.19


Facebook to Name First Oversight Panel Members by Year-End – [Associated Press] 09.18.19


Facebook Announces Video Streaming Device Portal TV – [Financial Times]09.18.19


Martin Wolf: Why Rigged Capitalism Is Damaging Liberal Democracy – [Financial Times] 09.18.19


G.M. Chief’s Test: Satisfy Striking Workers and Sustain Bottom Line – [The New York Times] 09.18.19


Facebook Has a ‘Supreme Court’ Now– [The New York Times] 09.18.19


Lawmakers Urge Aggressive Action From Regulators on Big Tech – [The New York Times] 09.17.19

Silicon Valley Donors Continue to Elude Trump – [Wall Street Journal]09.17.19


Facebook Will Soon Announce the First Members of Its Oversight Board – [CNN] 09.17.19


The State of U.S. Federal Antitrust Enforcement – [Equitable Growth]09.17.19


Congress Is Getting Ready to Grill Top DOJ and FTC Officials About Being Too Lenient on Big Tech – [CNBC]09.17.19


Unionizing Workers Just Accused Kickstarter of Retaliatory Firings in a Federal Complaint – [Slate] 09.17.19


The Tech Backlash Is Real, and It’s Accelerating – [The Verge] 09.17.19


Amazon Studios, Once the Anti-Netflix, Appears to be Turning Into It – [The Washington Post] 09.17.19


Trump Says He Reached Interim Trade Deal With Japan, but Details Remain Scarce – [The Washington Post]09.17.19


Walmart Likely Discriminated Against Female Store Workers, EEOC Finds – [Wall Street Journal] 09.17.19


Amazon Offers Millions of Songs in High-Quality Audio. Even Neil Young Approves. – [The New York Times] 09.17.19


G.M. Workers Say They Sacrificed, and Now They Want Their Due – [The New York Times] 09.17.19


WeWork Delays I.P.O. After Chilly Reception From Investors – [The New York Times] 09.17.19


Equifax Doesn’t Want You to Get Your $125. Here’s What You Can Do. – [The New York Times] 09.17.19


Would a Purdue Bankruptcy Protect the Sacklers? Good Question. – [The New York Times] 09.17.19


A Shadowy Industry Group Shapes Food Policy Around the World – [The New York Times] 09.17.19


Revealed: Catastrophic Effects of Working As a Facebook Moderator – [The Guardian] 09.17.19


“Corruption Is Breaking Our Democracy”: Elizabeth Warren’s Case for the White House – [Vox] 09.16.19


Elaine Chao Investigated by House Panel for Possible Conflicts – [The New York Times] 09.16.19

Amazon Changed Search Algorithm in Ways That Boost Its Own Products – [Wall Street Journal] 09.16.19


Elizabeth Warren Releases Sweeping Anti-Corruption Plan – [HuffPost]09.16.19


Elizabeth Warren Pushes Further Restrictions on Lobbyists – [Wall Street Journal] 09.16.19


Big Beer’s Illusory Appeal – [The American Conservative] 09.16.19


Apple Takes on EU’s Vestager in Record $14 Billion Tax Fight – [Bloomberg] 09.16.19


Drug Dealers Are Peddling Steroids on Facebook and YouTube – [The Washington Post] 09.16.19


Chris Johns: Tech Monopolies Are Getting Away With Financial Murder– [Irish Times] 09.16.19


Big Tech Is About to Spend a Ton of Money to Fight These People – [Washingtonian] 09.16.19


Chicago School Professor Fights ‘Chicago School’ Beliefs That Abet Big Tech – [The New York Times] 09.16.19


Britain Facing Most Prolonged Investment Slump in 17 Years – [The Guardian] 09.16.19


Trump’s Wall Street Rule Rollback Raises ‘Too Big to Fail’ Alarms – [The Washington Post] 09.16.19


Top Democrat Attempts to Block Trump From Paying Farm Bailout Money, Setting up Battle Over Trade War Tactics – [The Washington Post]09.16.19


Senators Urge F.C.C. to Review Licenses of 2 Chinese Telecom Companies – [The New York Times]09.16.19


Purdue Pharma, Maker of OxyContin, Files for Bankruptcy – [The New York Times] 09.16.19


Autoworkers’ Union Goes on Strike Against G.M. – [The New York Times]09.16.19

Who’s Funding the Controversial Anti-AOC Political Ad? – [OpenSecrets.Org]09.15.19


Takedown by Elliott’s Paul Singer of AT&T Is on the Money – [Financial Times] 09.15.19


A Harvard Professor Doubles Down: If You Take Epstein’s Money, Do It in Secret – [The New York Times] 09.15.19


Opioid Defendants Seek to Disqualify Judge Overseeing 2,300 Cases – [The New York Times] 09.15.19


Autoworkers Union Calls for Strike Against G.M. – [The New York Times]09.15.19


New York Uncovers $1 Billion in Sackler Family Wire Transfers – [The New York Times] 09.14.19


Amazon Starts Crowdsourcing Alexa Responses From the Public. What Could Possibly Go Wrong? – [The Washington Post] 09.13.19


Meet the Oligarchs Funding Campaign to Kill Anti-Poverty Programs – [The American Prospect]09.13.19


What We Learned From the Biden-Sanders-Warren Debate Fight Over Medicare-for-All – [Vox] 09.13.19


New Lawsuit Against Uber Is Set to Test Its Classification of Workers – [The New York Times] 09.13.19


House Antitrust Panel Seeks Documents From 4 Big Tech Firms – [The New York Times] 09.13.19


WeWork Moves to Limit the Power of Its C.E.O. – [The New York Times] 09.13.19


Sinclair-Owned ABC Affiliate Airs Ad With Burning Photo of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez During Democratic Debate – [The Wrap] 09.13.19

Sanders or Warren: Who Gets More Support From Working-Class Donors?– [] 09.12.19


We’re Living in an Era of Digital Feudalism. Here’s How to Take Your Data and Identity Back – [Quartz]09.12.19


Reid Hoffman Apologizes for Role in Epstein-Linked Donations to MIT – [Axios] 09.12.19


Warren Plan Would Close Tax Loophole Joe Biden Uses – [The American Prospect] 09.12.19


Amazon Probed by U.S. Antitrust Officials Over Marketplace – [Bloomberg] 09.12.19


Koch Group Launches Ads Defending Silicon Valley Against State AG Probes– [Politico] 09.12.19


Progressive Antitrust Paradox – [Wall Street Journal] 09.12.19


Burglars Are Following You on Facebook – [Wall Street Journal] 09.12.19


Government Orders Google: Let Employees Speak Out – [Wall Street Journal] 09.12.19


The U.S. Forgot What Antitrust Is For– [The Atlantic] 09.12.19


The Private Option – [The Atlantic]09.12.19


Is Populism Here to Stay? – [Financial Times] 09.12.19


Trump Administration to Finalize Rollback of Clean Water Protections – [The New York Times] 09.12.19


Beto O’Rourke Urges Banks to Cut Services for Gun Sales – [The New York Times] 09.12.19


‘Simply Unacceptable’: 145 Executives Demand Senate Action on Gun Violence – [The New York Times] 09.12.19


You Call It the Gig Economy. California Calls It ‘Feudalism.’ – [The New York Times] 09.12.19


Elizabeth Warren’s Plan for Social Security Looks Smart – [The New York Times] 09.12.19

Uber Argues Its Drivers Aren’t Core to Its Business, Won’t Reclassify Them As Employees – [The Verge] 09.11.19


Confusion and Defiance Follow California’s New Contractor Law – [The New York Times] 09.11.19


