The Weekly Briefing Archive 2019 (Jan-June)


What’s Not to Like About the EITC? Plenty, It Turns Out – [The American Prospect] 06.28.19


Low-Wage Workers Are Being Sued for Unpaid Medical Bills by a Nonprofit Christian Hospital That Employs Them – [ProPublica] 06.28.19


Defense Contractor Consolidation a Security Concern: U.S. Air Force Acquisition Head – [Reuters] 06.28.19


How Economics Can Raise its Game – [Financial Times] 06.28.19


Almost $500 Billion of Megadeals Get Panned Instantly – [Bloomberg] 06.28.19


Apple Moves Mac Pro Production to China – [Wall Street Journal] 06.28.19


Ex-FDA Boss Joins Pfizer 83 Days After Leaving US Drug Regulator – [Financial Times] 06.28.19


Democrats Confront Divisions Over Health Care in Debate – [The New York Times] 06.28.19


Trump’s Case for China Tariffs Fails to Persuade – [The New York Times] 06.28.19


A Unicorn Lost in the Valley, Evernote Blows Up the ‘Fail Fast’ Gospel – [The New York Times] 06.28.19


U.S. and China Angle for Trade Truce, but Both Insist the Other Will Back Down – [The New York Times] 06.28.19


White House Considers Capital Gains Tax Break That Would Benefit Wealthy – [Bloomberg] 06.27.19


Facebook’s Libra Probably Won’t Help People Without Bank Accounts – [The Verge] 06.27.19


Investors in Companies Profiting Off Student Loans Are Worried About Democrats’ Proposals to Cancel Debt – [The Intercept] 06.27.19


Internet Providers Look to Cash In on Your Web Habits – [Wall Street Journal]06.27.19


Supreme Court Declines to Set Limits on Political Gerrymandering – [Wall Street Journal] 06.27.19


Trump Redoubles Attacks on Fed Chair, Saying ‘I Made Him’ – [The New York Times] 06.27.19


America’s Monopoly Crisis Hits the Military – [The American Conservative]06.27.19


Global Regulators Deal Blow to Facebook’s Libra Currency Plan – [Financial Times] 06.26.19


Regulators Have Doubts About Facebook Cryptocurrency. So Do Its Partners. – [The New York Times] 06.26.19


In a World First, Facebook to Give Data on Hate Speech Suspects to French Courts – [Reuters] 06.25.19


Botox Maker Allergan Is Sold to AbbVie in $63 Billion Deal – [The New York Times] 06.25.19


Google’s Enemies Gear Up to Make Antitrust Case – [Wall Street Journal]06.25.19


Antitrust Concerns Delay Bristol-Myers’ $74 Billion Merger With Celgene – [Wall Street Journal] 06.25.19


A Message From the Billionaire’s Club: Tax Us – [The New York Times]06.25.19


Where Is Larry Page? Alphabet Deserves Better – [Bloomberg] 06.25.19


I’m in the 1 Percent. Please, Raise My Taxes. – [The New York Times] 06.25.19


Elizabeth Warren Channels the Real New Deal – [Bloomberg] 06.24.19


In the Land of the Giants – [The American Prospect] 06.24.19


The Insulin Racket – [The American Prospect] 06.24.19


How Digital Advertising Markets Really Work – [The American Prospect]06.24.19


The Double Standard of Antitrust Law– [The American Prospect] 06.24.19


As Consumer Protections Dwindle, Schools Push Financial Literacy – [The American Prospect] 06.24.19


US Companies Hunt for Loopholes to Beat China Tariffs – [Financial Times]06.24.19


Facebook’s Full-Frontal Assault on Finance – [Financial Times] 06.24.19


Google Sibling to Unveil Detailed Plan for Remaking Toronto’s Waterfront – [The New York Times] 06.24.19


5 Lessons From Microsoft’s Antitrust Woes, by People Who Lived It – [The New York Times] 06.24.19


A Message From the Billionaire’s Club: Tax Us – [The New York Times]06.24.19


What Happens After Amazon’s Domination Is Complete? Its Bookstore Offers Clues – [The New York Times] 06.24.19


Does Trump Have the Legal Authority to Demote the Federal Reserve Chairman? – [The New York Times]06.21.19


Taking Facebook to Task on Cryptocurrency Will be a Steep Challenge for Washington – [The Washington Post] 06.21.19


Washington’s First Attempt at Regulating Big Tech Is a Joke – [Vox]06.21.19


Facebook Keeps Failing in Myanmar – [Foreign Policy] 06.21.19


Americans Lack Trust in Social Networks’ Judgment to Remove Offensive Posts, Study Finds – [The Washington Post] 06.21.19


Facebook Co-Founder: Libra Coin Would Shift Power Into the Wrong Hands – [Financial Times] 06.21.19


T-Mobile and Sprint Try to Clinch Merger With Spectrum Sale – [Financial Times] 06.21.19


If Facebook Acts Like a Bank, Regulate it Like a Bank – [Houston Chronicle]06.21.19


U.S. Companies Brought Home More Profits From Overseas – [Wall Street Journal] 06.21.19


Millions of Business Listings on Google Maps Are Fake—and Google Profits – [Wall Street Journal] 06.21.19


Antitrust Deficit – [Democracy Journal]06.20.19


Silicon Valley Warns Changes to Key Legal Shield Could Unleash Harmful Content Online – [The Washington Post]06.20.19


U.K. Asks EU Court to Overturn Vestager’s Tax Clawback Order – [Bloomberg] 06.20.19


Ten Cities Ask EU for Help to Fight Airbnb Expansion – [The Guardian]06.20.19


Facebook Stole This Small Company’s Name for Its TikTok Clone, Lawsuit Claims – [Daily Beast] 06.20.19


Plutocrat Donors Are Shaping the Agenda at Our Elite Universities – [Financial Times] 06.20.19


The Senate Will Hold a Hearing Next Month on Facebook’s Libra Currency – [The Verge] 06.20.19


To Take Down Big Tech, They First Need to Reinvent the Law – [The New York Times] 06.20.19


Walmart to Pay $282 Million to End Investigation Into a Decade of Bribes – [The New York Times] 06.20.19


Launching a Global Currency Is a Bold, Bad Move for Facebook – [The New York Times] 06.19.19


What the Google-Genius Copyright Dispute Is Really About – [Wired]06.19.19


Google Pledges to Invest $1 Billion to Ease Bay Area Housing Crisis – [The New York Times] 06.19.19


Globalization Is Moving Past the U.S. and Its Vision of World Order – [The New York Times] 06.19.19


Microsoft’s Missteps Offer Antitrust Lessons for Tech’s Big Four – [Bloomberg] 06.19.19


Facebook’s New Competition: The U.S. Dollar – [New York Magazine] 06.18.19


European Regulators Are Already Pressing Facebook About Its Cryptocurrency – [The Verge] 06.18.19


Global Economic Growth Is Already Slowing. The U.S. Trade War Is Making It Worse – [The New York Times]06.18.19


Facebook Plans Global Financial System Based on Cryptocurrency – [The New York Times] 06.18.19


Google’s Ad Dominance Explained in Three Charts – [Wall Street Journal]06.18.19


Elizabeth Warren Is Completely Serious – [The New York Times] 06.17.19


Monopolist’s Worst Nightmare: The Elizabeth Warren Interview – [The American Prospect] 06.17.19


Mitch McConnell And The Tobacco Industry: Documents Show Close Ties– [NPR] 06.17.19


Hundreds of Companies Descend on Washington to Fight Trump’s Tariffs – [Bloomberg] 06.17.19


I’m a Financial Journalist Who Was Bored Silly by Mergers. Not Anymore.– [The New York Times] 06.17.19


Huawei’s CEO Reveals Expected Damage of US Sanctions – [The Verge]06.17.19


Big Tech Is America’s New ‘Railroad Problem’ – [Financial Times] 06.16.19


When Rohingya Refugees Fled to India, Hate on Facebook Followed – [The New York Times] 06.16.19


‘Catastrophic,’ ‘Cataclysmic’: Trump’s Tariff Threat Has Retailers Sounding Alarm – [The New York Times] 06.16.19


2020 Democratic Favorites for New York Donors? Biden, Buttigieg, Harris– [The New York Times] 06.16.19


How a Liberal Think Tank Is Driving 2020 Dems to Crack Down on Big Tech – [Politico] 06.14.19


Trump’s Assault on Financial Reform – [The American Prospect] 06.13.19


How Payday Lenders Spent $1 Million at a Trump Resort — and Cashed In – [ProPublica] 06.13.19


Why the Dutch Hate Bankers – [Bloomberg] 06.13.19


Social Security Is Staring at Its First Real Shortfall in Decades – [The New York Times] 06.13.19


Chinese Cyberattack Hits Telegram, App Used by Hong Kong Protesters – [The New York Times] 06.13.19


We Read 150 Privacy Policies. They Were an Incomprehensible Disaster. – [The New York Times] 06.13.19


Google News Failed Us, Says New York Times – [The Washington Post]06.13.19


Populists Are Wallowing in the Swamp, Not Draining It – [Financial Times] 06.13.19


Amazon’s Assault on Britain Has Gone Up a Notch – [Bloomberg] 06.13.19


Facebook in India Is Drowning in Anti-Muslim Hate Speech – [Vice News]06.13.19


Inside the German Antitrust Plan to Destroy Facebook’s Data Monopoly – [Wired] 06.13.19


EU Seeks Feedback on Google’s Attempt to Avert New Antitrust Probes – [Bloomberg] 06.13.19


Google Axes Lobbyists Amid Growing Government Scrutiny – [Wall Street Journal] 06.12.19


Facebook Worries Emails Could Show Zuckerberg Knew of Questionable Privacy Practices – [Wall Street Journal]06.12.19


You Care More About Your Privacy Than You Think – [The New York Times]06.12.19


T-Mobile-Sprint Deal Is on Life Support – [Bloomberg] 06.12.19


Facebook Unveils New Paid Research Program to Track Competitors – [Bloomberg] 06.12.19


House Opens Tech Antitrust Inquiry With Look at Threat to News Media – [The New York Times] 06.11.19


DOJ Antitrust Chief Stresses Role of Competition in Digital Economy – [Wall Street Journal] 06.11.19


Senator Warren Urges Antitrust Chief to Recuse Himself From Google, Apple Probes – [Reuters] 06.11.19


U.S. Antitrust Chief Says Past Enforcement Could Presage New Probe of Current Digital Giants – [Reuters] 06.11.19


House Opens Tech Antitrust Inquiry With Look at News Media – [The New York Times] 06.11.19


Ten U.S. States Sue to Stop Sprint-T-Mobile Deal, Saying Consumers Will Be Hurt – [Reuters] 06.11.19


Tech on Trial: House Panel Begins Review of Market Power – [Associated Press] 06.11.19


How Bookshops Survived the Amazon Onslaught – [Financial Times] 06.11.19


Trump Says Mexico Tariffs Worked, Emboldening Trade Fight With China– [The New York Times] 06.11.19


Company Part-Owned by Jared Kushner Got $90m From Unknown Offshore Investors Since 2017 – [The Guardian] 06.10.19


Vice Media Loses Its HBO Show and a Top Executive – [The New York Times]06.10.19


The U.S. Health Care System Is Full of Monopolies – [Axios] 06.10.19


Amazon Led a Tax Rebellion. A Year Later, Seattle Is Gridlocked – [Bloomberg] 06.10.19