Purdue Pharma Settles Opioids Case – [The New York Times] 09.11.19


California Just Passed a Landmark Law to Regulate Uber and Lyft – [Vox]09.11.19


The Myth of a Unified World Populism– [Financial Times] 09.11.19


Hong Kong Exchange Proposes to Buy LSE for £32bn – [Financial Times]09.11.19


China Suspends Import Tariffs on Some US Goods – [Financial Times]09.11.19


Share of Americans With Health Insurance Declined in 2018 – [The New York Times] 09.11.19


Trump Calls for Fed’s ‘Boneheads’ to Slash Interest Rates Below Zero – [The New York Times] 09.11.19


California Bill Makes App-Based Companies Treat Workers as Employees – [The New York Times]09.11.19


E.U.’s New Digital Czar: ‘Most Powerful Regulator of Big Tech on the Planet’ – [The New York Times] 09.11.19


The Necessary Radicalism of Bernie Sanders – [The New York Times] 09.11.19

Momentum Grows for a Digital Watchdog to Regulate Tech Giants – [Bloomberg] 09.11.19


Meet the Oligarchs Funding Campaign to Kill Anti-Poverty Programs – [Sludge] 09.10.19


Trump Moves to Send Mortgage Giants Back to Private Sector – [The New York Times] 09.10.19


In an Age of Policy Boldness, Think Tanks Have Become Timid – [The Nation] 09.10.19


Poor and Middle-Class Americans Are Much Less Likely to Survive Into Their 70s Than the Wealthy, Federal Report Says – [The Washington Post] 09.10.19


These Apps May Have Told Facebook About the Last Time You Had Sex – [The Washington Post] 09.10.19


Amazon’s New Multistory Warehouse Aims to Cut Delivery Times – [Wall Street Journal] 09.10.19


Mnuchin, Top Administration Officials to Testify on Fannie and Freddie Overhaul Effort – [Wall Street Journal]09.10.19


Margrethe Vestager Holds on to EU’s Top Competition Role – [Financial Times]09.10.19


California Labor Bill, Near Passage, Is Blow to Uber and Lyft – [The New York Times] 09.10.19


Google Antitrust Investigation Outlined by State Attorneys General – [The New York Times] 09.09.19

A Hedge Fund Becomes a Very Noisy Stakeholder in AT&T – [The New York Times] 09.09.19


The Epstein Scandal at MIT Shows the Moral Bankruptcy of Techno-Elites – [The Guardian] 09.09.19


The Great Breakup of Big Tech Is Finally Beginning – [The Guardian]09.09.19


The Government vs. Big Tech: Arguments Each Side Could Make – [Wall Street Journal] 09.09.19


Eurofi: Inside the Think-Tank at the Heart of the EU – [Financial Times]09.09.19


How Each Big Tech Company May Be Targeted by Regulators – [The New York Times] 09.09.19


Amazon’s Effort to Recruit 30,000 Workers Collides With Saturated Job Market – [The New York Times] 09.09.19


He Who Must Not Be Tolerated – [The New York Times] 09.09.19


Director of M.I.T.’s Media Lab Resigns After Taking Money From Jeffrey Epstein – [The New York Times] 09.09.19


‘We’re at War’: A Covert Social Media Campaign Boosts Military Rulers – [The New York Times] 09.09.19

Google Is Banning Ads for Quack Cures After Years of Profiting From Them – [MIT Technology Review] 09.07.19


A Cruel Parody of Antitrust Enforcement – [The New York Times]09.07.19


Justice Department Launches Antitrust Probe Into Four Auto Makers – [Wall Street Journal] 09.06.19


Walmart Dodged Up to $2.6 Billion in US Tax Through a “Fictitious” Chinese Entity, Former Executive Says – [Quartz] 09.06.19


New York Announces Antitrust Investigation Into Facebook, Kicking Off Multistate Effort – [The Washington Post] 09.06.19


Former Starbucks Chief Executive Howard Schultz Announces He Will Not Run for President – [The Washington Post] 09.06.19


Walmart’s Gun Decision Is Less Political Than It Looks – [New York]09.06.19


US States to Launch Antitrust and Privacy Inquiries Into Facebook and Google – [The Guardian] 09.06.19


Facebook Faces Antitrust Investigation by State Attorneys General – [The New York Times] 09.06.19


Trump Administration Unveils Plan to Revamp the Housing Market – [The Washington Post] 09.06.19


Jeffrey Epstein’s Donations Create a Schism at M.I.T.’s Revered Media Lab– [The New York Times] 09.06.19


Don’t Trust Facebook With Your Love Life – [The New York Times] 09.06.19


Trumpism Is Bad for Business – [The New York Times] 09.06.19


Academics Craft a Plan to Infuse Billions Into Journalism: Give Every American $50 to Donate to News Orgs– [Poynter] 09.05.19


Facebook Boosts New Dating App With Instagram Integration – [Bloomberg] 09.05.19


Google Gets the FTC to Censor Its Own Commissioner – [The American Prospect]09.05.19


Can Uber Be Tamed? – [The New York Times] 09.05.19


Target Tells Its Suppliers to Handle Tariffs Costs – [Wall Street Journal]09.05.19


The Google Syndrome – [Wall Street Journal] 09.05.19


Trump Said He’d Rebuild Manufacturing. Now It’s in Decline. What Happened? – [The Washington Post] 09.05.19


A Huge Database of Facebook Users’ Phone Numbers Found Online – [TechCrunch] 09.05.19


J&J: The Next Target of Anger Over America’s Opioid Crisis? – [Financial Times] 09.05.19


YouTube’s FTC Settlement Won’t End Its Problems With Regulators – [The Verge] 09.05.19


Is U.S. Ready to Rein in Big Tech? – [The New York Times] 09.05.19


CVS-Aetna Merger Wins Antitrust Approval From Judge – [The New York Times] 09.05.19


The Human Cost of Amazon’s Fast, Free Shipping – [The New York Times]09.05.19


U.S.-China Trade Talks to Resume, but New Tariffs Could Complicate Them – [The New York Times] 09.05.19


Big Tech Companies Meeting With U.S. Officials on 2020 Election Security – [The New York Times] 09.05.19

What France—Yes, France—Can Teach the U.S. About Free Markets – [Wall Street Journal] 09.04.19


After Climate Forum, Biden Heads to a Fundraiser Co-Hosted by a Fossil Fuel Executive – [The Intercept] 09.04.19


Labour Takes Aim at Shareholder Capitalism – [Financial Times] 09.04.19


Why Companies Reject Trump’s Deregulation Theology – [Bloomberg]09.04.19


California Adopted the Country’s First Major Consumer Privacy Law. Now, Silicon Valley Is Trying to Rewrite It. – [The Washington Post] 09.04.19


Google Emerges As Target of a New State Attorneys General Antitrust Probe – [The Washington Post] 09.04.19


Google’s Paid Search Ads Are a ‘Shakedown,’ Basecamp CEO Says – [CNBC] 09.04.19


Google Accused of Secretly Feeding Personal Data to Advertisers – [Financial Times] 09.04.19


Kaiser Hospital Workers Mobilize for Largest Strike in Two Decades – [The American Prospect] 09.04.19


Walmart’s C.E.O. Steps Into the Gun Debate. Other C.E.O.s Should Follow. – [The New York Times] 09.04.19


F.T.C. Fines Google $170 Million for Violating Children’s Privacy on YouTube – [The New York Times] 09.04.19

Not All Economists Are Corporate Shills – [Bloomberg] 09.03.19


Big Telecom’s Sweet Summer of Revenge – [Axios] 09.03.19


A Reexamination of Ownership in the Age of the Public Corporation – [The Washington Post] 09.03.19