IMF Warns of Giant Tech Firms’ Dominance – [BBC News] 06.10.19


The Roots of Big Tech Run Disturbingly Deep – [The New York Times] 06.10.19


Plans For a Worker-Led Economy Straddle America’s Political Divides – [Financial Times] 06.10.19


Foxconn: Why the World’s Tech Factory Faces its Biggest Tests – [Financial Times] 06.10.19


United Technologies and Raytheon to Combine Into Aerospace and Military Giant – [The New York Times] 06.10.19


The Business of Health Care Depends on Exploiting Doctors and Nurses – [The New York Times] 06.10.19


Google Made $4.7 Billion From the News Industry in 2018, Study Says – [The New York Times] 06.09.19


China Summons Tech Giants to Warn Against Cooperating With Trump Ban– [The New York Times] 06.09.19


Mar-a-Lago Comes for British Health– [The New York Times] 06.07.19


Three Ways That Big Tech Could be Broken Up – [Financial Times] 06.07.19


Elliott Management to Acquire Barnes & Noble for $683 Million – [CNBC]06.07.19


Brazil’s Financial Elites Are Losing Faith In The Authoritarian They Helped Put In Power – [Huff Post]06.06.19


Fiat Chrysler Withdraws €33bn Renault Merger Offer – [Financial Times]06.06.19


Tech Giants Amass a Lobbying Army for an Epic Washington Battle – [The New York Times] 06.06.19


YouTube to Remove Thousands of Videos Pushing Extreme Views – [The New York Times] 06.05.19


Global Regulators’ Net Tightens Around Big Tech – [Financial Times]06.05.19


Elizabeth Warren’s Big Break From 30 Years Of Pro-Corporate Trade Policy – [Huff Post] 06.05.19


Ford Is Fined in China as Trade Fight With U.S. Rages – [The New York Times]06.05.19


The People Screaming for Blood Have No Idea How Tech Actually Works – [The New York Times] 06.05.19


Tim Cook Says Apple Is Not a Monopoly as the Government Takes Harder Look at Big Tech – [CNBC]06.04.19


Ex-Panama Business Partner Claims Trump’s Company Evaded Taxes – [Financial Times] 06.04.19


Uber’s 2013-2014 Tax Returns Probed by the IRS – [Financial Times] 06.04.19


Powell, Eyeing Trade War, Says Fed Will Act to Sustain Expansion – [The New York Times] 06.04.19


Antitrust Troubles Snowball for Tech Giants as Lawmakers Join In – [The New York Times] 06.04.19


‘The Era of Self-Regulation Is Over:’ Congress Launches Antitrust Probe Into Google, Facebook – [USA Today]06.03.19


U.S. Moving Toward Major Antitrust Probe of Tech Giants – [Reuters] 06.03.19


FTC Gets Jurisdiction for Possible Facebook Antitrust Probe – [Wall Street Journal] 06.03.19


Facebook Tumbles on Antitrust Concerns – [CNBC] 06.03.19


Google, Facing U.S. Antitrust Probe, Knows How to Defend Itself – [Bloomberg] 06.03.19


Facebook Is Seeing F.T.C. Scrutiny as Antitrust Focus Turns to Big Tech – [The New York Times] 06.03.19


The New Antitrust Scrutiny Should Worry Silicon Valley – [Wired] 06.03.19


In Need of Cash, Democratic Presidential Hopefuls Turn to Wealthy Donors – [The Washington Post] 06.03.19


Europe’s Record Offers Cautions for a US Battle With Google – [Politico]06.03.19


Stop Creating Corporate Goliaths – [The New York Times] 06.03.19


The Inequalities of Workplace Surveillance – [The Nation] 06.03.19


Blackstone Strikes $18.7 Billion Deal for U.S. Warehouse Network – [Wall Street Journal] 06.03.19


Facebook in Talks With US Regulator Over Digital Currency – [Financial Times] 06.03.19


Trump’s Top Economist, Kevin Hassett, Will Depart – [The New York Times] 06.03.19


Inside a Flashy Trump Project in Uruguay: Cash Shortages and Mismanagement – [The New York Times]06.03.19


A ‘Bridge’ to China, and Her Family’s Business, in the Trump Cabinet – [The New York Times] 06.03.19


Amazon Could Face Heightened Antitrust Scrutiny Under a New Agreement Between U.S. Regulators – [The Washington Post] 06.03.19


Google and Amazon Are at the Center of a Storm Brewing Over Big Tech – [The New York Times] 06.02.19



Neoliberalism Must Be Pronounced Dead and Buried. Where Next? – [The Guardian] 06.01.19


Justice Department Is Preparing Antitrust Investigation of Google – [Wall Street Journal] 06.01.19


Targeted Ads Offer Little Extra Value for Online Publishers, Study Suggests – [TechCrunch] 05.31.19


How Charitable Donations Remade Our Courts – [Vox] 05.31.19


How Uber Hopes to Profit From Public Transit – [The New York Times]05.31.19


China Plans a List of U.S. Firms to Block, in Answer to Trump – [The New York Times] 05.31.19


Trump’s Trade War and Its Many Fronts – [The New York Times] 05.31.19


AP Report: ‘Pain League’ Allegedly Pushed Opioids in Italy – [Associated Press] 05.31.19


Trump Says U.S. Will Hit Mexico With 5% Tariffs on All Goods – [The New York Times] 05.30.19


It’s Getting Worse: The IRS Now Audits Poor Americans at About the Same Rate as the Top 1% – [ProPublica]05.30.19


Unhappy With Findings, Agriculture Department Plans to Move Its Economists Out of Town – [The New York Times] 05.30.19


Trade War Starts Changing Manufacturers in Hard-to-Reverse Ways – [The New York Times] 05.30.19


The Market Power of PBMs – [Axios]05.30.19


Apple Launched a Website to Prove the App Store Isn’t a Monopoly – [CNBC] 05.30.19


Google Should Google the Definition of ‘Employee’ – [The New York Times]05.30.19


Amazon to Let Alexa Users Delete Voice Commands in Privacy Push – [Bloomberg] 05.30.19


‘A White-Collar Sweatshop’: Google Assistant Contractors Allege Wage Theft – [The Guardian] 05.29.19


Commissioner’s Exit Would Leave the SEC Without a Democrat – [The American Prospect] 05.29.19


Huawei Revs Up Its U.S. Lawsuit, With the Media in Mind – [The New York Times] 05.29.19


A Fiat Chrysler-Renault Merger Would Put Nissan in a Bind – [The New York Times] 05.29.19


At Facebook’s Shareholder Meeting, a Challenge to Zuckerberg’s Power is Already Doomed – [Bloomberg] 05.29.19


Amazon Is Poised to Unleash a Long-Feared Purge of Small Suppliers – [Bloomberg] 05.28.19


Arms Manufacturers Tell Investors That Iran Tension Fuels Business – [The Intercept] 05.28.19


How Rep. Ro Khanna Got a Price-Gouging Defense Contractor to Return $16.1 Million to the Pentagon – [The Intercept] 05.28.19


Facebook’s Dystopian Definition of ‘Fake’ – [The Atlantic] 05.28.19


China’s State Planner Suggests Using Rare Earths in US Trade War – [Financial Times] 05.28.19


The Center Collapses – [The New York Times] 05.28.19


Zuckerberg and Sandberg Ignore Canadian Subpoena, Face Possible Contempt Vote – [CNN] 05.28.19


Google’s Shadow Work Force: Temps Who Outnumber Full-Time Employees– [The New York Times] 05.28.19


Why Privacy Is an Antitrust Issue – [The New York Times] 05.28.19


The Fake Nancy Pelosi Video Hijacked Our Attention. Just as Intended. – [The New York Times] 05.26.19


How Silicon Valley Gamed the World’s Toughest Privacy Rules – [Politico]05.25.19


Five Myths About Student Debt – [The Washington Post] 05.24.19


To Rein In Big Tech, EU Thinks Privacy, Not Prices – [Bloomberg]05.24.19


Mark Zuckerberg Says the Chris Hughes Solution to Break up Facebook Would Actually ‘Make it a Lot Harder’ to Solve Election and Privacy Problems – [Business Insider] 05.24.19


Facebook Plans to Launch ‘GlobalCoin’ Cryptocurrency in 2020 – [The Guardian] 05.24.19


Don’t Break Up Facebook — Replace Mark Zuckerberg, Says Former Security Boss Alex Stamos – [Vox]05.24.19


Snapchat Employees Abused Data Access to Spy on Users – [Vice] 05.24.19


Facebook Says It Is More Aggressively Enforcing Content Rules – [The New York Times] 05.24.19


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Elizabeth Warren Question Whether Trump’s Treasury Secretary Helped Illegally Strip Sears of Billions and Broke Ethics Rules – [Business Insider]05.24.19


Pain of Tariffs Tests Farmers’ Faith in Trump: ‘How Long Is Short-Term?’ – [The New York Times] 05.24.19


Huawei’s European Customers Are Put on Hold by U.S. Ban – [The New York Times] 05.24.19


This New Treatment Could Save the Lives of Babies. But It Costs $2.1 Million. – [The New York Times] 05.24.19


The FTC’s Big Tech Revolving Door Problem – [Public Citizen] 05.23.19


The Wealth Detective Who Finds the Hidden Money of the Super Rich – [Bloomberg] 05.23.19


The Radicalization of Fiona Scott Morton – [The New Republic] 05.23.19


Tech Companies Care Only When They Get Caught: Abortion Edition – [NY Mag] 05.22.19


Google’s Huawei Ban Exposes an Alarming App Store Duopoly – [The Week] 05.22.19


Morgan Stanley, Goldman and JPMorgan’s Grip on Tech IPOs Under Threat After Uber – [Financial Times]05.22.19


Google Stored Some Passwords in Plain Text for Fourteen Years – [The Verge] 05.22.19


Amazon Is Trying to Make Working in its Warehouses Like Playing a Video Game – [Business Insider] 05.22.19


Facebook’s Former Security Chief Says Mark Zuckerberg Has Too Much Power and Needs to Step Down as CEO – [Business Insider] 05.22.19


US Justice Dept Staff Recommends Blocking T-Mobile-Sprint Deal, Sources Say – [CNBC] 05.22.19


Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Are Parasites. Maybe They Should Disappear: Senator – [USA Today]05.22.19


Democrats’ Tax Cuts Target Middle Class More Than Trump’s, Study Says– [The New York Times] 05.22.19


Qualcomm Violated Antitrust Laws, U.S. Judge Rules – [The New York Times]05.22.19


Taming the Apex Predators of Tech – [The New York Times] 05.22.19


Internal Emails Reveal How the Chemical Lobby Fights Regulation – [The Guardian] 05.22.19


Why a T-Mobile/Sprint Merger Would Be Bad for the Public – [Wired] 05.21.19


Trump Grants Temporary Reprieve From Huawei Ban – [Financial Times]05.21.19


The Secret Vote That Could Wipe Away Consumer Rights – [The American Prospect] 05.21.19


Amazon Faces Investor Pressure Over Facial Recognition – [The New York Times] 05.21.19


T-Mobile, Sprint Get Merger Backing From FCC Chairman – [Wall Street Journal] 05.20.19


Google Restricts Huawei’s Access to Android After Trump Order – [The New York Times] 05.20.19


As Huawei Loses Google, the U.S.-China Tech Cold War Gets Its Iron Curtain – [The New York Times] 05.20.19


As Thousands of Taxi Drivers Were Trapped in Loans, Top Officials Counted the Money – [The New York Times] 05.20.19


T-Mobile, Sprint Soar After FCC Chairman Says He’ll Recommend Deal– [Bloomberg] 05.20.19


U.S. Fines Billions for Wall Street Fraud. Nearly Half the Time It Doesn’t Collect. – [Wall Street Journal] 05.20.19


Exclusive: Google Suspends Some Business With Huawei After Trump Blacklist – [Reuters] 05.20.19


US Private Equity Moves Into Trailer Parks – [Financial Times] 05.20.19


Democrats Need to Tame the Facebook Monster They Helped Create– [Politico] 05.18.19


AT&T Denies That Selling Phone Location Data Was Illegal as FCC Investigates – [Ars Technica] 05.18.19


Facebook’s A.I. Whiz Now Faces the Task of Cleaning It Up. Sometimes That Brings Him to Tears. – [Financial Times] 05.17.19


Trump Delays Auto Tariffs in Press for Deal With Japan, Europe – [Financial Times] 05.17.19


Why Lack of Competition Is Rubbish for Investors – [Financial Times] 05.17.19


Facebook Has Struggled to Hire Talent Since the Cambridge Analytica Scandal, According to Recruiters Who Worked There – [CNBC] 05.17.19


Big Companies Pay CEOs for Good Performance—and Bad – [Wall Street Journal] 05.17.19


Amazon Leads $575 Million Investment Round for Food Delivery Company Deliveroo – [CNBC] 05.17.19


WhatsApp: Hack Attack – [Financial Times] 05.16.19


Tech’s Regulation Debate Moves From “Whether” to “How” – [Axios] 05.16.19


Health Care CEOs Took Home $2.6 Billion in 2018 – [Axios] 05.16.19


Central Banks Have Broken Capitalism – [Bloomberg] 05.16.19


How the Promise of a $120 Billion Uber I.P.O. Evaporated – [The New York Times] 05.16.19


Elizabeth Warren Proposes Anti-Corruption Policy for Pentagon – [Huff Post] 05.16.19


Trump’s Huawei Threat Is the Nuclear Option to Halt China’s Rise – [Bloomberg] 05.16.19


Trump Pardons Billionaire Friend Conrad Black, Who Wrote a Book About Him – [The Washington Post]05.16.19


EU Fines Five Banks €1.1bn Over Foreign Exchange Cartel – [Financial Times] 05.16.19


Vice Tries to Turn the Page by Making Content for Others – [The New York Times] 05.16.19


Trump’s Love for Tariffs Began in Japan’s ’80s Boom – [The New York Times] 05.16.19


40% of Americans Support Antitrust Action Against Facebook After a Cofounder Called For it to be Broken Up – [Business Insider] 05.15.19

The Global Economy Was Improving. Then the Fighting Resumed. – [The New York Times] 05.15.19


In Apple Case, It’s Kavanaugh vs. Gorsuch – [The Washington Monthly]05.15.19


San Francisco Bans Facial Recognition Use by Police and the Government – [Vice] 05.14.19


Israel’s NSO: The Business of Spying On Your iPhone – [Financial Times]05.14.19


White House Explores New Farmer Bailout Plan As U.S.-China Trade War Heats Up – [The Washington Post] 05.14.19


Cory Booker’s Tech Startup Failed But Industry Ties Lasted – [The Washington Post] 05.14.19


Facebook Facing 20-Year Consent Agreement After Privacy Lapses – [CNBC] 05.14.19


2020 Hopeful Biden Says He’s Open to Breaking Up Facebook – [Associated Press] 05.14.19


Amazon Will Pay Workers to Quit and Start Their Own Delivery Businesses – [The New York Times] 05.14.19


T-Mobile and Sprint Consider Concessions to Save Their Merger – [Bloomberg] 05.14.19


Noncompete Clauses Trap #MeToo Victims in Abusive Workplaces. The FTC Should Ban Them. – [USA Today]05.14.19


Springtime for Antitrust Lawyers – [Wall Street Journal] 05.14.19


WhatsApp Rushes to Fix Security Flaw Exposed in Hacking of Lawyer’s Phone – [The New York Times] 05.14.19


Disney Is Taking Full Control of Hulu – [CNN] 05.14.19


Monsanto Must Pay Couple $2bn in Largest Verdict Yet Over Cancer Claims – [The Guardian] 05.13.19


Google Has Given $150,000 in Free Ads to Deceptive Anti-Abortion Group– [The Guardian] 05.13.19


How Can Dems Win Back Rural America? Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren Agree on the Answer – [Mother Jones] 05.13.19


Facebook Is Building Out its Team of Antitrust Experts – [Business Insider]05.13.19


Economists Often Don’t Know What They’re Talking About – [The Washington Post] 05.13.19


Supreme Court Rules Against Apple, Allowing Lawsuit Targeting App Store to Proceed – [The Washington Post]05.13.19


Facebook Officials Argue That Breaking Up Company Won’t Solve its Problems – [The Washington Post] 05.13.19


Teva and Other Generic Drugmakers Inflated Prices Up to 1,000%, State Prosecutors Say – [The New York Times]05.13.19


Breaking Up Facebook Is Not the Answer – [The New York Times] 05.12.19


U.S.-China Trade Standoff May Be Initial Skirmish in Broader Economic War – [The New York Times] 05.11.19


India Investigates Google for Suspected Android Abuse – [Wall Street Journal] 05.10.19


We Should Worry About How China Uses Apps Like TikTok – [The New York Times] 05.10.19


Facebook Is a Capitalism Problem, not a Mark Zuckerberg Problem – [Vox]05.10.19


The Case Against Breaking Up Facebook – [The Washington Post] 05.10.19


How Powerful Is Mark Zuckerberg? – [The Atlantic] 05.10.19


Breaking Up Facebook Isn’t Enough – [The Atlantic] 05.10.19


The Corporate World Has Its Own Inequality Problem – [Bloomberg]05.10.19


Facebook Breakup Call From Co-Founder Easier Said Than Done – [Bloomberg] 05.10.19


Facebook Rejects Co-Founder Call for Breakup, Senator Urges U.S. Antitrust Probe – [Reuters] 05.09.19


Amazon Flunks Children’s Privacy, Advocacy Groups Charge – [The New York Times] 05.09.19


Chris Hughes’s Call to Break Up Facebook: 5 Takeaways – [The New York Times] 05.09.19


Elizabeth Warren to Offset Donations From Family Tied to OxyContin Maker – [Wall Street Journal] 05.09.19


Uber Drivers Who Want Stock Should Protest at the SEC – [Bloomberg] 05.09.19


Amazon Hit by Extensive Fraud With Hackers Siphoning Merchant Funds – [Bloomberg] 05.09.19


What Apple, Facebook and Google Each Mean by “Privacy” – [Axios]05.09.19


F.T.C. Commissioners Back Privacy Law to Regulate Tech Companies – [The New York Times] 05.09.19


Lawmakers Differ on Remedies for Facebook Privacy Breach – [Wall Street Journal] 05.09.19


Joe Biden Brings in Massive Cash Haul at Hollywood Fundraiser That Draws Donors From Across the Country – [CNBC] 05.09.19


It’s Time to Break Up Facebook – [The New York Times] 05.09.19


Google’s New Privacy Features Put the Responsibility on Users – [Wired]05.08.19


Tech Companies Are Deleting Evidence of War Crimes – [The Atlantic]05.08.19


Google Promises to Give Users More Control of Data – [Financial Times]05.08.19


Facebook Is Violating Our Privacy. Where Are the Cops? – [The Guardian]05.08.19


How Netflix Scaled Back U.S. Lobbying to Focus on Europe – [The Information] 05.08.19


ACCC Blocks Vodafone and TPG Telecom Merger – [Sydney Morning Herald] 05.08.19


The Mighty U.S. Consumer Is Struggling – [Bloomberg] 05.08.19


Uber and Lyft Show What’s Wrong With the IPO Market – [Bloomberg]05.08.19


Uber Strikes Could Be the Start of Something Bigger – [Bloomberg] 05.08.19


Facebook’s Dream Hire Has Made a Bad Start – [Bloomberg] 05.08.19


Google’s Sundar Pichai: Privacy Should Not Be a Luxury Good – [The New York Times] 05.08.19


Corporate Welfare Wins Again in Trump’s Washington – [The New York Times] 05.08.19


Consumer Bureau Moves to Cap Debt Collectors’ Calls, and Allow Texts and Emails – [The New York Times] 05.08.19


Google Says It Has Found Religion on Privacy – [The New York Times] 05.08.19


Drivers Start Strikes Ahead of Uber’s Blockbuster I.P.O. – [The New York Times] 05.08.19


Big Banks Push to Free Up $40 Billion From Postcrisis Restrictions – [Wall Street Journal] 05.08.19


Facebook Picks London as Base for WhatsApp Push Into Payments – [Financial Times] 05.08.19


Decade in the Red: Trump Tax Figures Show Over $1 Billion in Business Losses – [The New York Times] 05.07.19


Mnuchin Rejects Democrats’ Demand to Hand Over Trump’s Tax Returns, All But Ensuring Legal Battle – [The Washington Post] 05.07.19


Anadarko Says It Now Favors Occidental Bid Over Chevron – [The New York Times] 05.07.19


Trump Advisers Accuse China of Reneging on Trade Commitments – [The New York Times] 05.07.19


Facebook Can Turn User Groups Into Gold Mines – [Wall Street Journal]05.07.19


Facebook Is Turning its Fact-Checking Partners Loose on Instagram – [The Verge] 05.07.19


Facebook Invites Journalists to See New ‘War Room,’ Won’t Let Them Ask Workers Questions – [Gizmodo] 05.06.19


Inside Facebook’s War Room: the Battle to Protect EU Elections – [The Guardian] 05.06.19


Big Tech Is Spying on Your Wallet – [The Washington Monthly] 05.06.19


Tech Giants Rethink the Businesses That Made Them Big – [Wall Street Journal] 05.06.19


The 20-Year Argument Between Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren Over Bankruptcy, Explained – [Vox] 05.06.19


Europe Is Reining In Tech Giants. But Some Say It’s Going Too Far. – [The New York Times] 05.06.19


De Blasio May Want to Be President. What Do His Donors Want? – [The New York Times] 05.06.19


Occidental Ups Its Cash Offer for Anadarko – [The New York Times]05.06.19


Trump’s Trade War Threat Poses Problems for China and Investors – [The New York Times] 05.06.19


The Making of Amazon Prime, the Internet’s Most Successful and Devastating Membership Program – [Vox] 05.04.19


Facebook Faces a Big Penalty, but Regulators Are Split Over How Big – [The New York Times] 05.04.19


Facebook Has Told Federal Investigators it’s Open to Heightened Oversight of its Privacy Practices – [The Washington Post] 05.03.19


Guns, Strippers, and Fancy Dinners: How One Pharma Company Bribed Doctors to Prescribe Fentanyl – [Vice News] 05.03.19


How Erik Prince Used the Rise of Trump to Make an Improbable Comeback – [The Intercept] 05.03.19