Why Has Trump’s Exceptional Corruption Gone Unchecked? – [The New York Times] 09.03.19


The Great Tax Break Heist – [The New York Times] 09.03.19


Can Anyone Hold the Global Economy Together? – [The New York Times]09.03.19


That Beloved Hospital? It’s Driving Up Health Care Costs – [The New York Times] 09.03.19


Why Some Labor Unions Are Holding Back on 2020 Endorsements – [The New York Times] 09.03.19


As Grass-Roots Labor Activism Rises, Will Unions Take Advantage? – [The New York Times] 09.03.19


The World’s First Ambassador to the Tech Industry – [The New York Times]09.03.19


Uber and Lyft Are Facing an Existential Threat in California – and They’re Losing – [The Verge] 09.03.19


Trump Wants to Cut Taxes for Rich People Yet Again – [Vox] 09.01.19

The Federalist Society Says It’s Not an Advocacy Organization. We Found Documents Showing Otherwise. – [Politico] 08.31.19


Uber and Lyft Are Floating a $21 Minimum Wage. Critics Say It’s Closer to $15. – [The Washington Post] 08.30.19


YouTube Reportedly Settles With FTC Over Children’s Privacy Violation – [Axios] 08.30.19


Citizens United Ruling May Be Lawmaker’s Bribery Trial Lifeline – [BloombergLaw] 08.30.19


To Take on Big Tech, US Can Learn Antitrust Lessons From Europe – [Politico] 08.30.19


Inside the Media Industry’s Struggle to Take on Silicon Valley – [Politico]08.30.19


Parts of America May Already be Facing Recession – [The Economist]08.30.19


Trump’s Methane Rule Rollback Divides Oil and Gas Industry – [The New York Times] 08.30.19


Reviving the American Working Class– [The New York Times] 08.30.19


Longtime Lobbyist and Former Congressman Vin Weber Resigns From Consulting Firm – [The Washington Post] 08.30.19


The Worker’s Friend? Here’s How Trump Has Waged His War on Workers – [The American Prospect]08.30.19


Proposed Opioid Deal With Purdue Drawing Pushback From States – [Wall Street Journal] 08.30.19


Lessons for Capitalism From the East India Company – [Financial Times]08.30.19


Google Unearths 2-Year-Long iPhone Spyware Attack – [Financial Times]08.30.19


Argentina Is in Default, Says Standard & Poor’s – [Financial Times]08.30.19


Uber, Lyft and DoorDash Pledge $90 Million to Fight Driver Legislation in California – [The New York Times]08.30.19


The Frauding of America’s Farmers – [The New York Times] 08.30.19

The Catch-22 for Labor Unions Enjoying Newfound Public Support – [Vox] 08.29.19


Facebook ‘Has to Do a Lot Better Than This,’ Say Senators – [The Verge]08.29.19


China Studying Tech Companies’ Exposure to U.S. Suppliers – [Wall Street Journal] 08.29.19


How Columbia’s New Dean Aims to Redefine Business Education – [Financial Times] 08.29.19


He Ran an Empire of Soap and Mayonnaise. Now He Wants to Reinvent Capitalism. – [Wall Street Journal] 08.29.19


He Ran an Empire of Soap and Mayonnaise. Now He Wants to Reinvent Capitalism. – [The New York Times] 08.29.19


Samsung’s Leader at Risk of More Prison Time After Court Rules Against Him – [The New York Times] 08.29.19


Punish Pharma, Not Patients – [The New York Times] 08.29.19


E.P.A. to Roll Back Regulations on Methane, a Potent Greenhouse Gas – [The New York Times] 08.29.19

A Conservative Senator’s Crusade Against Big Tech – [The Washington Post]08.28.19


Researchers Studying Facebook’s Impact on Democracy Threaten to Quit – [Reuters] 08.28.19


Apple Ends Contracts for Hundreds of Workers Hired to Listen to Siri – [The Guardian] 08.28.19


Facebook Given Deadline to Share Data for Research – [Financial Times]08.28.19


Amazon and Microsoft Unchallenged in $10bn ‘Jedi’ Contract Review – [Financial Times] 08.28.19


Outlook for US Corporate Profits Dims As Trade War Bites – [Financial Times]08.28.19


Investor Reaction Puts $200bn Philip Morris-Altria Merger in Doubt – [Financial Times] 08.28.19


Facebook Tightens Rules on Verifying Political Advertisers – [The New York Times] 08.28.19


Can Two Tobacco Giants Save Themselves by Merging? – [The New York Times] 08.28.19


Sacklers Would Give Up Ownership of Purdue Pharma Under Settlement Proposal – [The New York Times] 08.28.19


Philip Morris and Altria Are in Talks to Merge – [The New York Times] 08.28.19


Deutsche Bank Tells Court It Has Some Tax Returns Related to Trump Inquiry – [The New York Times] 08.28.19


Trump Has Publicly Name-Dropped His Properties At Least 70 Times As President – [The Washington Post]08.27.19


Barr Books Trump’s Hotel for $30,000 Holiday Party – [The Washington Post] 08.27.19


Purdue Pharma Offers $10-12 Billion to Settle Opioid Claims – [NBC News]08.27.19


Watch Richard Sackler Deny His Family’s Role in the Opioid Crisis – [ProPublica] 08.27.19


Insiders Are Selling Stock Like It’s 2007 – [CNN] 08.27.19


Steve Schwarzman, a Top Financier of Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump, Is a Driving Force Behind Amazon Deforestation – [The Intercept] 08.27.19


Google Warns Against Blocking ‘Cookies’ Entirely, Triggering Criticism – [Wall Street Journal] 08.27.19


Big Tech Shares Lose Their Luster – [Wall Street Journal] 08.27.19


Investor’s Ties to WeWork Raise Conflict-of-Interest Concerns – [Wall Street Journal] 08.27.19


Farmers’ Frustration With Trump Grows as U.S. Escalates China Fight – [The New York Times] 08.27.19


SEC Chief’s Crypto Skepticism Sets Up Facebook Clash Over Libra – [Bloomberg] 08.27.19


How ‘Medicare for All’ Went Mainstream – [The New York Times]08.27.19


Alexa, Who Is Baidu? Chinese Firm Passes Google to Become Amazon’s Top Smart-Speaker Rival – [The Washington Post] 08.27.19


Why Are George Soros and Charles Koch Collaborating on a U.S.-Bashing Think Tank? – [The Washington Post]08.27.19


What It Means to Work at Google When You Can No Longer Say Anything You Want – [Slate] 08.27.19


The Right Way to Regulate Big Tech – [National Review] 08.27.19


‘We Must Do It’: Deutsche Bank Allegedly Hired Children of Russian, Chinese Officials to Win Work – [The Washington Post] 08.27.19


Trump’s Grifting Mocks the Rule of Law – [Bloomberg] 08.27.19


Big Brands Turn to Big Data to Rekindle Growth – [Financial Times]08.27.19


Jair Bolsonaro Set to Reject G7 Amazon Aid Package – [Financial Times]08.27.19


Trump Can Battle China or Expand the Economy. He Can’t Do Both. – [The New York Times] 08.27.19

U.S. Appeals Court Freezes Antitrust Ruling Against Qualcomm – [Wall Street Journal] 08.26.19


$572 Million Decision Against Johnson & Johnson in Landmark Opioid Trial – [The New York Times]08.26.19


David Koch’s Most Significant Legacy Is the Election of Donald Trump – [The Intercept] 08.26.19


Johnson & Johnson Responsible for Fueling Opioid Crisis in Oklahoma, Judge Rules – [The Guardian] 08.26.19