Bankers at the Top Are Getting Big Raises Under Trump – [Bloomberg]05.03.19


Facebook Wades Deeper Into Censorship Debate As it Bans ‘Dangerous’ Accounts – [Politico]05.03.19


The Flood of Tech IPOs Risks Worsening Inequality – [Financial Times] 05.03.19


Facebook’s Quest Is to Find New Ways to Make Money – [Financial Times]05.03.19


Hungary Added a ‘Slave Law’ to Meet Labor Shortages. It’s Not Working So Well. – [The New York Times] 05.03.19


You Can’t Tax the Rich Without the I.R.S. – [The New York Times] 05.03.19


Why Wages Are Finally Rising, 10 Years After the Recession – [The New York Times] 05.03.19


Why Does Apple Control Its Competitors? – [The New York Times]05.03.19


A Very Modern Waste of Tax Dollars – [The New York Times] 05.02.19


Facebook Investors Lose Bid For Cambridge Analytica Probe – [Law360]05.02.19


Facebook Bans Alex Jones, Louis Farrakhan and Others From Its Services – [The New York Times] 05.02.19


Billionaire Founder of Opioid Firm Guilty of Bribing Doctors to Prescribe Drug – [The Guardian] 05.02.19


Will China Export its Illiberal Innovation? – [The New York Times]05.02.19


How Companies and Allies of One Powerful Democrat Got $1.1 Billion in Tax Breaks – [ProPublica] 05.02.19


Elite Gathering Reveals Anxiety Over ‘Class War’ and ‘Revolution’ – [Financial Times] 05.02.19


Qualcomm to Get at Least $4.5 Billion in Apple Settlement – [Wall Street Journal] 05.02.19


Capitalists Fear a Socialist Revolt – [The New York Times] 05.02.19


Facebook Set to Create Privacy Positions as Part of F.T.C. Settlement – [The New York Times] 05.02.19


The Tax Break Was $260 Million. Benefit to the State Was Tiny: $155,520. – [The New York Times] 05.01.19


Eric Schmidt to Leave Alphabet Board, Ending an Era That Defined Google – [The New York Times] 05.01.19


Apple’s Plan to Buy $75 Billion of Its Stock Fuels Spending Debate – [The New York Times] 05.01.19


Amazon Launches New Middle East Marketplace, and Rebrands Souq, the Company it Bought for $580 Million in 2017 – [CNBC] 05.01.19


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Says the ‘Future Is Private’ – [The Verge]05.01.19


U.S. Attorney General Recuses Self From T-Mobile, Sprint Merger Probe – [Reuters] 05.01.19


How to Take Back Control From Facebook – [The New York Times] 05.01.19


When Manipulation Is the Digital Business Model – [Financial Times]05.01.19


Facebook Unveils Redesign as It Tries to Move Past Privacy Scandals – [The New York Times] 04.30.19


Brazil’s Pesticide Industry Is Creating Massive PFOS Contamination – [The Intercept] 04.30.19


Uber’s Enormous, Vague IPO Prospectus Is an Outrage – [Financial Times] 04.30.19


The Urgent Necessity of Public-Interest Journalism – [The Washington Post] 04.30.19


Facebook, ‘Asleep at the Wheel’ – [The New York Times] 04.30.19


Labor Dept. Says Workers at a Gig Company Are Contractors – [The New York Times] 04.30.19


T-Mobile and Sprint’s Merger Deadline Was Extended — Again – [The Verge] 04.30.19


Facebook Is Right to Open Up its Data Trove – [Financial Times] 04.30.19


Buffett Backs Occidental Bid for Anadarko With $10bn Investment – [Financial Times] 04.30.19


Alphabet Falls $1 Billion Short of Revenue Forecasts, Blaming Strong Dollar – [The New York Times] 04.30.19


Trump Sues Deutsche Bank and Capital One to Block Compliance With Subpoenas – [The New York Times]04.30.19


These Ads Think They Know You – [The New York Times] 04.30.19


A Doorbell Company Owned by Amazon Wants to Start Producing “Crime News” and It’ll Definitely End Well – [Nieman Lab] 04.30.19


Profitable Giants Like Amazon Pay $0 in Corporate Taxes. Some Voters Are Sick of It. – [The New York Times] 04.29.19


Big Tech’s Health Fixation Spreads Into Private Areas – [Financial Times]04.29.19


Trump Blames NRA’s Woes on New York’s Governor and Attorney General– [The Washington Post] 04.29.19


Populist Economic Frustration Threatens Trump’s Strongest Reelection Issue, Post-ABC Poll Finds – [The Washington Post] 04.29.19


In Washington, Juul Vows to Curb Youth Vaping. Its Lobbying in States Runs Counter to That Pledge. – [The New York Times] 04.29.19


Which Tech Company Is Uber Most Like? Its Answer May Surprise You – [The New York Times] 04.29.19


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Uber Is a Growth Business That Has Trouble Growing – [Bloomberg] 04.26.19


Uber Seeks $91.5bn Valuation in Highly Anticipated IPO – [Financial Times] 04.26.19


Canada Says Facebook Broke Privacy Laws With ‘Superficial’ Safeguards – [The New York Times] 04.26.19


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American Prosperity Depends on Stopping Mega-Mergers – [Financial Times] 04.25.19


Two Capitalists Worry About Capitalism’s Future – [Wall Street Journal] 04.25.19


Facebook Proves Adept at Beating Lowered Expectations – [Bloomberg]04.24.19


Facebook Expects to Be Fined Up to $5 Billion by F.T.C. Over Privacy Issues – [The New York Times] 04.24.19


Facebook While Black: Users Call it Getting ‘Zucked,’ Say Talking About Racism Is Censored as Hate Speech – [USA Today] 04.24.19


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The Bogus Justification for Worker Non-Compete Clauses – [On Labor] 04.24.19


Is Amazon Violating U.S. Antitrust Laws? This Law Student Thinks He Has Evidence. – [In These Times] 04.24.19


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Occidental Seeks to Buy Anadarko for $38 Billion, Topping Chevron’s Offer – [Wall Street Journal] 04.24.19


Google Wins First FAA Approval for Regular Drone Delivery of Consumer Items – [Wall Street Journal] 04.24.19


A Silicon Valley Apostate Launches ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ for Tech – [Wall Street Journal] 04.24.19


Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Should be “Liable” for the Company’s Privacy Missteps, Top Lawmaker Says – [The Washington Post] 04.24.19


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UBS and Deutsche Bank Asset Managers in ‘Serious’ Merger Talks – [Financial Times] 04.23.19


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This Estonian Start-Up Has Become a Thorn in Uber’s Side – [The New York Times] 04.23.19


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She Sold the Patriot Act to Congress. Her Next Job Is Defending Facebook. – [The Washington Post] 04.23.19


Elizabeth Warren’s Higher Education Plan: Cancel Student Debt and Eliminate Tuition – [The New York Times]04.22.19


Free Speech Puts U.S. on ‘a Collision Course’ With Global Limits on Big Tech – [The New York Times] 04.22.19


Elizabeth Warren Wants to Make It Easier to Prosecute Executives – [The New York Times] 04.22.19


Progressive Capitalism Is Not an Oxymoron – [The New York Times]04.22.19


We Ignore the Disaster in the Antibiotics Market at Our Peril – [Financial Times] 04.22.19


Why American CEOs Are Worried About Capitalism – [Financial Times]04.22.19


Facebook Signals Softer Stance on Ad Rules for EU Elections – [Financial Times] 04.22.19


Sen. Elizabeth Warren Proposes Student-Debt Cancellation – [Wall Street Journal] 04.22.19


Capitalism in Crisis: U.S. Billionaires Worry About the Survival of the System That Made Them Rich – [The Washington Post] 04.21.19


Half of England Is Owned by Less Than 1% of the Population – [The Guardian] 04.18.19


Facebook Collected 1.5 Million Users’ Email Contacts Without Their Knowledge – [CNN] 04.18.19


How the IRS Gave Up Fighting Political Dark Money Groups – [ProPublica] 04.18.19


Google and Facebook Should ‘Work With Regulators,’ Says Longtime Obama Adviser Valerie Jarrett – [Yahoo! Finance] 04.18.19


T-Mobile/Sprint Merger Is in Danger of Being Rejected by DOJ – [Ars Technica] 04.17.19


Former Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke Parlays Trump Cabinet Post Into Private Career – [Huff Post] 04.17.19


Bezos Disputes Amazon’s Market Power. But His Merchants Feel the Pinch – [Bloomberg] 04.17.19


James Murdoch Set to Invest $1bn in Media Companies – [Financial Times]04.17.19


The Supreme Court Hands the S.E.C. a Rare Win – [The New York Times] 04.17.19


Apple and Qualcomm Settle All Disputes Worldwide – [The New York Times] 04.16.19


Mark Zuckerberg Leveraged Facebook User Data to Fight Rivals and Help Friends, Leaked Documents Show – [NBC News] 04.16.19


Mark Zuckerberg Leveraged Facebook User Data to Fight Rivals and Help Friends, Leaked Documents Show – [NBC News] 04.16.19


15 Months of Fresh Hell Inside Facebook – [Wired] 04.16.19


Misinformation About the Notre Dame Fire Spread Quickly on Social Media – [The Verge] 04.16.19


Inequality Fuels Rage of ‘Yellow Vests’ in Equality-Obsessed France – [The New York Times] 04.16.19


Deutsche Bank Is Subpoenaed for Trump Records by House Democrats – [The New York Times] 04.16.19


France and Belgium Refuse Support for New Trade Talks With the U.S. – [The New York Times] 04.16.19


US Companies Reveal Pay Gap Between Bosses and Workers – [Financial Times] 04.16.19


Is America Becoming an Oligarchy? – [The New York Times] 04.15.19


Their Tax Rate Is 0% – [The New York Times] 04.15.19


Chevron Bid Shows There Is No Place Like Home for US Oil – [Financial Times]04.15.19


What Donald Trump Gets Right About the US Economy – [Financial Times]04.15.19


Activists Say Alphabet’s Planned Neighborhood in Toronto Shows All the Warning Signs of Amazon HQ2-Style Breakup – [Business Insider]04.15.19


Purdue Tried to Buy Reckitt Benckiser’s Addiction Business – [Financial Times] 04.15.19


Goldman Says Europe Buybacks Will Rise, But Not to U.S. Levels – [Bloomberg] 04.15.19


Tech Companies Say They Care – [The New York Times] 04.14.19


Facebook Investors Desperate to Boot Mark Zuckerberg From Chairmanship– [Mashable] 04.13.19


One Man vs. McKinsey: A Billionaire Says the Consultancy Has Rigged the Bankruptcy System – [The New York Times] 04.13.19


Tracking Phones, Google Is a Dragnet for the Police – [The New York Times]04.13.19


How Big Business Is Hedging Against the Apocalypse – [The New York Times]04.12.19


Chevron to Buy Anadarko Petroleum in a $33 Billion Cash and Stock Deal – [CNBC] 04.12.19


Uber Warns That Apple and Google’s Stranglehold Over the Distribution of Apps Poses a Major Risk to Its Business – [Business Insider] 04.12.19


Stop Blaming My Late Husband, Arthur Sackler, for the Opioid Crisis – [The Washington Post] 04.12.19


Uber Makes IPO Case That It’s About the Platform, Not the Losses – [Bloomberg] 04.12.19