Ending the BigLaw Racket: A Conversation With Brian Fallon – [The American Prospect] 08.26.19


Macron Says Deal Struck With U.S. on Taxing Tech Giants – [The New York Times] 08.26.19


A Lobbyist Gave $900,000 in Donations. Whose Money Is It? – [The New York Times] 08.26.19


The Education of Elizabeth Warren – [The New York Times] 08.26.19


Why Central Bankers’ Conventional Tools Are No Longer Working – [The Guardian] 08.26.19


GOP Lobbyists Help Brazil Recruit U.S. Companies to Exploit the Amazon– [The Intercept] 08.26.19


Amgen to Buy Celgene’s Otezla for $13.4 Billion in Cash – [Wall Street Journal] 08.26.19


Big Tech May Be Losing Its Allure for Talented Staff – [Financial Times]08.26.19


How Amazon Abused Its Precious Store of Staff Loyalty – [Financial Times]08.26.19


Brazilian Businesses Fear Backlash Over Amazon Crisis – [Financial Times]08.26.19


Donald Trump Says China Is Seeking Talks to End Trade Conflict – [Financial Times] 08.26.19


The $6 Million Drug Claim – [The New York Times] 08.26.19


Business Groups Warn of Peril as Trump’s Trade War Spirals – [The New York Times] 08.26.19


The American Economy Is Creating a National Identity Crisis – [The New York Times] 08.26.19

Amazon Has Ceded Control of Its Site. The Result: Thousands of Banned, Unsafe or Mislabeled Products – [Wall Street Journal] 08.25.19


The Dialysis Duopoly Spends $100 Million to Protect Profits in California– [The American Prospect] 08.25.19


Trump Says He Will Raise Existing Tariffs on Chinese Goods to 30% – [The New York Times] 08.23.19


David Koch Is Gone, But His Pipelines Are Here to Stay – [The New Republic]08.23.19


David Koch, Billionaire Who Fueled Right-Wing Movement, Dies at 79 – [The New York Times] 08.23.19


China Threatens New Tariffs if Trump Escalates Trade War – [The New York Times] 08.23.19


Big Business Is Beginning to Accept Broader Social Responsibilities – [The Economist] 08.23.19


Federal Officials Raise Concerns About White House Plan to Police Alleged Social Media Censorship – [CNN] 08.22.19


How Elizabeth Warren Came Up with a Plan to Break Up Big Tech – [The New Yorker] 08.22.19


T-Mobile ‘Put My Life in Danger’ Says Woman Stalked With Black Market Location Data – [Vice] 08.22.19


Hedge Fund Cash Flows to Presidential Candidates—at Puerto Rico’s Expense – [The American Prospect]08.22.19


How Amazon and Silicon Valley Seduced the Pentagon – [ProPublica]08.22.19


Physical Stores Fight Amazon With Tech Makeover – [Financial Times]08.22.19


Co-Founder of Google’s AI Unit DeepMind Goes on Leave – [Financial Times] 08.22.19


Amazon Seeks New Local Vendors in Israel as It Eyes Expansion – [Wall Street Journal] 08.22.19


Facebook’s Libra Bets It Can Bank the Unbanked – [Wall Street Journal] 08.22.19


Social Responsibility Won’t Save Corporate America – [The Washington Post] 08.22.19


The 5-Step CEO Pay Scam – [The American Prospect] 08.22.19


Many Are Abandoning Facebook. These People Have the Opposite Problem. – [The New York Times] 08.22.19


Hi, Alexa. How Do I Stop You From Listening In On Me? – [The New York Times] 08.22.19


In the Trump Era, a Family’s Fight With Google and Facebook Over Disinformation – [The New York Times]08.22.19


C.E.O.s Should Fear a Recession. It Could Mean Revolution. – [The New York Times] 08.22.19

How Should Big Tech Be Reined In? Here Are 4 Prominent Ideas – [The New York Times] 08.21.19


Don’t Trust CEOs Who Say They Don’t Care About Shareholder Value Anymore – [The Washington Post] 08.21.19


Facebook’s Libra Currency Investigated by EU Antitrust Regulators – [Financial Times] 08.21.19


Trump Says He Has Authority to Reduce Capital Gains Taxes – [The New York Times] 08.21.19


Trump Says He’s Exploring ‘Various Tax Reductions,’ and the Economic Data He Loves Shows Why – [The New York Times] 08.21.19


N.R.A. Gets Results on Gun Laws in One Phone Call With the President – [The New York Times] 08.21.19


Facebook’s ‘Clear History’ Tool Arrives With Ambiguous Data Privacy Controls – [The Washington Post] 08.20.19


Policy Makers Should Take a Look at Private Equity – [Bloomberg] 08.20.19


Facebook Break-Up Would Be Hard, Says FTC Chief – [Financial Times]08.20.19


Who Is Next in Big Pharma’s Merger Spree? – [Reuters] 08.20.19


In New Facebook Effort, Humans Will Help Curate Your News Stories – [The New York Times] 08.20.19


Facebook Users to See, Control Personal Data Taken From Other Websites – [Reuters] 08.20.19


Now Bigger Than eBay, Shopify Sets Its Sights on Amazon – [Financial Times]08.20.19


How Shareholder Democracy Failed the People – [The New York Times]08.20.19


Trump’s Rollback of Auto Pollution Rules Shows Signs of Disarray – [The New York Times] 08.20.19


States to Move Forward With Antitrust Probe of Big Tech Firms – [Wall Street Journal] 08.20.19


Some Friendly Chats Between Big Tech and Its Regulators – [The American Prospect] 08.20.19


The Curious Transformation of Mike Lee – [Google Transparency Project]08.20.19


America’s CEOs Seek a New Purpose for the Corporation – [Fortune] 08.20.19

US Regulator Pulls Disputed Public Statements From Its Website – [Financial Times] 08.19.19


Viacom and CBS Executives to Earn Big Bucks in Merger Deal – [Wall Street Journal] 08.19.19


After Lobbying by Gun Rights Advocates, Trump Sounds a Familiar Retreat – [The New York Times] 08.19.19


GE Issues New Rebuttal to Whistleblower’s Claims About Finances – [Reuters] 08.19.19


Exclusive: Fearing Data Privacy Issues, Google Cuts Some Android Phone Data for Wireless Carriers – [Reuters] 08.19.19


Group of US Corporate Leaders Ditches Shareholder-First Mantra – [Financial Times] 08.19.19


Paging Big Brother: In Amazon’s Bookstore, Orwell Gets a Rewrite – [The New York Times] 08.19.19


In Economic Warning Signals, Trump Sees Signs of a Conspiracy – [The New York Times] 08.19.19


Shareholder Value Is No Longer Everything, Top C.E.O.s Say – [The New York Times] 08.19.19


WhatsApp Is Radicalizing The Right In Bolsonaro’s Brazil – [Huff Post]08.16.19


Harry Twitter Invested Amazon’s Creepy Twitter PR Army is Growing – [Vice] 08.16.19


Harry Twitter Invested In A Social Network Accused Of Spreading Misinformation And Hate Speech – [BuzzFeed] 08.16.19


Harry Markopolos: the Scourge of Madoff Trains His Sights on GE – [Financial Times] 08.16.19


Mars, Nestle, Other Food Companies Face Complaints of Forced Labor at Palm Oil Supplier – [The Washington Post] 08.16.19


General Electric CEO Buys $2 Million in Stock After Fraud Allegations From Madoff whistleblower – [The Washington Post] 08.16.19