‘A Walking Conflict of Interest’: Ex-Oil Lobbyist Confirmed to Lead US Interior Department – [The Guardian]04.11.19


Jeff Bezos Challenges Rivals to Match Amazon’s Pay and Benefits – [CNBC]04.11.19


Ron Burkle, Billionaire Investor, Is Said to Be in Talks to Buy National Enquirer – [The New York Times] 04.11.19


Facebook Is Changing News Feed (Again) to Stop Fake News – [Wired]04.11.19


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Why the Elite Media Are Surviving in This Populist Age – [Financial Times]04.11.19


People Love to Hate These Pharmaceutical Middlemen. Congress Isn’t Buying It. – [The Washington Post]04.11.19


Corporations Are Cheating the Global Tax System. World Leaders Can’t Afford to Ignore It. – [The Washington Post] 04.11.19


Amazon and Microsoft Are 2 Finalists for $10 Billion Pentagon Contract – [The New York Times] 04.11.19


EU Leaders Agree to Six-Month Brexit Delay – [Financial Times] 04.11.19


The Privacy Project – [The New York Times] 04.11.19


The National Enquirer Is for Sale, and a Deal Seems Near – [The New York Times] 04.10.19


Congress Is About to Ban the Government From Offering Free Online Tax Filing. Thank TurboTax. – [ProPublica] 04.10.19


Facebook Bends to EU Pressure on ‘Misleading’ Fine Print – [Wall Street Journal] 04.10.19


Sen. Mark Warner Warns That Breaking Up Tech Giants Could Open the Door to Chinese Firms – [CNBC]04.10.19


Trump to Issue Executive Orders Seeking to Speed Up Oil and Gas Projects – [The Washington Post] 04.10.19


Google Shifts Cloud Computing Strategy – [Financial Times] 04.10.19


Microsoft Worked With Chinese Military University on Artificial Intelligence – [Financial Times] 04.10.19


U.S. Ethics Office Declines to Certify Mnuchin’s Financial Disclosure – [The New York Times] 04.10.19


Bank of America Will Lift Minimum Wage to $20, as Lawmakers Spotlight Inequality – [The New York Times]04.10.19


U.S. Readies $11 Billion in Tariffs on E.U. – [The New York Times] 04.10.19


Google’s Wing Drones Approved to Make Public Deliveries in Australia – [The Verge] 04.09.19


Congress Is Sabotaging Your Post Office – [The Washington Monthly]04.09.19


What Laws Could Investigators Use to Pursue a Case Against Boeing? – [The New York Times] 04.09.19


EU Publishes Guidelines on Ethical Artificial Intelligence – [Financial Times]04.09.19


EU-U.S. Trade War Escalates Over Disputed Aviation Subsidies – [Wall Street Journal] 04.09.19


Senators Target the Ways Tech Tricks You – [Axios] 04.09.19


Why Big Pharma Is Winning the Drug Price Wars – [Bloomberg] 04.09.19


Mnuchin Enters Hot Seat as Battle for Trump’s Tax Returns Escalates – [The New York Times] 04.09.19


Norway Is Walking Away From Billions of Barrels of Oil – [Bloomberg]04.08.19


Facebook Wants a Faux Regulator for Internet Speech. It Won’t Happen. – [The New York Times] 04.08.19


Big Tech Must Pay for Access to America’s ‘Digital Oil’ – [Financial Times]04.08.19


Investors Should Beware the Behemoths Rushing to Market – [Financial Times] 04.08.19


Pass a Law to Combat Rent-Seeking – [Wall Street Journal] 04.08.19


Warren Buffett Urges Wells Fargo to Look Beyond Wall St for Next Chief – [Financial Times] 04.08.19


Larry Fink Says BlackRock Aims to Control a Chinese Asset Manager – [Financial Times] 04.08.19


How Regulators, Republicans and Big Banks Fought for a Big Increase in Lucrative But Risky Corporate loans – [The Washington Post] 04.08.19


Amazon Wants You to Use Alexa to Track Health Care – [Wall Street Journal]04.08.19


Britain Proposes Broad New Powers to Regulate Internet Content – [The New York Times] 04.08.19


The IRS Tried to Take on the Ultrawealthy. It Didn’t Go Well. – [ProPublica] 04.07.19


Amazon Bought Eero for $97 Million and Employees Still Got Screwed – [Mashable] 04.07.19


It’s Your iPhone. Why Can’t You Fix It Yourself? – [The New York Times] 04.06.19


What’s at Risk if the Fed Becomes as Partisan as the Rest of Washington – [The New York Times] 04.06.19


Big Agriculture Fights Back Against Warren’s Call to Break Up Industry – [CNBC] 04.05.19


Trump Says Fed Should Cut Rates and Lift Economy – [The New York Times]04.05.19


Scandals Suggest Standards Have Slipped in Corporate America – [The Economist] 04.05.19


The Technology 202: Local News Is the Next Battleground as Congress Eyes Big Tech’s Power – [The Washington Post] 04.05.19


The Old-School Answer to Global Trade – [The Washington Monthly]04.05.19


Social Media Bosses Could Be Liable for Harmful Content, Leaked UK Plan Reveals – [The Guardian] 04.05.19


Amazon’s Rise in Ad Searches Dents Google’s Dominance – [Wall Street Journal] 04.05.19


Americans Hate Social Media but Can’t Give It Up, WSJ/NBC News Poll Finds – [Wall Street Journal] 04.05.19


Facebook’s Ad Algorithm Is a Race and Gender Stereotyping Machine, New Study Suggests – [The Intercept]04.05.19


Google Dissolves AI Ethics Board Just One Week After Forming It – [The Verge] 04.05.19


Elite U.S. School MIT Cuts Ties With Chinese Tech Firms Huawei, ZTE – [Reuters] 04.05.19


Fearing a No-Deal Brexit, British Companies Hoard Like It’s Wartime – [Wall Street Journal] 04.05.19


Donald Trump to Nominate Herman Cain to Federal Reserve Board – [Financial Times] 04.05.19


Jeff Bezos to Keep Control of Amazon Stake After Divorce – [Financial Times]04.05.19


Swedbank’s Chairman Quits Amid Money-Laundering Scandal – [The New York Times] 04.05.19


One Trump Victory: Companies Rethink China – [The New York Times]04.05.19


Ethiopian Crash Report Indicates Pilots Followed Boeing’s Emergency Procedures – [The New York Times]04.05.19


Hedge Fund Billionaire Ray Dalio Says Capitalism Is Failing America, and We Need to Take 5 Specific Actions to Save It – [Business Insider]04.05.19


Trump’s Pick for Interior Dept. Continued Lobbying After Officially Vowing to Stop, New Files Indicate – [The New York Times] 04.04.19


UniCredit Waits in Wings to Bid for Germany’s Commerzbank – [Financial Times] 04.04.19


Millions of Facebook Records Found on Amazon Cloud Servers – [Bloomberg]04.04.19


A.I. and Privacy Concerns Get White House to Embrace Global Cooperation– [The New York Times] 04.04.19


The Health Reforms the G.O.P. Should Embrace (but Probably Won’t – [The New York Times] 04.04.19


Facebook Is Partnering With a Big UK Newspaper to Publish Sponsored Articles Downplaying ‘Technofears’ and Praising the Company – [Business Insider] 04.03.19


One of the World’s Most Important Programmers, Linus Torvalds, Says Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram Are ‘a Disease’ – [Business Insider] 04.03.19


Express Scripts Offers Diabetes Patients a $25 Cap for Monthly Insulin – [The New York Times] 04.03.19


How Rupert Murdoch’s Empire of Influence Remade the World – [The New York Times] 04.03.19


What Democratic Contenders Are Missing in the Race to Revive Antitrust – [The Atlantic] 04.03.19


Where in The U.S. Are You Most Likely to Be Audited by the IRS? – [ProPublica]04.02.19


It Is Time for a Truly Free Market – [Financial Times] 04.02.19


The ‘Best Economy’ Ever Isn’t Working for Working People – [The Washington Post] 04.02.19


Global Standards on Big Tech Are Sorely Needed – [Financial Times]04.02.19


Break Up the Big Four and Make Them Focus on Prudence – [Financial Times] 04.02.19


Google Employees Are Lining Up to Trash Google’s AI Ethics Council – [MIT Technology Review] 04.02.19


A Capitalist Is Worried – [The New York Times] 04.02.19


As Disinformation Persists, Facebook Considers a News Service – [The New York Times] 04.02.19


Trump Turns 2020 Election Into a Referendum on Health Care – [NBC News] 04.02.19


YouTube Executives Ignored Warnings, Letting Toxic Videos Run Rampant – [Bloomberg] 04.02.19


Revealed: Amazon Employees Are Left to Suffer After Workplace Injuries – [The Guardian] 04.02.19


Mark Zuckerberg Says He Wants to Fix the Internet. Don’t Take Him Seriously – [The Guardian] 04.02.19


Facebook Removed Hundreds Of Indian And Pakistani Political Pages For Spreading Bad Information Before India’s Elections – [BuzzFeed]04.02.19


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Monsanto Ordered to Pay $80 Million in Roundup Cancer Case – [The New York Times] 03.27.19


Judge Blocks Work Requirements for Medicaid Recipients in Arkansas and Kentucky – [The New York Times] 03.27.19


A Job-Scarce Town Struggles With Arkansas’s First-In-Nation Medicaid Work Rules – [The Washington Post]03.27.19


Exclusive: McDonald’s Halts Lobbying Against Minimum Wage Hikes – [Politico] 03.27.19


FTC Tells ISPs to Disclose Exactly What Information They Collect on Users and What It’s For – [TechCrunch]03.27.19


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He’s No ‘Sycophant’ for Trump, Expected Fed Nominee Says – [The New York Times] 03.27.19


Europe Adopts Tough New Online Copyright Rules Over Tech Industry Protests – [The New York Times] 03.27.19


After Boeing Crashes, Sharp Questions About Industry Regulating Itself – [The New York Times] 03.27.19


Purdue Pharma and Sacklers Reach $275 Million Settlement in Opioid Lawsuit – [The New York Times] 03.26.19


Uber to Acquire Careem, Its Top Mideast Rival, for $3.1 Billion – [The New York Times] 03.26.19


Trump’s Kakistocracy Is Also a Hackistocracy – [The New York Times]03.26.19


Museums Cut Ties With Sacklers as Outrage Over Opioid Crisis Grows – [The New York Times] 03.26.19


As They Profited From the Opioid Crisis, Sacklers Funded Anti-Muslim Network – [Sludge] 03.26.19


Thousands of Uber Drivers Are Striking in Los Angeles – [Vox] 03.26.19


Apple Launches TV App, Credit Card, Subscription Services – [Wall Street Journal] 03.25.19


AT&T, Viacom Avert Programming Blackout – [Wall Street Journal] 03.25.19


Amazon to Whole Foods Online Delivery Customers: We’re Out of Celery, How’s Kale? – [Wall Street Journal] 03.25.19


Boeing Was ‘Go, Go, Go’ to Beat Airbus With the 737 Max – [The New York Times] 03.25.19


Facebook and Google Wired $100 Million for Fake Invoices, Court Documents Show – [The New York Times]03.25.19


The Social Networks Are Publishers, Not Postmen – [Financial Times] 03.25.19


Whistleblower Accuses PwC of Failings Over Private Jet Trip – [Financial Times] 03.25.19