Facebook Isn’t Ready for 2020 – [The Washington Post] 08.16.19


In Order to Understand the Brutality of American Capitalism, You Have to Start on the Plantation. – [The New York Times] 08.16.19


Google Employee Writes Memo About ‘The Burden of Being Black at Google’ – [Vice] 08.16.19


U.S. Antitrust Unit Seeks Additional Information From United Tech, Raytheon – [Reuters] 08.16.19


A Secret Opioid Memo That Could Have Slowed an Epidemic – [The New York Times] 08.16.19


Cathay Pacific C.E.O. Quits as China’s Power Looms Over Hong Kong Protests – [The New York Times] 08.16.19


Wells Fargo Closed Their Accounts, but the Fees Continued to Mount – [The New York Times] 08.16.19


The Great Western Public Land Robbery – [The New York Times] 08.16.19


Elizabeth Warren Took On Obama Over Student Debt Forgiveness. How She Won Is Central To Her 2020 Campaign – [BuzzFeed] 08.15.19


Donor With Deep Ukraine Ties Lent $500,000 to Biden’s Brother – [Politico]08.15.19


GE Is New Target of Madoff Whistleblower – [Wall Street Journal]08.15.19


Advertisers Blacklist Hard News, Including Trump, Fearing Backlash – [Wall Street Journal] 08.15.19


The Truth About Koch Industries – [The New York Times] 08.15.19


New York Subpoenas Banks, Financial Advisers for Sackler Records – [The New York Times] 08.15.19


Trump Says ‘Hong Kong Is Not Helping’ in Trade War With China – [The New York Times] 08.15.19

Eduardo Bolsonaro, Pro-Trump Son of Brazil’s President, on Track to Be Ambassador to U.S. – [The Intercept]08.14.19


The Kochs Funded Third Way to Push Free Trade to Democrats, New Book Says – [The Intercept] 08.14.19


How a Trump Ally Tested the Boundaries of Washington’s Influence Game – [The New York Times] 08.14.19


Amazon Says Its Facial Recognition Can Now Identify Fear – [CNBC]08.14.19


This Drug Will Save Children’s Lives. It Costs $2 Million. – [The New York Times] 08.14.19


The ‘Public-Charge’ Ploy – [Wall Street Journal] 08.14.19


It’s Gotten Too Hard to Strike It Rich In America – [Bloomberg] 08.14.19


If the Tuition Doesn’t Get You, the Cost of Student Housing Will – [Bloomberg]08.14.19


The Techlash Is Only Making Facebook Stronger – [Bloomberg]08.14.19


Shari Redstone Takes on Media Industry After CBS Victory – [Financial Times] 08.14.19


U.S. Delays Some China Tariffs Until Stores Stock Up for Holidays – [The New York Times] 08.14.19


Amazon Seller Complaints Drawing FTC Interest, Chairman Says – [Bloomberg] 08.14.19


CBS and Viacom Agree to Massive Merger – [Axios] 08.13.19


U.S. to Delay Some Tariffs on China – [The New York Times] 08.13.19


When Cities Turn to Uber, Instead of Buses and Trains – [The American Prospect] 08.13.19


Trump’s Fake Trade War With China – [The American Prospect] 08.13.19


Koch’s Massive Tech Bet: ‘Do It or We’ll End Up in the Dumpster’ – [Bloomberg] 08.13.19


Ads Pitching CBD as a Cure-All Are Everywhere. Oversight Hasn’t Kept Up. – [The New York Times] 08.13.19


The Phony Patriots of Silicon Valley – [The New York Times] 08.13.19


Trump’s Push to Bring Back Jobs to U.S. Shows Limited Results – [The New York Times] 08.13.19


Facebook Reportedly Ditched Plans to Buy a Social Networking Competitor Over Antitrust Fears – [CNBC] 08.12.19

Is Bigger Better? Gannett Merger Will Test Whether Local News Can Be Saved. – [The Washington Post] 08.12.19


Huawei’s Founder Wants an ‘Invincible Iron Army’ to Fight U.S. – [Bloomberg] 08.12.19


Over 150 Flights Canceled as Hong Kong Airport Is Flooded by Protesters – [The New York Times]08.12.19


Braced for the Global Downturn – [Financial Times] 08.12.19


Jeffrey Epstein: Why He Symbolized Privilege and Depravity – [The New York Times] 08.12.19


Jeffrey Epstein’s Finances Are Under the Microscope After His Death – [The New York Times] 08.12.19


How Facebook Is Changing to Deal With Scrutiny of Its Power – [The New York Times] 08.12.19


How the El Paso Killer Echoed the Incendiary Words of Conservative Media Stars – [The New York Times]08.12.19


There’s More Than One Way to Fight a Monopoly – [The Atlantic] 08.12.19

Silicon Valley’s Giants Look More Entrenched Than Ever Before – [The Economist] 08.09.19


White House Proposal Would Have FCC and FTC Police Alleged Social Media Censorship – [CNN] 08.09.19


Mnuchin and Lampert Want Sears Insurance to Pay Their Legal Fees – [Bloomberg] 08.09.19


Democrats Complain Waters Is Slow to Spread Wall Street Wealth – [Politico]08.09.19


FBI Surveillance Proposal Sets Up Clash With Facebook – [Wall Street Journal] 08.09.19


Knives Being Sold Via Facebook Without Any Age Check – [The Guardian] 08.09.19


Top Bankers Shift Tone Over Horror of No-Deal Brexit – [Financial Times]08.09.19


WeWork Revamp Creates Tax Benefit for Company Insiders – [Financial Times] 08.09.19


Malaysia Charges Goldman Sachs Executives in 1MDB Scandal – [The New York Times] 08.09.19


Huawei Unveils Harmony, Its Answer to Android, in Survival Bid – [The New York Times] 08.09.19


‘Weaponized’ Currency and Mining Limits: China’s Responses to Trump Take Shape – [The New York Times]08.09.19


Uber Posts $5.2 Billion Loss and Slowest Ever Growth Rate – [The New York Times] 08.09.19


China Tries to Teach Trump Economics – [The New York Times]08.09.19

The Trump Administration Is Using the Full Power of the U.S. Surveillance State Against Whistleblowers – [The Intercept] 08.08.19


What the Fight Over Means Testing Is Really About – [The American Prospect]08.08.19


White House Invites Tech Companies to Discussion of Violent Online Extremism – [The Washington Post]08.08.19


Billionaire Owner of SoulCycle, Miami Dolphins Faces Backlash Over Trump Fundraiser – [The Washington Post]08.08.19


Trump’s Openness to Extensive Background Checks for Gun Buys Draws Warning From NRA – [The Washington Post] 08.08.19


U.S. Moves to Ban Huawei From Government Contracts – [The New York Times] 08.08.19


China Signals It Will Continue to Weaken Its Currency as Trade War Rages – [The New York Times] 08.08.19


Housing Crisis Grips Ireland a Decade After Property Bubble Burst – [The New York Times] 08.08.19


White House Drafting Executive Order to Tackle Silicon Valley’s Alleged Anti-Conservative Bias – [Politico] 08.07.19


Health Care Is Gobbling Up Your Wages – [Axios] 08.07.19


FedEx to End Ground Deliveries for Amazon – [Wall Street Journal] 08.07.19


Majority Supports Antitrust Review of Tech Giants: Poll – [The Hill] 08.07.19


Gmail Keeps a Record of Your Purchase History in Plain Sight, and It’s Not Alone – [Fast Company] 08.07.19


Apple Stands in the Global Antitrust Crosshairs – [Politico] 08.07.19


Are Trump’s Top Medicaid Regulators Ignoring Major Problems? Insurance Giant’s Tense Meeting With a Senator Adds to Growing Concern. – [ProPublica] 08.07.19


China’s Economy Faces Currency Devaluation Drag – [Financial Times]08.07.19


The Markup, a Tech News Site, Reinstalls Its Fired Editor as Part of a Fresh Start – [The New York Times]08.07.19


Uber Wants to Sell You Train Tickets. And Be Your Bus Service, Too. – [The New York Times] 08.07.19


Trump Says He’s ‘Watching Google Very Closely’ After Meeting With CEO– [The Verge] 08.06.19


Amazon Squeezes Sellers That Offer Better Prices on Walmart – [Bloomberg]08.06.19

GateHouse Media Parent to Buy Gannett for $1.4 Billion – [Wall Street Journal] 08.06.19


Potential Nominee for Democratic Slot on the SEC Troubles Advocates – [The American Prospect] 08.06.19


Progressive Group Says It’s Time for the FTC to Investigate the FTC – [The American Prospect] 08.06.19


Business Group Spending on Lobbying in Washington is at Least Double What’s Publicly Reported – [The Intercept] 08.06.19


Dear Walmart C.E.O.: You Have the Power to Curb Gun Violence. Do It. – [The New York Times] 08.06.19


Facebook’s Cryptocurrency Raises Privacy Questions, Say Regulators – [Financial Times] 08.06.19


Legal Shield for Websites Rattles Under Onslaught of Hate Speech – [The New York Times] 08.06.19


‘Ready to Rumble’: U.S.-China Fight Puts World Economy on the Brink – [The New York Times] 08.06.19


Trump’s China Shock – [The New York Times] 08.06.19


Trust No One Online – [The New York Times] 08.06.19


Shameless Monopolies Are Growing in Plain Sight – [Axios] 08.05.19


Facebook Is Building Tech to Read Your Mind. The Ethical Implications Are Staggering. – [Vox] 08.05.19


Trump Calls for Social Media Companies to ‘Detect Mass Shooters Before They Strike’ – [The Verge]08.05.19


Corporate America Considers Its Role in Gun Violence – [The New York Times]08.05.19


States Clash with Cities Over Potential Opioids Settlement Payouts – [The New York Times] 08.05.19


How China’s Currency Could Become a Trade War Weapon – [The New York Times] 08.05.19


Senators Urge Google to Give Temporary Workers Full-Time Status– [The New York Times] 08.05.19


The Age of Wealth Accumulation Is Over – [Financial Times] 08.05.19


US Cities Are Helping People Buy Amazon Surveillance Cameras Using Taxpayer Money – [Vice] 08.04.19


Silicon Valley Is Eyeing the Giant Market for Infant Formula – [CNBC]08.04.19

Facebook to Add Its Name to Instagram, WhatsApp – [The Information] 08.02.19


How Trump’s Political Appointees Overruled Tougher Settlements With Big Banks – [ProPublica] 08.02.19


The Equifax Settlement Is a Cruel Joke– [Vice] 08.02.19


Delaney Super PAC’s Biggest Donor is Wife of Former Health Care CEO – [Sludge] 08.02.19


Who’s Winning Trump’s Trade War? No One So Far – [Bloomberg] 08.02.19


The FTC Is Looking Into the Amazon and Apple Deal That Crushed Small Resellers – [The Verge] 08.02.19


China Wants to Hit Back at Trump. Its Own Economy Stands in the Way. – [The New York Times] 08.02.19


Why Was Trumponomics a Flop? – [The New York Times] 08.02.19


Good for Google, Bad for America – [The New York Times] 08.02.19


Facebook’s Fact-Checking Program Falls Short – [Columbia Journalism Review] 08.02.19


Facebook’s Fact-Checking Program Falls Short – [Columbia Journalism Review] 08.02.19


Jeff Bezos Sells $1.8bn of Amazon Stock – [Financial Times] 08.01.19


Trump Says He Will Go Ahead With New China Tariffs That Would Hit iPhones and Toys – [CNN] 08.01.19


Trump’s $16 Billion Farm Bailout Will Make Rich Farmers Richer, Report Says – [The Washington Post] 08.01.19


The Messy Health Care Discussion at the Second Democratic Debate, Explained – [Vox] 08.01.19


The Democratic Party’s Quiet Abandonment of Barack Obama – [Financial Times] 08.01.19


Skip Cash for Equifax Breach and Get Credit Monitoring, F.T.C. Tells Victims– [The New York Times] 08.01.19


A Paradox at the Heart of the Newspaper Crisis – [The New York Times] 08.01.19


Kamala Harris Receives Donations From Big Pharma Executives Despite Claim She Rejects Them – [The Intercept]07.31.19


Apple Baits Trump by Saying It Wants to Keep Making Mac Pro in the US – [The Verge] 07.31.19


Google Parent Alphabet Overtakes Apple to Become New King of Cash – [Financial Times] 07.31.19


Rupert Stadler, Ex-Audi Chief, Charged With Fraud in Diesel Scandal– [The New York Times] 07.31.19


Echo Trump’s Tough Talk, or Lift Tariffs? Democrats Clash Over Trade – [The New York Times] 07.31.19


Sanders and Warren Battle Accusations of ‘Fairy Tale’ Promises as Intraparty Rift Flares – [The New York Times] 07.31.19

What Medicare-For-All Skeptics Are Missing – [The Week] 07.30.19


Elizabeth Warren’s Vision for Changing America’s Trade Policy, Explained – [Vox] 07.30.19


Pentagon Issues Forceful Rebuke of Oracle as Debate Over a Massive Federal Contract Turns Caustic – [The Washington Post] 07.30.19


Capital One Says Data Breach Affected 100 Million Credit Card Applications – [The Washington Post]07.30.19


Huawei’s Sales Jump Despite Trump’s Blacklisting – [The New York Times]07.30.19


Equifax Claims May Not Get You $125– [The New York Times] 07.30.19


AT&T Hires Verizon (Excuse Me?) – [The American Prospect] 07.29.19


U.S. College Education Could be Pricier With Textbook Merger – [Reuters] 07.29.19


For Tech, We’re the Gift That Keeps on Giving. But We Get Prime! – [The New York Times] 07.29.19


Assailing High Drug Prices, Bernie Sanders Heads to Canada for Affordable Insulin – [The New York Times] 07.29.19


Elizabeth Warren Is Right to Worry About Private Equity Looting – [Financial Times] 07.29.19


US Department of Justice Must Make Antitrust Fit for the Age of Big Tech – [Financial Times] 07.29.19


Makan Delrahim, a Tech Lobbyist Turned Enforcer – [Financial Times]07.29.19


In an Industrial Corner of France, 18,000 Jobs Are On Offer. Why Aren’t People Taking Them? – [The New York Times] 07.29.19


Did Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Intend To Deceive? – [NPR] 07.29.19


Hopes of a ‘Russian Amazon’ Hit by Corporate Rift – [Financial Times]07.29.19


Russia’s Role in Producing the Tax Man of the Future – [Financial Times]07.29.19


Ex-Corporate Lawyer’s Idea: Rein In ‘Sociopaths’ in the Boardroom – [The New York Times] 07.29.19


Why Whole Foods Hasn’t Satisfied Amazon’s Grocery Appetite – [The New York Times] 07.28.19


Federal Inquiry of Trump Friend Focused on Foreign Lobbying – [The New York Times] 07.28.19


Privacy Group Files Legal Challenge to Facebook’s $5 Billion F.T.C. Settlement – [The New York Times]07.28.19

From Trump to Johnson, Nationalists Are on the Rise – Backed by Billionaire Oligarchs – [The Guardian]07.26.19