EU Warns No-Deal Brexit Is ‘Increasingly Likely’ – [Financial Times]03.25.19


Massive Lawsuit Says Sackler Family Broke Laws to Profit From Opioids – [The Guardian] 03.22.19


Facebook Allowed Companies to Post Job Ads Only Men Could See. Now That’s Changing. – [Vox] 03.22.19


Facebook Stored Hundreds of Millions of Passwords in Plain Text – [The Verge]03.22.19


Digital Hype Aside, Report Says Political Campaigns Are Mostly Analog Affairs – [The New York Times]03.22.19


Drug Company Protections Are Latest Stumbling Block for Nafta Rewrite – [The New York Times] 03.22.19


Supreme Court Ducks Class-Action Ruling on Distribution of Google Settlement Funds – [Wall Street Journal]03.21.19


Beto O’Rourke Sounds Off on Big Tech Companies Like Facebook, Twitter, and Google, Says Government Needs to Treat Them ‘A Little Bit More Like a Utility’ – [Business Insider] 03.21.19


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F.A.A. Approval of Boeing Jet Involved in Two Crashes Comes Under Scrutiny – [The New York Times] 03.20.19


Google Fined $1.7 Billion by E.U. for Unfair Advertising Rules – [The New York Times] 03.20.19


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House Passes Sweeping Election Reform Bill – [Politico] 03.08.19


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A College Chain Crumbles, and Millions in Student Loan Cash Disappears – [The New York Times]03.08.19


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T-Mobile’s Merger With Sprint Is Facing Pushback from Democrats – [USA Today] 03.07.19


Regulators Move to Ease Post-Crisis Oversight of Wall Street – [The New York Times] 03.07.19


Amazon Is Closing Pop-Up Stores, as Its Retail Strategy Evolves – [The New York Times] 03.07.19


The Imposing Venture of 3 Corporate Giants Gets a Not-So-Imposing New Name – [The New York Times] 03.07.19


Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Says He’ll Shift Focus to Users’ Privacy – [The New York Times] 03.07.19


Mark Zuckerberg Tried Hard To Get Facebook Into China. Now The Company May Be Backing Away. – [BuzzFeed] 03.07.19


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House Panel Picks Amazon Critic As Antitrust Counsel – [Law360] 03.06.19


Michael Bloomberg Will Not Run for President in 2020 – [The New York Times] 03.05.19


Michael Bloomberg Will Not Run for President in 2020 – [The New York Times] 03.05.19


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Keep Politics Out of Europe’s Competition Decisions – [Project Syndicate] 03.05.19


T-Mobile Acknowledges Its Patronage of Trump’s Washington Hotel Increased Sharply After Announcement of Merger With Sprint– [The Washington Post] 03.05.19


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Cohn Didn’t Have to Stop the AT&T-Time Warner Merger – [Bloomberg]03.05.19


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France Plans 5% Digital Tax as Governments Chase Internet Giants – [Bloomberg] 03.04.19


As Uber Prepares to Go Public, Its Lead Lawyer Races to Clean It Up – [The New York Times] 03.04.19


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Andrew Wheeler, Who Continued Environmental Rollbacks, Is Confirmed to Lead E.P.A. – [The New York Times] 02.28.19


Elon Musk Said He Doesn’t Respect the SEC—He Might Come to Regret It – [Ars Technica] 02.28.19


A New Editor, and a New Take on Brexit, for a Brawny London Tabloid – [The New York Times] 02.28.19


Trump Exaggerated His Wealth in Bid for Loan, Michael Cohen Tells Congress – [The New York Times] 02.28.19


Political Scandal Worsens for Canada’s Justin Trudeau – [Wall Street Journal] 02.28.19


Trudeau’s Ex-Attorney General: ‘Veiled Threats’ Were Made to Drop Case – [The New York Times] 02.27.19


Watchdog Group Slams FTC for Revolving-Door Practices Ahead of Pending Staples Merger – [The Intercept] 02.27.19


To Revive Rural America, We Must Fix Our Broken Food System – [The American Conservative] 02.27.19


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“Men Are Scum”: Inside Facebook’s War on Hate Speech – [Vanity Fair]02.27.19


U.S. Loses Appeal Seeking to Block AT&T-Time Warner Merger – [The New York Times] 02.27.19


The SEC Asks Judge to Hold Elon Musk in Contempt for Breaking Deal – [Quartz] 02.26.19


How High Drug Prices Inflate C.E.O.s’ Pay – [The New York Times] 02.26.19


Key Antitrust Lawmaker Sees ‘Reawakening’ in Congress to Perils of Big Tech – [Variety] 02.26.19


Pharmaceutical Company CEOs Face Grilling in Senate Over High Drug Prices – [NPR] 02.26.19


The Amazon Deal Was Not Brought Down by a Handful of Politicians – [The Nation] 02.26.19


The Opioid Crisis Isn’t White – [The New York Times] 02.26.19


Elizabeth Warren to Forgo Receptions and Fund-Raisers With Big Donors – [The New York Times] 02.26.19


Congress Dives Into Privacy – [Axios]02.26.19


Theresa May Promises U.K. Parliament a Vote to Delay Brexit – [The New York Times] 02.26.19


The EPA’s Bungled Response to an Air Pollution Crisis Exposes a Toxic Racial Divide – [The Intercept] 02.25.19


It’s Time for Pharmaceutical Companies to Have Their Tobacco Moment – [The New York Times] 02.25.19


California Leads the Way on Data Regulation – [Financial Times] 02.25.19


As Ex-Enron CEO Exits Prison, Some of Company’s Old Businesses Thrive – [Wall Street Journal] 02.25.19


PBM Practices Drive Up Costs for Rx Drugs – [Wall Street Journal] 02.25.19


No Friend-of-the-Court Senator – [Wall Street Journal] 02.25.19


Newsonomics: Can The New York Times Avoid a Trump Slump and Sign Up 10 Million Paying Subscribers? – [Harvard Nieman Lab] 02.25.19


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The Way to Fix Bias in Economics Is to Recruit More Women – [Financial Times]02.25.19


General Electric Agrees Sale of Life Sciences Unit in $21bn Deal – [Financial Times] 02.25.19


Trump Delays a Tariff Deadline, Citing Progress in China Trade Talks – [The New York Times] 02.25.19


‘Austerity, That’s What I Know’: The Making of a U.K. Millennial Socialist – [The New York Times] 02.25.19


China’s Entrepreneurs Are Wary of Its Future – [The New York Times] 02.24.19


Google Is Ending Forced Arbitration. Don’t Expect Your Own Employer To Follow Suit. – [Huff Post] 02.22.19


Tax Law Helped Boost 2018 Bank Profits to Record Level – [Wall Street Journal] 02.22.19


Jeffrey Skilling, Former Enron Chief, Released After 12 Years in Prison – [The New York Times] 02.22.19


Apple, Goldman Sachs Team Up on Credit Card Paired With iPhone – [Wall Street Journal] 02.22.19


Dollars on Margins – [The New York Times] 02.22.19


New York Is Better Off Without Amazon, Because the Era of Big Corporate Campuses Should Be Over – [Fast Company] 02.22.19


New York Is Better Off Without Amazon, Because the Era of Big Corporate Campuses Should Be Over – [Fast Company] 02.22.19


You Give Apps Sensitive Personal Information. Then They Tell Facebook– [Wall Street Journal] 02.22.19


Sackler Embraced Plan to Conceal OxyContin’s Strength From Doctors, Sealed Testimony Shows – [ProPublica]02.21.19


Sackler Embraced Plan to Conceal OxyContin’s Strength From Doctors, Sealed Testimony Shows – [ProPublica]02.21.19


A Major Privacy Advocacy Group Is Calling on the FTC to Force Google to Divest the Nest Business After It Failed to Let Consumers Know About a Hidden Microphone – [Business Insider]02.21.19


Facebook Grew Too Big to Care About Privacy – [Bloomberg] 02.21.19


Donald Trump Appears to Offer an Olive Branch to Huawei – [Financial Times] 02.21.19


A Better Path to Universal Health Care – [The New York Times] 02.21.19


Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder at Issue as U.S. Subpoenas Company – [The New York Times] 02.21.19


China Uses DNA to Track Its People, With the Help of American Expertise – [The New York Times] 02.21.19


Historian Who Confronted Davos Billionaires Leaks Tucker Carlson Rant – [The Guardian] 02.20.19


How Big a Problem Is It That a Few Shareholders Own Stock in So Many Competing Companies? – [Harvard Business Review] 02.20.19


Deutsche Bank Weighed Extending Trump Loans on Default Risk – [Bloomberg] 02.20.19


Merkel, Macron Push for New EU Merger Rules After Rail Veto – [Bloomberg] 02.20.19


Trump Administration Says It Will Rescind $929 Million In Funds For California High-Speed Rail – [Huff Post] 02.20.19


UK Regulator Thwarts Sainsbury’s £7.3bn Deal to Acquire Asda – [Financial Times] 02.20.19


Google and Facebook Have Become “Antithetical to Democracy,” Says The Age of Surveillance Capitalism Author Shoshana Zuboff – [Recode]02.20.19


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Wall Street, Seeking Big Tax Breaks, Sets Sights on Distressed Main Streets – [The New York Times] 02.20.19


Amazon and the Autocrats – [The New York Times] 02.20.19


New York City Already Has Lots of Jobs, Thank You – [The New York Times]02.20.19


New York City Already Has Lots of Jobs, Thank You – [Bloomberg] 02.20.19


YouTube Unleashed a Conspiracy Theory Boom. Can It Be Contained? – [The New York Times] 02.20.19


Democrats Want to Tax the Wealthy. Many Voters Agree – [The New York Times] 02.20.19


McKinsey Will Return $15 Million in Fees Over Disclosure Failures – [The New York Times] 02.20.19


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Brexit Means Facebook Can Breathe Easy in Britain – [Bloomberg] 02.19.19


Drug Prices Are Killing Diabetics. ‘Walmart Insulin’ Isn’t the Solution. – [The Washington Post] 02.19.19


As McKinsey Sells Advice, Its Hedge Fund May Have a Stake in the Outcome – [The New York Times] 02.19.19


Elizabeth Warren Wants a Wealth Tax. How Would That Even Work? – [The New York Times] 02.19.19


Facebook Is a Law-Breaking “Digital Gangster,” UK Government Report Says – [Ars Technica] 02.18.19


British Lawmakers Accuse Facebook Of ‘Intentionally’ Violating UK Privacy Laws – [Huff Post] 02.18.19


As Amazon Snubs New York, It Is Growing in 17 Other Cities – [Wall Street Journal] 02.18.19


New York Did Us All a Favor by Standing Up to Amazon – [The New York Times] 02.18.19


What’s the Plan for Brexit? There Is No Plan – [The New York Times] 02.18.19


In Amazon Fight, Progressives Showed What They Want: A New Economic Agenda – [The New York Times] 02.18.19


For Wall Street Banks in London, It’s Moving Time – [The New York Times]02.18.19


Google Is Reportedly Hiding Behind Shell Companies to Scoop Up Tax Breaks and Land – [The Verge] 02.17.19


Amazon Will Pay $0 in Taxes on $11,200,000,000 in Profit for 2018 – [Yahoo! Finance] 02.17.19


Bill de Blasio: The Path Amazon Rejected – [The New York Times] 02.17.19


Mueller Questions Cambridge Analytica Director Brittany Kaiser – [The Guardian] 02.17.19


Economics After Neoliberalism – [Boston Review] 02.15.19


Taxpayers Are Right to Question Incentives for Economic Development — and Not Just for Amazon – [Marketwatch] 02.15.19


Today’s Personal Finance Advice Doesn’t Actually Help Those Who Need It Most – [Huff Post] 02.15.19


How Much Could a Net Wealth Tax Bring In? – [Financial Times] 02.15.19


Facebook in Talks With US Watchdog to Settle Privacy Investigation – [Financial Times] 02.15.19


The Power of Raw, Honest Stories About Money – [The New York Times]02.15.19


In the End, Amazon Didn’t Win Its Own Subsidy Game – [The New York Times] 02.14.19


New York’s Ejection of Amazon Is the Start of a Movement – [City Lab] 02.14.19


Amazon Pulls Out of Planned New York City Headquarters – [The New York Times] 02.14.19


Europe’s Middle Class Is Shrinking. Spain Bears Much of the Pain. – [The New York Times] 02.14.19


America’s Unexpected Socialist Dawn– [Financial Times] 02.14.19


Silicon Valley Is Using Trade Secrets to Hide Its Race Problem – [Bloomberg]02.14.19


When Wall Street Is Your Landlord – [The Atlantic] 02.14.19


‘These Maps Are Bogus’: U.S. Lawmakers Tear Into Telecom Execs Over Spotty Rural Coverage – [The Washington Post] 02.14.19


Paid Line-Standing: the Bizarre Congressional Practice That “Shocked” Ocasio-Cortez, Explained – [Vox]02.13.19


France’s ‘Benalla Affair’ – the Scandal Macron Can’t Shake – [Reuters] 02.13.19


T-Mobile-Sprint Deal Gets New Scrutiny From the Left – [The New York Times] 02.13.19


Bank Mergers Get Faster Under Trump – [Wall Street Journal] 02.13.19


Why Amazon Is Caught in an Unexpected Brawl in New York – [The New York Times] 02.13.19


Smaller Tax Refunds Surprise Those Expecting More Relief – [The New York Times] 02.13.19


Before Bezos Fight, Enquirer Publisher AMI Faced Steep Losses – [Bloomberg]02.12.19


Bill Gates Tweeted Out a Chart and Sparked a Huge Debate About Global Poverty – [Vox] 02.12.19


Bill Gates Gets Why People Are Doubting Billionaires—And He Has A Defense (Even For Mark Zuckerberg)– [Forbes] 02.12.19


Bill Gates Says Tax Policies Like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Are ‘Missing the Picture’ – [The Verge]02.12.19


Full Q&A: Zucked Author Roger McNamee on Recode Decode – [Recode] 02.12.19


Why Amazon Buying Eero Feels So Disappointing – [The Verge] 02.12.19


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Campaigners Urge Facebook to Restore Ad Monitoring Access – [Financial Times] 02.12.19


Washington Post Finds Itself in the Middle of the Jeff Bezos Story – [The New York Times] 02.12.19


How Trump Has Hurt the Gun Lobby– [The New York Times] 02.12.19


The Real Reason Conservatives Are Suddenly Freaking Out About ‘Socialism’ – [The Washington Post]02.12.19


Europe, Please Wake Up – [Project Syndicate] 02.12.19


Newark Tells Amazon to Keep New Jersey in Mind If New York City Bails– [Bloomberg] 02.12.19


National Enquirer Publisher Asked Justice Department for Advice on Saudi Connection – [Wall Street Journal]02.12.19


Amazon Slashed Prices at Whole Foods. Now They’re Shooting Back Up. – [Wall Street Journal] 02.12.19


What We Should Ask Democrats About the Green New Deal – [The Washington Post] 02.12.19


Trump Offers Socialism for the Rich, Capitalism for Everyone Else – [The Guardian] 02.11.19


The National Enquirer’s Alleged Threats Against Jeff Bezos Have Put It in Enormous Legal Jeopardy – [Slate]02.11.19


Jeff Bezos and the National Enquirer – [The Economist] 02.11.19


Queens Native Delivers a Jolt to Amazon’s New York Ambitions – [Financial Times] 02.11.19


Fight Heats Up Over T-Mobile’s $26 billion Deal With Sprint – [Axios]02.11.19


Your Grandchildren Are Already in Debt – [The New York Times] 02.11.19


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We Must Train the Capitalist Algorithm Ourselves – [Financial Times]02.11.19


Google and Facebook Worsen Media Bias – [The Wall Street Journal] 02.11.19


Saudi Arabia Denies Role in Leak of Jeff Bezos’s Messages to National Enquirer – [The Guardian] 02.11.19


Facebook Steps Up Fact-Checking in India Before Election – [CNBC] 02.11.19


Hey, Big Spender: Tech Cash Will Keep Flowing – [The Wall Street Journal]02.11.19


Morgan Stanley, in Its Biggest Deal Since Crisis, Courts Future Millionaires – [The Wall Street Journal]02.11.19


Hospital Mergers Improve Health? Evidence Shows the Opposite – [The New York Times] 02.11.19


Hospital Mergers Improve Health? Evidence Shows the Opposite – [The New York Times] 02.11.19


The Next Wave of ‘Unicorn’ Start-Ups– [The New York Times] 02.11.19


Attorney for Tabloid Publisher Says Jeff Bezos Wasn’t Blackmailed – [The Wall Street Journal] 02.10.19


Facing Opposition, Amazon Reconsiders NY Headquarters Site, Two Officials Say – [The Washington Post] 02.08.19


Yes, Tax the Rich. But Do It Right. – [The New York Times] 02.08.19


What I Would Do As the Next President of the World Bank – [Financial Times] 02.08.19


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The Financial Crisis Put a Chill on Big Bank Deals. That Ended Thursday. – [The New York Times] 02.08.19


Fighting Brexit, One Caller and 100,000 YouTube Clicks at a Time – [The New York Times] 02.08.19


Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Accuses National Enquirer Parent Company of ‘Extortion’ Over ‘Intimate Texts’ and Photos – [The Washington Post] 02.07.19


No Thank You, Mr. Pecker – [Medium]02.07.19


States Follow EU, California in Push for Consumer Privacy Laws – [Bloomberg Law] 02.07.19


Schultz’s Independent Bid in 2020 Would Help Trump, Poll Finds – [Bloomberg] 02.07.19


Germany Blocks Facebook From Pooling User Data Without Consent – [Financial Times] 02.07.19


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Seven Fixes for American Capitalism – [Bloomberg] 02.07.19


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Staffing At Antitrust Regulator Declines Under Donald Trump – [Financial Times] 02.07.19


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Banks Weigh Whether to Embrace or Avoid Progressive Firebrand Ocasio-Cortez – [Reuters] 02.06.19


EU Blocks Alstom-Siemens Rail Merger Due to ‘Serious Competition Concerns’ – [CNBC] 02.06.19


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The Real State of the Union, in Charts– [The New York Times] 02.05.19


French Prosecutors Tied to Macron Attempt Newsroom Raid After Critical Stories – [Columbia Journalism Review]02.05.19


Top Nancy Pelosi Aide Privately Tells Insurance Executives Not to Worry About Democrats Pushing “Medicare for All” – [The Intercept] 02.05.19


Donald Trump’s Likely World Bank Pick Is Wary of Globalism – [Financial Times] 02.05.19


Flip the Script: Drugmakers Blame Middlemen for Price Hikes – [Wall Street Journal] 02.05.19


Loose Money Era Leaves Trail of U.S. Corporate Debt Junkies – [Reuters]02.05.19


Bezos’s Post Ad, Reportedly a Late Switch, Draws Ire From Staff – [Bloomberg] 02.05.19


Soak the Rich? Americans Say Go For It – [Politico] 02.05.19


Tech Is Splitting the U.S. Work Force in Two – [The New York Times] 02.05.19


Amazon Deal Meets New Resistance as Cuomo and N.Y. Senate Clash – [The New York Times] 02.04.19


Trump to Nominate David Bernhardt, a Former Lobbyist, As the Next Interior Secretary – [The Washington Post] 02.04.19


Former Koch Official Runs EPA Chemical Research – [Politico] 02.04.19


How to Soak the Rich – [The Atlantic]02.04.19


Trump Era’s Biggest Winner Is Jeff Bezos, Presidential Nemesis – [Bloomberg] 02.04.19


Alphabet Beats on Earnings and Revenue, But Stock Drops After Hours– [CNBC] 02.04.19


Bernie Sanders and Chuck Schumer’s Surprising Collaboration — and Weird Proposal — on Stock Buybacks – [The American Prospect] 02.04.19


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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ed Markey to Unveil ‘Green New Deal’ Bill – [CNN] 01.31.19


Does Facebook Really Know How Many Fake Accounts It Has? – [The New York Times] 01.31.19


Bernie Sanders Proposes Big Boost in Top Estate-Tax Rate – [Wall Street Journal] 01.31.19


Apple Is Punishing Facebook Big-Time For Breaking Its Rules – [Recode]01.30.19


Apple Escalates War Against Facebook and Its Privacy Practices – [The Washington Post] 01.30.19


Facebook Shares Surge as Sales, Profit Beat Wall Street Estimates – [Bloomberg] 01.30.19


Apple Shuts Down Facebook’s Internal Apps – [Financial Times]01.30.19


Facebook Has Been Paying Teens $20 a Month for Total Access to Their Phone Activity – [The Verge] 01.30.19


Amazon Has a New Strategy to Sway Skeptics in New York – [The New York Times] 01.30.19


Exclusive: Foxconn Reconsidering Plans to Make LCD Panels at Wisconsin Plant – [Reuters] 01.30.19


Steven Mnuchin Draws Claims of Conflict of Interest in Decision on Russian Oligarch – [The New York Times]01.29.19


Facebook Pays Teens to Install VPN That Spies on Them – [TechCrunch]01.29.19


Many Democrats Just Aren’t Buying It From Billionaires – [Wall Street Journal]01.29.19


A Tiny Screw Shows Why iPhones Won’t Be ‘Assembled in U.S.A.’ – [The New York Times] 01.29.19


Facebook’s Plan: One Messaging Service to Rule Them All – [Axios]01.29.19


Facebook’s Messaging Merger Leaves Lawmakers Questioning the Company’s Power – [The Verge] 01.29.19


Huawei and China Have Limited Ways to Answer U.S. Charges – [The New York Times] 01.29.19


FaceTime Bug Lets iPhone Users Eavesdrop, in a Stumble for Apple – [The New York Times] 01.29.19


Howard Schultz’s Radical Idea: Nothing Too Radical – [Time] 01.29.19


Howard Schultz Rips Warren’s ‘Ridiculous’ Plan to Tax the Super Wealthy – [Politico] 01.29.19


In 5G Race With China, U.S. Pushes Allies to Fight Huawei – [The New York Times] 01.28.19



Elizabeth Warren Does Teddy Roosevelt – [The New York Times] 01.28.19



$1.5 Trillion Tax Cut Had No Major Impact on Business Spending – [NBC News] 01.28.19



Facebook to Make EU Political Parties Register As Advertisers – [Financial Times] 01.28.19