The T-Mobile/Sprint Merger Remedy Makes No Sense – [New York Magazine]07.26.19


Facebook Antitrust Inquiry Shows Big Tech’s Freewheeling Era Is Past – [The New York Times] 07.26.19


T-Mobile-Sprint Merger Is Approved by Justice Dept., Clearing Major Hurdle – [The New York Times] 07.26.19


How Amazon Controls Its Marketplace – [The American Prospect]07.26.19


Whatever Happened to the Tech Bubble? – [The Atlantic] 07.26.19


What Economists Have Gotten Wrong for Decades – [Vox] 07.26.19


Chris Hughes Worked to Create Facebook. Now, He Is Working to Break It Up. – [The New York Times]07.25.19

Snap Signals Its DoJ Investigation May Have Been Dropped – [Financial Times] 07.25.19


In Secret Chats, Brazil’s Chief Corruption Prosecutor Worried That Bolsonaro’s Justice Minister Would Protect President’s Son – [The Intercept]07.25.19


Trump’s Antitrust Cops Fail to Police Big Business—Again – [The American Prospect] 07.25.19


Everyone Claims They’re Worried About Global Finance. But Only One Side Has a Plan. – [The New York Times]07.25.19


The Game Has Changed for Big Tech – [The New York Times] 07.25.19


Facebook Revenues Soar Despite $5.1bn in Fines and New Antitrust Investigation – [The Guardian] 07.24.19


Don’t Be Too Impressed With the FTC’s $5 Billion Fine of Facebook – [Slate] 07.24.19


FTC Hits Facebook With $5 billion Fine and New Privacy Checks – [The Verge] 07.24.19


Department of Justice Opens Review Into Big Tech’s Market Power – [Financial Times] 07.24.19


Technology: How the US, EU and China Compete to Set Industry Standards – [Financial Times] 07.24.19


Facebook Fined $5 Billion and Ordered to Add Oversight of Data Practices – [The New York Times] 07.24.19


Justice Department Opens Antitrust Review of Big Tech Companies – [The New York Times] 07.24.19

Boris Johnson Wins Tory Contest to Become UK Prime Minister – [Financial Times] 07.23.19


Facebook’s Libra Currency Spawns a Wave of Fakes, Including on Facebook Itself – [The Washington Post] 07.23.19


Facebook Will Have to Pay a Record-Breaking Fine for Violating Users’ Privacy. But the FTC Wanted More. – [The Washington Post] 07.23.19


Did the F.T.C. Go Soft on Facebook? – [The New York Times] 07.23.19


Jeffrey Epstein’s Deep Ties to Top Wall Street Figures – [The New York Times] 07.23.19


What the Equifax Data-Breach Settlement Means for You – [The New York Times] 07.23.19

Facebook’s Plan For a Cryptocurrency Is Right to Set Alarm Bells Ringing – [The Guardian] 07.22.19


Why the Wheels Fell Off China’s Tech Boom – [Financial Times] 07.21.19


Equifax Is Said to Be Near $650 Million Settlement for Data Breach – [The New York Times] 07.21.19


A New Red Scare Is Reshaping Washington – [The New York Times]07.21.19


Trump’s Labor Pick Has Defended Corporations, and One Killer Whale – [The New York Times] 07.20.19


Brexit Funder Arron Banks Threatens Netflix Over Great Hack Documentary – [The Guardian] 07.20.19


Anyone Can Hire a Team of Spies – [The New York Times] 07.19.19


The Fed Has No Interest in Regulating Facebook’s Libra – [Bloomberg] 07.19.19


America Can’t Shake the Cost Disease– [Bloomberg] 07.19.19


Trump Says He’s Looking Into a Pentagon Cloud Contract for Amazon or Microsoft Because ‘We’re Getting Tremendous Complaints’ – [CNBC]07.19.19


U.S. Justice Department May Sue to Block Sprint, T-Mobile Merger: Source – [Reuters] 07.19.19


Trump to Nominate Eugene Scalia for Labor Secretary Job – [The New York Times] 07.19.19


E.P.A. Won’t Ban Chlorpyrifos, Pesticide Tied to Children’s Health Problems – [The New York Times]07.19.19


Bernie Sanders’s Years-Long Feud With Goldman Sachs’s Former CEO Is Now Part of His Campaign – [Vox]07.18.19


EU Hits Qualcomm With €242m Fine Over Pricing – [Financial Times] 07.18.19


Inside the Secretive World of Stalking Apps – [Financial Times] 07.18.19


Qualcomm Is Fined Again by European Regulators for Antitrust Behavior – [The New York Times] 07.18.19


Facebook’s Cryptocurrency Faces Second Day of Critical Hearings – [The New York Times] 07.18.19


Google and Facebook Are Quietly Tracking You on Sex Websites – [The New York Times] 07.18.19

Facebook Privately Pitched Its Cryptocurrency Plan Last Month to Regulators. They Were Left Even More Scared. – [The Washington Post]07.17.19


Amazon Faces E.U. Inquiry Over Data From Independent Sellers – [The New York Times] 07.17.19


Facebook Cryptocurrency Plans Have a Problem: Facebook’s Reputation – [The New York Times] 07.17.19


‘Breathtaking Arrogance’: Senators Grill Facebook in Combative Hearing Over Libra Currency – [The Guardian]07.17.19


‘I Don’t Trust You Guys’: Lawmakers Unite to Take Aim at Big Tech – [The New York Times] 07.17.19


Most of the Google Walkout Organizers Have Left the Company – [Wired] 07.17.19

Apple Preaches Privacy. Lawmakers Want the Talk to Turn to Action. – [The Washington Post] 07.16.19


To Break Google’s Monopoly on Search, Make Its Index Public – [Bloomberg] 07.16.19


Tariffs on China Don’t Cover the Costs of Trump’s Trade War – [The New York Times] 07.16.19


Intel Executive: Rein In Data Brokers – [The New York Times] 07.16.19


Tech Investor and Trump Supporter Peter Thiel Thinks Elizabeth Warren Is the Most ‘Dangerous’ Democratic Candidate – [CNBC] 07.16.19


Peter Thiel Urges U.S. Probe of Google’s ‘Seemingly Treasonous’ Acts – [Bloomberg] 07.16.19


Economist Luigi Zingales: To Limit Big Tech’s Power, Regulations Should Be Tailored – [Fortune] 07.16.19


Inside the Conflict at Walmart That’s Threatening Its High-Stakes Race With Amazon – [Vox] 07.15.19


Amazon Warehouse Workers Around the World Are Striking for Prime Day– [Quartz] 07.15.19


Facebook Is Actually Richer Thanks to News of the FTC’s $5 Billion Fine – [MIT Technology Review] 07.15.19


Facebook’s $5 Billion FTC Fine Is an Embarrassing Joke – [The Verge]07.15.19


Joe Biden Unveils His Health Care Plan – [Axios] 07.15.19


Fighting Big Tech Makes for Some Uncomfortable Bedfellows – [The New York Times] 07.15.19


China’s Economic Growth Hits 27-Year Low as Trade War Stings – [The New York Times] 07.15.19


U.S. Proposes Barring Big Tech Companies From Offering Financial Services, Digital Currencies – [The New York Times] 07.15.19


There Are Too Few Companies and Their Profits Are Too High – [The Nation] 07.14.19

F.T.C. Approves Facebook Fine of About $5 Billion – [The New York Times]07.12.19


Donald Trump Blasts Facebook’s Libra, Demands Strict Regulation – [Ars Technica] 07.12.19


Google Workers Can Listen to What People Say to Its AI Home Devices – [The Guardian] 07.12.19


FCC Commissioner Blasts Carriers for Failure to Fight Robocalls – [The Verge]07.12.19


US Healthcare Is Literally Killing People – [Financial Times] 07.12.19


Drugmakers Braced for Opioid Crisis Reckoning – [Financial Times] 07.12.19


Acosta to Resign as Trump’s Labor Secretary Over Epstein Plea Deal – [The New York Times] 07.12.19


A Koch Executive’s Harassment in China Adds to Fears Among Visitors – [The New York Times] 07.12.19


As Nations Look to Tax Tech Firms, U.S. Scrambles to Broker a Deal – [The New York Times] 07.12.19


The New Plot Against Obamacare – [The New York Times] 07.12.19


T-Mobile, Sprint Expected to Extend Deal Date: Sources – [Reuters] 07.12.19


Washington Has Doubts About Facebook’s Libra Payments Network – [Wall Street Journal] 07.12.19


Who Needs Amazon HQ2? Not New York Real Estate’s Tech Boom – [Wall Street Journal] 07.12.19


Financial Watchdog Shifts From Enforcer to Educator – [Wall Street Journal] 07.12.19

France Moves Toward Digital Tax, Stoking Fight With White House – [The New York Times] 07.11.19


President Trump Withdraws Plan to Eliminate Drug Price Rebates – [The New York Times] 07.11.19


The Nordic Model May Be the Best Cushion Against Capitalism. Can It Survive Immigration? – [The New York Times] 07.11.19


Trump Rolls Out the Red Carpet for Right-Wing Social Media Trolls – [The New York Times] 07.11.19


Amazon to Retrain a Third of Its U.S. Workforce – [Wall Street Journal] 07.11.19


The Problem at Fox News Is Not Just Tucker Carlson — It’s the Murdoch Family That Owns and Controls the Network – [The Intercept] 07.10.19


Revealed: The Explosive Secret Recording That Shows How Russia Tried To Funnel Millions To The “European Trump” – [BuzzFeed] 07.10.19


Big Tech Summoned to Washington for Antitrust Hearing – [Wall Street Journal] 07.10.19

There’s Value in Trying a Wealth Tax – [Bloomberg] 07.10.19

Dr. Bezos Is Ready to See You Now – [Bloomberg] 07.10.19

Trump Administration Will Allow Some Companies to Sell to Huawei – [The New York Times] 07.10.19

Can States Just Say No to Corporate Giveaways? – [The New York Times]07.10.19

The Rise and Fall of the Palo Alto Consensus – [The New York Times]07.10.19

What’s Driving Populism? – [Project Syndicate] 07.09.19


Doc-Lite: the New Menace in $1.2tn Leveraged Loan Market – [Financial Times] 07.09.19

Kohl’s Is Betting on Amazon Returns to Drive Sales – [The New York Times]07.09.19

For France’s Jobless, Macron Aims to ‘Make Work Pay’ – [The New York Times]07.09.19

Jeffrey Epstein Is the Ultimate Symbol of Plutocratic Rot – [The New York Times]07.09.19

Obamacare in Jeopardy as Appeals Court Hears Case Backed by Trump – [The New York Times] 07.09.19

Trump Rule Requiring Drug Prices in TV Ads Blocked – [Wall Street Journal]07.08.19

This Chemical Kills. Why Aren’t Regulators Banning It? – [The New York Times] 07.08.19

‘Democracy . . . Is About to Die in Youngstown’ With Closing of the Local Newspaper – [The Washington Post]07.08.19

Google Keeps Track of Anything You’ve Ever Bought Using Gmail, Even If You Delete Emails – [USA Today] 07.08.19

Banks Steer Clear of Facebook’s Libra Project – [Financial Times] 07.08.19

The Fracturing of the Global Economic Consensus – [Financial Times] 07.08.19

How Private Equity Overcame Its Fear of Dabbling in Drugs – [Financial Times] 07.08.19

Employee Activism Is Alive in Tech. It Stops Short of Organizing Unions. – [The New York Times] 07.08.19

Deutsche Bank Layoffs Begin as Workers Feel Turnaround Plan’s Impact First – [The New York Times]07.08.19

ICE Used Facial Recognition to Mine State Driver’s License Databases – [The New York Times] 07.08.19

Congress Is Threatening to Make the Next Financial Crisis Worse – [Bloomberg] 07.08.19


Big Tech Has Dug a Moat That Rivals and Regulators Can’t Cross – [Bloomberg] 07.08.19

Google’s Onetime Hired Gun Could Now Be Its Antitrust Nightmare – [Politico] 07.08.19

Your Data Could Be at the Center of the Fight Against Big Tech – [The New York Times] 07.08.19

There Should Be a Public Option for Everything – [The New York Times]07.07.19

Are Tech Companies Africa’s New Colonialists? – [Financial Times] 07.05.19

Abigail Disney: ‘I’m Choosing to Be a Traitor to My Class’ – [Financial Times]07.05.19

Amazon Confirms It Holds on to Alexa Data Even If You Delete Audio Files – [The Verge] 07.05.19

Amazon’s Deliveroo Investment Is Halted for U.K. Scrutiny – [The New York Times] 07.05.19

‘Prospective Threat’ of Chinese Spying Justifies Huawei Ban, U.S. Says – [The New York Times] 07.05.19

Inside an Amazon Warehouse, Robots’ Ways Rub Off on Humans – [The New York Times] 07.05.19

Facebook Is Latest Tech Company to Come Under EU’s Antitrust Scrutiny – [Bloomberg] 07.03.19

Say Hello to the E.C.B.’s New Chief, Christine Lagarde – [The New York Times] 07.03.19

U.S. Proposes New Tariffs on $4 Billion of E.U. Goods as Trade Dispute Grows – [The New York Times] 07.03.19

Money Against Democracy – [The American Prospect] 07.03.19

Without Congressional Input, Trump May Further Widen the Gap Between Rich and Poor – [The American Prospect]07.03.19

The Big Evil Companies Are Right – [Gizmodo] 07.03.19

AT&T Against Gay Rights – [The New York Times] 07.02.19


Walmart and Giant US Retailers Turn Up Heat on Amazon and Google By Calling for Blockbuster Antitrust Investigation – [Business Insider] 07.02.19

Faceplant – [Columbia Journalism Review]07.02.19

Pelosi’s Relationship With Big Tech Shifts As Privacy And Antitrust Questions Mount – [NPR] 07.02.19

Facebook May Be ‘Pivoting’ to Something Worse – [BBC News] 07.02.19

A Facebook Civil Rights Audit Could Have Unintended Consequences – [The Verge] 07.02.19

Trump Pick to Lead F.A.A. Faces Scrutiny From Senate Democrats – [The New York Times] 07.02.19

Li Keqiang, Chinese Premier, Reaches Out to Trump and Business – [The New York Times] 07.02.19

The Moochers of Middle America – [The New York Times] 07.01.19

Sarin Possibly Detected at Facebook Mailing Facility – [CNBC] 07.01.19

Fake Facebook Warlord Used to Spread Malware, Researchers Say – [Bloomberg] 07.01.19

The Power of Google and Amazon Looms Over Tech IPOs – [Bloomberg]07.01.19

Google and Facebook Are Sucking the Brains Out of Europe – [Bloomberg]07.01.19

The Silver Lining for Labor Markets – [Financial Times] 07.01.19

HSBC Tells China It Is Not to Blame for Arrest of Huawei’s CFO – [Financial Times] 07.01.19

What Free College Really Means – [The New York Times] 07.01.19

Trump Restarts China Trade Talks, but the Two Sides Remain Far Apart. – [The New York Times] 07.01.19

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