How To Stop Amazon From Swallowing the Internet – [Forbes]01.28.19



EU Data Watchdog Raises Concerns Over Facebook Integration – [The Guardian] 01.28.19



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Another Tech Bubble Could Be About to Burst – [Financial Times] 01.28.19



How Every Member Got to Congress – [The New York Times] 01.28.19



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As Warren Eyes White House, Big Banks Brace for Browbeating – [Wall Street Journal] 01.28.19



Google, Amazon Seek Foothold in Electricity as Home Automation Grows – [Wall Street Journal] 01.28.19



Howard Schultz Weighs 2020 Campaign, Drawing Mockery from Trump – [The New York Times] 01.27.19



Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Calls Big Tech Giants’ Dominance ‘Unsustainable’ – [CNN] 01.27.19


Facebook and Google Need to Start Paying Journalists What They Owe Us– [Slate] 01.25.19


Sen. Warren’s Plan to Tax the Ultrawealthy Is a Smart Idea Whose Time Has Come – [The Washington Post]01.25.19


Democratic Attacks on AOC Expose the Party’s Fear of Taking on Moneyed Interests – [The Washington Post] 01.25.19


‘Surveillance Capitalism’ Has Gone Rogue. We Must Curb Its Excesses – [The Washington Post] 01.25.19


Trump Commerce Chief Wonders Why Federal Workers Are Going to Food Banks – [The Guardian] 01.24.19


Elizabeth Warren to Propose New ‘Wealth Tax’ On Very Rich Americans, Economist Says – [The Washington Post]01.24.19


Layoffs Underway at HuffPost a Day After Parent Company Verizon Announced Cuts – [CNNMoney] 01.24.19


Microsoft CEO Says Facial Recognition Technology Needs to be Regulated – [CNBC] 01.24.19


Advocacy Groups Urge FTC to Pursue Facebook Breakup – [Wall Street Journal]01.24.19


Inside Facebook’s Fight Against European Regulation – [Politico] 01.24.19


Labor Market Is Doing Fine With Higher Minimum Wages – [Bloomberg]01.24.19


Amazon Can’t Fix Facial Recognition – [Bloomberg] 01.24.19


BuzzFeed Plans Layoffs as It Aims to Turn Profit – [The New York Times]01.24.19


Hospitals Are Asking Their Own Patients to Donate Money – [The New York Times] 01.24.19


Corporate Chiefs Look Past Economic Risks and Pin Hopes on Trump for Trade Deal – [The New York Times]01.24.19


For a Real-World Example of Ocasio-Cortez’s Tax Proposal, Look to Sweden– [Bloomberg] 01.23.19


World Leaders at Davos Call for Global Rules on Tech – [The New York Times] 01.23.19


The Monopolist in the House: Rep. David Trone’s Wine Company Seeks to Overturn a Constitutional Amendment– [The Intercept] 01.23.19


The CEOs of Apple and Microsoft Had Dinner at Davos With Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro – [Business Insider] 01.23.19


Jair Bolsonaro Alarms Climate Activists With Pro-Business Speech – [The Guardian] 01.23.19


BlackRock Falls Victim to ‘Brilliantly Executed’ Hoax Over ‘Sin Stock’ Assets– [The Daily Telegraph] 01.23.19


US Insulin Costs Per Patient Nearly Doubled From 2012 to 2016: Study – [Reuters] 01.23.19


Big Pharma Lobby Group Spent Record Amount as Reform Push Grows – [Bloomberg] 01.23.19


Google, Facebook Spend Big on U.S. Lobbying Amid Policy Battles – [Reuters] 01.23.19


Davos Tiptoes Around the Questions of Big Tech Governance – [Financial Times]01.23.19


McKinsey & Company Is Again Accused of Misdeeds in Bankruptcy Case – [The New York Times] 01.23.19


Google Gets Caught in Europe’s Privacy Trap – [Bloomberg] 01.23.19


Redefining Globalization on the Slippery Slopes of Davos – [Financial Times] 01.23.19


I Tried to Block Amazon From My Life. It Was Impossible – [Gizmodo]01.22.19


Revolving Door Brings Trump-Tied Lobbying Firm Even Closer to the White House – [] 01.22.19


In Win for Tech Giants, EU Copyright Reforms Stalled – [Reuters] 01.22.19


The Super Rich at Davos Are Scared of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Proposal to Hike Taxes on the Wealthy – [CNBC]01.22.19


A T-Mobile-Sprint Merger Would Be Onerous for California’s Working Families – [Los Angeles Times] 01.22.19


Facebook Scandals Test US Watchdog With Privacy Power at Stake – [Bloomberg] 01.22.19


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Tax Hike Idea Is Not About Soaking the Rich – [The New York Times] 01.22.19


Google Is Fined $57 Million Under Europe’s Data Privacy Law – [The New York Times] 01.22.19


Amazon Knows What You Buy. And It’s Building a Big Ad Business From It. – [The New York Times] 01.22.19


Donald Trump Did Something Right – [The New York Times] 01.22.19


One Year Later, Benefits From Corporate Tax Cut Seem Muted – [Wall Street Journal] 01.21.19


Bid for Gannett Could Portend More Cuts at Detroit News, Free Press – [Crain’s Detroit] 01.21.19


A Vulture Swoops Down on Gannett – [The Week] 01.20.19


I Mentored Mark Zuckerberg. I Loved Facebook. But I Can’t Stay Silent About What’s Happening – [Time]01.18.19


Early Facebook Backer Roger McNamee Calls for Breaking Up the Company – [CBS News] 01.17.19


Facebook Identifies Russia-Linked Misinformation Campaign – [The New York Times] 01.17.19


Economists’ Statement on Carbon Dividends – [Wall Street Journal] 01.17.19


Massive New Study Traces How Corporations Use Charitable Donations to Tilt Regulations in Their Favor – [The Washington Post] 01.17.19


New House Financial Services Chair Targets Mulvaney for Interim CFPB Role – [Wall Street Journal] 01.17.19


‘They Own the System’: Amazon Rewrites Book Industry by Marching Into Publishing – [Wall Street Journal]01.17.19


Antitrust in the House – [Slate] 01.17.19


You Deserve Privacy Online. Here’s How You Could Actually Get It – [Time]01.17.19


In Conversation with Atif Mian – [Equitable Growth] 01.17.19


World’s Biggest Investor Tells C.E.O.s Purpose Is the ‘Animating Force’ for Profits – [The New York Times] 01.17.19


Sacklers Directed Efforts to Mislead Public About OxyContin, New Documents Indicate – [The New York Times] 01.16.19


White House Considering Indra Nooyi to Head World Bank – [The New York Times] 01.16.19


T-Mobile Announced a Merger Needing Trump Administration Approval. The Next day, 9 Executives Had Reservations at Trump’s Hotel – [The Washington Post] 01.16.19


The New Economic Concentration – [The American Prospect] 01.16.19


SEC’s Case Against Edgar Hackers Highlights Regulator’s Own Cyber Weaknesses – [Marketwatch] 01.15.19


May and Brexit Face Uncertain Future After Crushing Defeat in Parliament – [The New York Times] 01.15.19


The Most Powerful Person in Tech Is … David Cicilline? – [Bloomberg] 01.15.19


Facebook Is Committing Hundreds of Millions to Local News – [Axios] 01.15.19


Trump Has Sucker-Punched Farmers. America Will Suffer. – [The New York Times] 01.15.19


Trump Has Sucker-Punched Farmers. America Will Suffer. – [The New York Times] 01.15.19


No Coincidence Here: Trump’s Bezos Attack Was a Valentine to The Enquirer – [The New York Times] 01.15.19


Malaysia Blames Goldman Sachs for Stolen Billions – [The New York Times]01.15.19


Tech Workers Unite to Fight Forced Arbitration – [Wired] 01.14.19


Shuttered IRS Is Sending Automated Warnings of Asset Seizures, With Nobody to Call to Stop Them – [The Intercept] 01.14.19


PG&E, California Utility, Will File for Bankruptcy Over Deadly Fires – [The New York Times] 01.14.19


Big Tech Must Be Held to Account Over User Consent – [Financial Times]01.14.19


German Antitrust Watchdog to Act Against Facebook: Report – [Reuters]01.14.19


The FTC Might Just Be Progressives’ Secret Weapon – [Washington Monthly]01.14.19


How to Close the Democrats’ Rural Gap – [Washington Monthly] 01.14.19


Hedge-Fund-Backed Media Group Makes Bid for Gannett – [Wall Street Journal] 01.14.19


Shutdown Pinches Economic Growth – [Wall Street Journal] 01.14.19


Larry Fink Urged to Make BlackRock Tougher on Climate Change – [Financial Times] 01.14.19


It’s Official: The Trump Tax Cuts Didn’t Pay for Themselves in Year One– [The New York Times] 01.13.19


It’s Time to Force Tech Giants to End the Digital Panoptican – [The New Statesman] 01.13.19


Lieberman’s ZTE Work Makes Him a Foreign Agent: Complaint – [Bloomberg] 01.11.19


Why Is Congress So Dumb? – [The Washington Post] 01.11.19


What if Cities Are No Longer the Land of Opportunity for Low-Skilled Workers? – [The New York Times] 01.11.19


Searching For News on RBG? YouTube Offered Conspiracy Theories About the Supreme Court Justice Instead – [The Washington Post] 01.11.19


German Court Says Amazon’s Dash Buttons Violate Consumer Protection Law – [The Verge] 01.11.19


Figureheads Emerge Among France’s ‘Gilets Jaunes’ Protesters – [Financial Times] 01.11.19


More Start-Ups Have an Unfamiliar Message for Venture Capitalists: Get Lost – [The New York Times] 01.11.19


Juul’s Convenient Smoke Screen – [The New York Times] 01.11.19


AT&T Says It’ll Stop Selling Your Location Data, Amid Calls For a Federal Investigation – [The Washington Post] 01.10.19


Female Economists Push Their Field Toward a #MeToo Reckoning – [The New York Times] 01.10.19


How Economics Is Trying to Fix Its Gender Problem – [The Economist]01.10.19


For Sale, Your Location: Revelations About Data Sales Spur Renewed Calls for Regulation – [NBC News] 01.10.19


Amazon’s House-Brand Products Become a Target for Regulators – [Axios] 01.10.19


Behind Zuck’s War with The New York Times – [Vanity Fair] 01.10.19


The Lobbyists Blocking the Doorway – [The New York Times] 01.10.19


Economics Benefits From the Insights of Other Subjects – [Financial Times]01.10.19


The Apple Flash Crash Shows the Danger of Monopolies – [The New Statesman] 01.09.19


Facebook, Twitter Turn to Right-Leaning Groups to Help Referee Political Speech – [Wall Street Journal]01.09.19


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s 2019 Pledge: Talking About the ‘Future of Technology’ – [The Washington Post] 01.09.19


Apple Reportedly Hired a Major Facebook Critic and Former Employee For Its Privacy Team – [CNBC] 01.09.19


Google Knows You Better Than Your Doctor Ever Could – [Bloomberg]01.09.19


Data Brokers: Regulators Try to Rein in the ‘Privacy Deathstars’ – [Financial Times] 01.09.19


Business Lobby Gaining a Voice Amid Pressure for U.S.-China Trade Peace – [Wall Street Journal] 01.09.19


South Korea Runs an Economic Experiment With Global Relevance – [The New York Times] 01.09.19


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